Inchcock Today: Tuesday 20th Jan 2015 – Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna in attendance

Up at 0400hrs – recalled bits of my dreams:

0201carTwo women in Victorian clothes smoking pipes were shouting at me at a desk with an ink well and quill on it… – In a ditch full of fast moving water, trying to catch a plastic duck with a toasting fork? – Trying to climb into an Austin A40 car 1950’s model, but kept falling out onto a zebra crossing that smelt of soap powder, I had a Davey Crockett hat on… but why?

0201medsI prepared the creams in readiness for the bleeding from the rear end and checked while I was at it on me stocks of medications just in case the lousy weather continues like yer know worra mean?

The cough was persisting still this morning… afternoon and night! Tsketh!

WC’d and applied the creams, had a scrub-up and shave then did some Facebooking.

After a while I thought about going out and decided to have a little walk to Asda on Hyson 0202skyGreen for some bits, but I’d call in the launderette to see Big John on the way.

The sky might have looked nice and pretty but it were damnably cold as I turned towards the cut-through to Mansfield Road.!

As I arrived at the launderette Big John was coming out for a fag.

We had a natter and he asked if I wanted to get a lift with him to Asda. I said thanks I’ll meet him at Asda if that’s alright and scrounge a lift home with the heavy bags? No problem. I needed to keep the knees and ankles going to keep Arthur Itis at bay, so had a slow hobble to Asda.

0203bikeSaid cheerio see you later to Big John and having gone about twenty yards down the road the first Nottingham Pavement Cyclist of the day nearly got me.

I tooketh a photo of her but I don’t think was even aware that I was there at all.

Onward I plodded and when I reached the college fencing on Mansfield Road I could not help but admire the shoots coming through on the bushes and trees as they fought their 0204budway through the bars into the sunlight.

This despite their being cut back drastically by the council a few weeks ago – they were now ready for any pavement cyclist or inattentive walker with a fair chance of poking them in the eyes. Hehehe!

It’s not a good photo, but many of the buds were already through with some of them starting to open?

And here we are with -5c temperatures… amazing.

The sun kept coming out and in strongly – I think that might have been why the gentleman in BMW didn’t see me at the pedestrian crossing on Sherwood Rise, and was most likely not even aware that he’d nearly clobbered me? Huh!

0205forestOver the road and around the corner onto Gregory Boulevard and another cyclist nearly got me – to quick for me to get me camera out in time, so I took photograph of the Forest Recreation Ground while I had the camera out.

I’ve just noticed there are no travelling cars in this photograph and pleased with how it came out, anyone would think the place of idylic peaceful pleasant and a desirable place to live in – Mmmm?

I pressed to the end of the road and turned right towards the Asda outlet – where another cyclist did his best to get me. Gits!

I had a good slow amble around the store starting with the non-foods section to look at the shoes they were offering for sale – Crap is the description that came to mind.

I poddled up and down every aisle in the place – and the trolley was getting slowly filled with stuff I did not really need, more just sort of fancied. At least if the weather does o bad now I’ll survive a while without going out. Hehe!

A good 40 minutes later I was at the checkout. And boy had I spent? Yes… indeed I had: £51.86 that’s USD $78.74 – AUD $96.10 – CAD $95.10 – JPY ¥9319.64!

Big John loaded the three bags into the boot of his car for me and gave me a lift home.

0205MartinAs we came out of the car park I saw something I’ve never seen before in real life anyway only in DVDs and photographs like – an Aston Martin car.

Shame about it being on bricks and the wheels having been nicked – Nottingham eh! Huh!

0207BigJAs we drove down Gregory Boulevard i took a picture through the windscreen of Big John’s car.

Hardly anyone around I noticed odd that.

The area was about two hundred yards from the wheel-less Aston Martin car, and the school on the left was fire-bombed during the last riots.

Just thought I’d mention it like.

John dropped me off at home bless his cotton socks, thanked him and gave him a few nibbles to eat and off he went.

0208foodI got in and spent a good while encouraging things at the porcelain.

Then started to put away the stuff wot I’d bought – good heavens I thought why did I get all this? Bitter orange drinks, cooked beetroot, bleach, BBQ sauce, deodorant, cheese sauce, washing-up liquid, antiseptic disinfectant, cocktail sausages, min franks, microwaveable Ribs, Gotowana, yoghurt, 0209dvdnibbles for the nurses, bacon cobs, mousse, cheapo cakes, biscuits, Scott’s porridge oats just to mention some – and even a DVD Liam Neelson in ‘A walk among the Tombstones’! Well it was on offer.

I saw they had Nicolas Cage’s latest DVD ‘Left Behind’ – but David Saxon told me he fell asleep watching it, so I opted for Liam’s Tombstones instead like.

I had the last piece of me pork pie with some bread and started this diary.

Passed wind a few seconds ago – involuntary like wot we older folk do now and then… Phwoar blimey!!!

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    • I’d not thought of that one Dunc… Maybe they are after me collection of multicoloured bras of the 16th century? Or me stock of Parade magazines 1955 to 1961? Mmm… Worrying that. Hehe

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