Thoughts in Prose on the UK Elections May 2015


It ain’t easy selecting who to vote for is it midduck?

Is there a candidate who is not a liar or a crook?

Find one and you’ll find yourself thunderstruck!

And do you really give a hoot or a flipping cluck?


Maggie closed the pits and factories down she did,

John Major turned out to bit of damp squid,

Tony Blair damaged the Labour Party to be candid,

Gordon Brown went deaf and turned the UK rancid,

Then Cameron aided by nifty Nick Clegg made their bid,

The 2011 summer riots cost tax-payers a pretty few quid!


The thought of voting for any of these turds is vile,

Nigel has panache and is a misleading Anglophile,

Cameron, well ought to be put on trial,

Nick’s past tricks one can only revile,

Ed’s got no humph or any style.


Wanker Osborne? He’s the Bankers friend!

There are no depths to which they will not descend,

There’s none on which you can depend,

Their extinction you could recommend?

Their nummamorousness we can’t comprehend,

Perhaps it’s time for the world to end?

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