Wed15/4/15: Inchcock Today – Befuddled with life…

Wednesday 15th April 2015

IMG_0024Stirred to life in seconds – full of apprehensions fears, coughing and shivering?

Weird that – unless it was something to do with the dreams I’d had but can’t remember owt off?

Did me blood pressure, that turned out to be: Sys 162 – Dia 93 – Pulse 88. Still no idea what it should be mind?

The trees in the photo wot I took out of the window have some greening some not yet – I wish I knew a little more about nature – come think of it, I wish I knew a little more about a lot of things.

Took me medications, passed a single tiny involuntary ‘splurb’ of wind and thought “Phwor… wus that me?”.

Did some Facebooking and remembered thanks to me keen, alert, sharp young brain (And the alarm wot I set last night to remind me) that I had an Iceland delivery coming later.

I’d forgotten I’d got me INR tests today when I ordered the Iceland stuff, so it looks like being a long day fer me.

Got a letter from the GP surgery today: Telling me of my appointment at the Circle NHS treatment centre next Tuesday at 1440hrs.

It tells me I must take all medicines I am currently taking in the original labelled packaging to every appointment? I’ll never be able to carry that lot with me! I’ll show the pharmacist the letter today and see what he says on me way to me Warfarin IJNR level tests at the QMC. (Forgot – Tsk)

Can anyone really expect me to remember to take them all and then put em back in the proper order, or not to lose them en route, or drop some? Oh dear!

Started this Diary while waiting for the Iceland delivery.

Took some bags out to the bins.

0300Fatima and Fred with friend flew down for breakfast and I fed em.

Delivery arrived and I put the stuff away – some of it anyway.

The sun was out, and even I was warm this afternoon as I plodded down to the bus-stop to catch a bus into town.

Changed buses on Milton Street and caught a Y8 bus out to the QMC for me INR Warfarin level tests.

0301The sun was even stronger as I entered the Queens Medical Centre entrance and hobbled to the haematology for me tests.

Took me ticket and was in within five minutes.

I gave the nurses their nibbles and showed them the letter about me taking me medications in with me and two of the lasses took a look at it for me.

They suggested I take the empty boxes of each of me medications with me next Tuesday – good idea I thought, thanked them and was soon back out in the sunshine.

One of them suggested I take a look to see if any new spots moles or growths had appeared lately and take a photo of them with me to the Treatment Centre appointment.

I caught another bus (Oh the wonderment of me free pensioners bus-pass, the freedom and bliss!) to Bulwell to try and get some more of the Baby potatoes in herb and butter for later int week.

0302Arrived at Bulwell bus-station and trotted over to the river Leen, where I took this photo of some kids enjoying the simple pleasures in the rivers shallow murky waters.

The photo gives an impression of family joy and contentment – if you could have heard the f’ing and blinding that was coming from some of the kids mouths though…oh dearie me!

The gaggle of unemployed personages outside the Job Centre was depressing – so much so I decided not to take a photo of the poor devils as they sat on the wall drinking lager and listening to their music on their i-pods.

0303I walked along the riverside to try and get a photo of the mallard geese – but the arrival of six apprentice yobboes giving it some mouth spitting and drinking made me change me mind and I wobbled directly to the market place.

For some reason memories of when I worked there at a Marsden’s store in 1963 flooded back to me.

I got to the store and got me potatoes and some bread and some tomatoes and some… well I bought too much again. Tsk!

Popped into the cheapo shop and got some 6 pack crisps at 2 for a quid! Spare-rib flavour?

0304On my way back to the bus-station I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ for the TFZ gals. They were very reasonably priced (Second hand) rings of various types.

I rather liked the pink one middle row second from the left.

Managed to avoid the pavement cyclists on me way back again to catch the bus – two bags to carry now so no chance of getting a photo of ’em.

0305On Hucknall Road, just before Carrington the bus stopped opposite the Rajah Foods store that opened early last year. The owner has kept it looking clean and well presented, and spends a bit on advertising leaflets.

But I have never been passed when anyone was actually in the shop shopping? I wondered how they made it pay?

Note the arthritic fingers holding the camera in the reflection from the bus window? They’re mine yer know! Not the bus windows… the fingers like.

0306Got in the flea-pit and after WC duties had a wash up and made me nosh for the day.

I overcooked the meat thingy and the outer casing was inedible even for me – Huh!

Ate the food and fell asleep.

Woke up three hours later and laptop on, passed wind, belched and updated this diary.

Took me medications with some lime and lemon flavoured spring water. Better late than never.

0307As I changed me things I noticed there were some new spots and tiny growths on me legs – so took a photo as the nurse suggested to take with me next Tuesday – caught me Arthritic Knees rather well I thought?

Fingers crossed I don’t delete it meantime.

Did a bit of Facebooking and started a blog post A poem about the Elections this May – but not happy with it yet, it’ll need a lot of editing methinks.


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