Tue 5.5.15: Inchcock Today Launderette day

Tuesday 5th April 2015

Gone 0500hrs before I got off to kip.

Stirred at 0645hrs mainly because I could recall details of one of me dreams and wanted to get em down quick before they disappeared:

I was in an empty shop on Hyson Green – I was sleeping rough on the floor… a voice was talking to me and advised the unit was used by the Army Cadets and best to introduce myself to them as a Captain or above when they arrive. I seemed young and smartly dressed?.

Four lads arrived and I got up brushed myself down and refusing to lie – told told them my name number and rank of Private.

We all milled around talking of actual events from my past.

They seemed interested… The voice kept talking almost like a narrator? Things from 60 years ago seemed so fresh and alive as we talked about them – it felt to me like the lads were there with me.

A door appeared on the wall and we were all ushered through by a woman. In that room there was a kitchen just like the one I had in 1950, enamel sink, Dads shaving mug and cut-throat razors with strap (No bathrooms then yer know) – but different people gathered. Mother even put in an appearance and gave us a lecture on how to avoid the police? One of the lads was telling me about a new weapon system he was being trained to use – then great disappointment as I found myself back in what I thought was reality and in a giant gift shop getting pressies for  every one I know it seemed – I can recall getting a Crossword book for Lynton Cox, an LP for his son John, A giant Rose for Rachel Carerra, a tandem bike for Shirley Blamey, a Guinea pig for Gaz Hoadley, a guitar for Marissa Bergen… there seemed like hundreds of others too?

Then the alarm went off.

Took me medications and got this bit of the diary down.

Got the laundry stuff ready and had a wash and brush-up.

IMG_0076Off to the launderette – dizzy en-route and not feeling too good when I arrived.

Took this photo – but can’t remember why?… oh yes I can, it was supposed to be of a Nottingham PAvement Cyclist but she was too quick fer me. Tsk!

BJ was late this morning. But  we had a good natter with Mandy when he arrived.

Got the washing done, and BJ ran me to Asda to IMG_0075do some shopping.

Still not feeling to bright.

We notice three Nottingham motorists on their mobile phones on the short journey to the supermarket.

BJ was not amused! 

As we approached the traffic lights on Gregory Boulevard/Radford Road we waited to turn right ant sight of the trees being blown so hard IMG_0077in the wind made me take a photo of them, although the wind is not obvious there was plenty of it about this morning.

BJ was livid when a youth on a motorbike drove across against the lights and through the traffic – a lucky young rascal indeed – not the words BJ used to describe him though!

At Asda I again spent too much. I got a spare flask cause they were dead cheap like there – £3.99 for a litre one.

Took us a while to through the checkouts get.

BJ ran me back home.

IMG_0075Thanked him and got in and sat down for a few minutes – still not feeling right.

WD’d and made a flask of strong tea for later on.

No energy.

Lack of sleep catching up with me I suppose?

Hey-ho, took me medications and gotme nosh ready for later – but but decided to have it straight away.

IMG_0078Roast potatoes in olive oil, cooked beetroots, Petit Pois and franks.

Ate it up followed by an iced lolly and tub of mandarins.

Started updating this diary and sneezing a lot now – Huh!

Too tired to do owt now – drained and faeege…fateg… fatiged… Tired.

TTFN folks.

7 thoughts on “Tue 5.5.15: Inchcock Today Launderette day

  1. I’m tired too Inchy, but it’s the heat doing me in. Sooooo, I’m withholding my rent until someone does something about actually putting the A/C unit together. I let the mis-manager know I have talked to a reporter, and I’m talking to the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Americans With Disabilities people about how they have totally ignored all of the Federal laws since she became manager, or mis-manager, and she said she would let the owners know. One of them was supposed to call me last night, but like all schoolyard bullies, he didn’t have his gang with him, so he was afraid to see me alone. I might get evicted over this, but just think of the headlines that will make! Dying woman evicted and left on a street corner. It would almost be worth it all just for the headlines, and to get those two thrown in jail for Senior abuse. I think I’m dreaming again here.

    • 10/10 for your spirit Angel! Does us good to dream a controlled by us dream now and then gal. I hope they get it sorted soon – but know you must be full of frustration and anger – but you do handle it so well pet. Love coming through the ether to you. xxx

      • I feel the love Inchy. Thank you. Just hoping now that I don’t get evicted for taking a stand against the tyrants running this place into the ground. Guess it’s all catching up to me right now, but eventually I’ll crash for a long sleep and things will be better. My son is helping now, and he knows how to do things right.

    • Angel, I was replying to your comment about the memory and your shopping and with the fingers being so bad somehow I hit some wrong button or other and deleted the comment – so sorry gal, didn’t mean to. Feel awful now. Tsk!

      • Right now Inchy I’m getting ready to cuss out my computer really bad. Trouble is I don’t usually use that kind of language, but there is a program that keeps trying to get into my computer and my virus block is keeping it out, and the virus block keeps popping up telling me every 2 seconds, I want to scream but just not a screamer. Really sad, huh?

      • Sorry to hear about that gal. I wish I could help you out, but me knowledge any such things is pitiful. Unless you know the name of the proggy and can find it and delete it from your control panel? I do hope you can get some good advice form someone who is in the know. TTFN

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