Tue 23 June 2015: Inchcock Today: Launderette Day

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Up at 0630hrs. Decent sleep despite the dreams. Not that I can recall much about them.

Cuppa medications and worked on graphics.

Coughing and a-wheezing again – oh dear!

Got the laundry ready to take, two full bags.

Thne did me posts for the LOMM site that I’d forgotten to do on Monday – Tsk!.

IMG_0196Set off to the shops.

The pigeons came down to demand their breakfast as I left the flea-pit.

I was glad to see BJ’s car outside the launderette when I arrived.

At least I knew he was not poorly or worse.

IMG_0197Had a good chin-wag with him and Mandie.

BJ was soon off – told him I had some food and other things he might like to have or make use of from me sorting things ready for the move.

He said he’d ring me Thursday.

IMG_0198More Nottingham PAvement Cyclists as I made me way back to the dump.

I forgot all about any sorting and spent the day making posts for me ‘Nottingham Then and Now’ series for the WordPress Inchock site.

Eventually guilt made me do some sorting – but the shoulder wound got bad, and tiredness dawned and decided I would retire early.

IMG_0199Made me nosh.

Bacon, sausages in chopped tomatoes with added herbs – and bread thins.

Ate the lot of it as well.

Rated 7.9/10.

Wearily nodded off.

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