10 thoughts on “Duncan Called to see me today about the post I did of his last Visit

  1. Lol! “GIT” is my all time favorite insult! I also like “TOOTHY GIT” especially when Dawn French would stay it on the Vicar of Dibley! I needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks, Inchy!

    • It’s his Celtic blood yer know Marissa. Bless him all the same, I think he’s worked out why me Hooveress didn’t work – he asked did I put the plug in, and then press the large button on top from off t0 on? I can’t remember now. Hehehe! TTFN pet.

      • He really is a genius. Well never fret. I work for electricians and the air conditioner in the office broke. Well, instead of taking a look at it they had the building manager call in…an electricians of all things. He unplugged it and plugged it back in and…voila!!

      • The mind boggles at thinking of this Marissa. As me Dad used to say: “There’s nowt more confusing that folk!” He was clever sometimes Dad was, he said once “You’ll not make owt of yersen, yer too soft lad!” I miss Dad’s sage down to earth comments. I lost the plot there a bit, sorry. TTFN gal.

      • He might be wanting to feed off me fame by selling his story to the newspapers? you know, headline summat like… er.. “Birmingham man from Birmingham assault world famous Satirist?” – perhaps not though… Hehehe!

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