Inchcock Today Sun 18 Oct 15: No sorting done again, dizzies and much bleeding from various orifices – Still, yer don’t like to complain does yer?

Sunday 18th October 2015

Up at 0315hrs – Once more and again straight t’porcelain!

Memories of dreams came to me while on the porcelain – but most of them had dissipated by the time I’d got the kettle on and started the laptop. Bleeding again both ends.

Posted Horoscope post, and then yesterdays diary.

12 PiscesMade a cuppa, pot of porridge and took me medications for the morning.

Reflux valve giving me some bother now, but the ulcer has eased off nicely. Little Inchy continues to bleed and sting though. Huh!

Kettle on, cuppa and took me medications.

Settled doing me Facebooking and graphicalising with a trip to the WC every half hour or so. Tsk!


My mate Duncan Robertson got in touch about the graphic that I did about his Batman Mania. He was not happy. Hehe! Joking aside for a moment, he did tell me not to try and get the drawers fitted until he could get to see me, as he remembers how I knocked missen up last time did some. That was nice of him. Thanks Dunc!

P1020272I decided to walk to the Co-op again and get some more tins of the Chill and chips on offer at £1, cause I had some last night and it were grand tasting.

Had a good soak int’ bath and got missen ready.

I walked up the hill on the gravel path, not too many folk about.P1020273

Had a lovely slow walk up through the park and down into Sherwood.

Got to the Co-op and even they were quiet – until I got to the check-out then I wondered where everyone had come from.

I got two tins of Stagg Chilli and two of Chilli and fries along with a pack of Bread thins. All for £5.

Another nice stroll back to the flats, stood and watched some of the woof-woofs enjoying themselves for a bit.

P1020274Took a photo of the changing colour of the trees in front of the flats.

Back to the flat and decided I was going to sort out the plastic drawers in the kitchen.

Did the first one and dropped it when I came to putting back in the frame, along with all the medications – that was the end of me sorting for the day. especially when I had a dizzy as I bent to retrieve them. Huh!

Back on the laptop for hours!

Did an order for Morrisons for delivery Tuesday.

Had a pot noodle for nosh – not feeling up to much.

P1020275Another dizzy.

Must remember hospital in the morning – so I put me record card in me jacket pocket so I didn’t forget it in the morning.

Still awake at midnight when I made a cuppa and took me belated medications. Tsk!

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