Inchcock Today Sat 17 Oct 15: bleeding here and there again – Huh!

Saturday 17th October 2015

Up at 0550hrs – straight t’porcelain yet again. Reflux valve giving me some bother now, but the ulcer has eased off nicely. Little Inchy continues to bleed and sting though. Huh!

Kettle on, cuppa and took me medications.


01topj4Must try to get some sorting done later.

Kitchen cleaning day today as well.

I’m still fretting over the call from the bank last night.

Spent hours finishing off yesterdays diary, graphicalisationing and on Facebooking.


01topj8Decided to do the kitchen floor using my new ‘Hooveress”.

Nothing occurred or stirred when I plugged her in the socket?

Decided Not to do the kitchen floor using my new ‘Hooveress”.

Sad this… I checked the outlet was working – yes, and that was the end of my skills in that department. I’ll ask Steve of Age UK to have a look when he comes again, or Duncan, or BJ… whenever that might be.

Had a wash and brush up and got ready to go on a walk into Sherwood and get me Co-op £1.50 off voucher if I spend £10, cause the expiry date finishes today.

WhoopsieUnfortunately I had a Whoopsiedangleplop while shaving. I got an itch on me head and went to scratch it with the razor still in me hand! Stopped it bleeding eventually – what with this and me haemorrhoids and ‘Little Inchy’s lesion it’s a wonder I’m got any blood left! Hehe!

Got me bags, camera in pocket and down to the ground floor on the now creaking one lift working.

Met a chap on the way out and had a natter. (I love this about living here, the odd natter with someone old enough to understand things). He warned me it was a bit windy.

Out and on the path up to Woodthorpe Park and a damnable cyclist nearly got me as I turned left at the top of the footpath.

Down onto Mansfield Road and the wind was in the right direction here to nearly have me over! Thought maybe I should have brought me stick with me after all.

01topj0101aOver the hill and into the Co-op store. Not very busy for a Saturday. Had a good wander around, got some more of the Stagg Special Offer Chilli tins, some own label bread thins, fair-trade bananas, tea-bags on Special offer and counted up roughly what that came to – not enough, under £10 so I couldn’t use me voucher yet; So I got some soured cream and accidentally put a box of two fresh cream and jam slices in me bag. Ahem!

At the check-out where the nice lady nearly spoke to me, she took me voucher cause I spent £10.87 (Due to the mysterious cream cakes that jumped into me bag of their own accord – Ahem again…) Brought the total down to £9 odd.

01topj9bOut and down to the newsagents to see if they had any sherbet saucers. No.

Back up the hill towards the park and I noticed that me dentist had bought the property next door.

I wondered if this meant I would soon not have to climb two flights of stairs after being ignored and insulted by their reception Obergruppenfurhers in the future?

01topj9cThey had plastered a rather large sign outside on the wall above the doors of both properties; Accepting New Patients!

Surprised me that did, cause when I went in the other day to get an appointment for them to have a look at me filling they’d done the week before and I’d had a Whoopsiedangleplop getting out of the bath and hit me mouth on the sink edge – they could not see me before November the summat or other?

Pressed on, just avoiding a collision with another mad pavement cyclist and up through the park.

Reflux valve giving me some gip now. Tsk!

Got in and WC’d sharpishly.

Put the kettle on and put me bits away.

I tried to get the Hooveress going again, but no!


Titivated the kitchen.

Laptop on and this updated.

GC pieThen graphicalisationing and Facebooking again for a while, well for many hours again really.

Nodded off in the chair.

Woke up half hour later thinking it was morning.

Sad innt?

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 17 Oct 15: bleeding here and there again – Huh!

  1. silly question most likely but . . .

    turning the hoover on is a two-step process

    1. plug into electric socket and turn on power

    2. slide the big grey power button on top of hoover from ‘Off’ position to ‘On’

    did you remember to do Step 2 ?

    • Er?… I think I did Dunc… I’ll try again later. Hospital heamatology fro me INR Warfarin tests, then the Clinic. Busy boy today. (Boy! Hehehe!) Cheers, I’ll feel a right fool if it works then… Tsk!

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