Inchcock Today Mon 11 Jan 16: Muddled and Befuddled, Confused and Insanitary! Hehe!

Monday 11th January 2016


I woke up after a decent kip and dreams, and immediately chanted my mantra; “That today things will be better, pleasant, less hassle and problems will get solved!”

Then, I visited the porcelain. Little Inchy, was not bleeding too bad at all. Anne Gina bothersome, though. The ulcer was playing up a bit, but not as bad as yesterday yet. The reflux valve was poorly a bit later on, too.

Made a cuppa and started the laptop.The green notification came on the screen telling me it needed to restart to install updates. Selected the restart now button.

The green notification came on the screen telling me it needed to restart to install updates. Selected the restart now button.

I read the newspaper from yesterday all the way through.

Two hours later the full green screen telling me it was restarting remained there.

So, I nipped into the kitchen and washed the pots from last evening.

The full green screen was telling me the laptop was restarting remained there. 

Three hours later I was well moronic ridden and peed off with this. Frustration grew. Not sure what to do, I force closed the laptop. (With my fingers crossed)

It was taking ages to load.applied for the position of a British Railway Goods Van Guard,

Made another cup of tea and took me medications. Applied for the post of a British Railway Goods Van Guard,

The sign on screen appeared and thus I signed in.

I put the TV on while waiting.

An eon or so later it loaded. With my recent luck, I didn’t get excited about this.

A message came up telling me the Firewall was not active? So I chose one of the options, that was to start the MacAfee Firewall.

It loaded Windows.

Not bad eh? 4.5 hours to get the laptop going; but of course, more problems followed… Google Chrome, the screen appeared, but it would not load my home page. Tried opening WordPress and the same failure.

If I lose the internet, along with all my other hassle, I might nip out and over the balcony.

I had another look at the demands from FraserBrown, the nasty solicitors, had sent me. Decided I do need help with this one, and actually, I prayed Steve would reply to me email pleading for some. And he would be free to come and help me out, again.

The Google Chrome started up and working at last. Phew!

Started this diary off.

Not a good start to the day was it? Humph!

Did some FaceBooking.

Received an email from Steve Age UK. He’s to call to see me at 1600hrs. So by the time he deciphers the messages and demands from the solicitor, it will be too late to call them (FraserBrown) to confirm or question anything. 

I watched some episodes of ‘Due South’, to cheer myself up.

P1020841Got the nosh ready, Oven chips and Szynka Gotowana on Baltana sour bread sandwiches.

Made too much, but enjoyed what I managed to eat.

Rated this one at 9.3/10.

The Morrisons delivery arrived. I stored the fodder away.

Fell asleep doing the crossword.

I woke to Steve’s ringing of the internal phone to let me know he’d arrived.

He set to straight away absorbing the letter and questionnaire from FraserBrown.

Afte much searching of my file, I think we found all that was required for the buyers solicitors eight questions to be replied to sufficiently.

P1020842Steve then wrote in the responses on the question form.

He even put the full sheets in an envelope and posted it to me on his way out.

I felt a lot better after we’d spent over an hour studying and responding to the animals… I mean solicitors demands.

Crossed fingers again that we have done it right this time, enough to satisfy them all.

Steve is going to arrange for an Age UK Trusted Plumber to mend the boiler and drain the system of water. This has to be done, to validate the Empty Property insurance ASAP. More Hassle! He would need a key, to give to the plumber to use, and I didn’t have one anymore. So I rang Sister Jane’s Pete and asked if I could fetch the key he kept safe for me tomorrow. No: Tuesday is their shopping day so they will be busy, and they are going out to a concert in the evening.

So I’ll have to go and pick it up on Wednesday morning.

Steve had brought the paperwork from the Budget Insurance I’d just taken out on the old house. All, wait for it… 44 pages!

Seems we need to provide proof of this and forward it to both the solicitor and the insurance company when done. About arranging the boiler repair, water off, etc. The hassle grows!

To the WC, and found myself singing? Good that!

Must remember the Wilko delivery today, no, tomorrow.

Did some crosswords drank much tea then I fell asleep.

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