Inchcock Today Sat 23 January 2016: Another messy day, Tsk!


Saturday 23 January 2016

I didn’t get off properly until gone midnight. A couple of trips to the porcelain, then I was up at 0500hrs wide awake and in the bathroom again. Tsk!

The throne session was a painful one again, but not so bad as yesterday.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop to finish the diary for Thursday. An odd day Thursday was, full of highs and lows.

Got it done and posted around 0700hrs, then titivated the kitchen, made a cuppa, took the medications and started this diary off.

Checked the emails, and then did some Facebooking.

Sandra picOnto CorelDraw7 and doctored a graphic of Sandra Lentz to post.

Oh, those eyes, those controlling pulsating, alluring, pulchritude ridden, desirable, knowing eyes.

Cough, cough, a tablet now, taken and onward.

Prepared myself for a trip out to town. I’m hoping to go to the ‘Contemporary Art Gallery’ to take a photo of one of the galleries to use as a background for a graphic I am planning to do for Patti in America. 

So, down to the bus stop and caught the L9 into town.Dropped off 

The sun kept coming through, but it was a bit cool.Dropped off 

P1020899As I fell off the bus on Hockley, I walked up close to where the gallery was situated around the corner.

I passed a new, one of so many, new restaurants with an outside eating area.

Just couldn’t help bu smile as I saw the name and thought to myself; “I bet they’ll tell you lies to sell you something!” Hehe!

P1020901The building of the gallery looked like it might make a ‘Moody’ photograph, so gave it a go.

You can see the Pinnochio Patisserie on the left, near the overflowing rubbish bin.

The old road it is built on has much history in it. Lacemaking premises, P1020900(None left now), the Gallows in the old Courts and police station.

The entrance to the gallery is hidden away to the right of the advertising board next to where an eighteen-year-old was murdered last July.

They had all five galleries open today, so I thought that finding one that fitted in with what I was looking for to photograph for my graphic project would be a piece of cake.


It turned out that each one had a security guard in it this morning. When I got my camera out, I thought he was going to throw a dicky fit! All the galleries had an Eastern Europe theme. Not what I would consider calling art, in the least. Mostly photographs of Communist vs. Capitalist, a male streaker or two, and artwork that looked like ankle-snappers had doodled them.

I disappointedly left them to it.

P1020908As I made my way to the bus stop, I passed the end of Clinton Street. them.

In this one picture on a busy street are tell-tale signs of life in Nottingham. The street musicians. The mobile phone using disinterested eighteen-year-old spotty-faced youth falling asleep holding an advertisement P1020907board up for a Tattoo studio. The family dining as they have a break between their shoplifting. The florist bloke, who cannot speak English. (Fair enough, I can’t speak Latvian). The kids, teaching their parents how to swear in modern terms. The modern day beggars with their mobile phone and dogs in the doorways of the bankrupt shops. The mobile sellers all claiming to be the cheapest and best. And somehow a few seconds after taking this photo a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist emerged winding around the mob with great alacrity and speed out of that crowd!

Then two females started the fisticuffs off. I moved on, keeping my camera well hidden, as the police arrived and the crowds started cheering the ladies on to greater efforts to pull each others hair out.

P1020909I moved down the hill and crossed over the Market Square.

Not so busy here, most Nottinghomian’s had moved to the altercation up the road.

You can see the crane (Blue) in the distance on Queen Street, where all the bus stops had been moved while they do whatever it is they are doing. There were signs fro all the other bus routes informing passengers where to get their bus temporarily – but nothing for the L9! Double Humph!

I wandered around hoping to find someone to ask from the bus company. No luck. I had a walk around the streets in the hope of seeing a sign somewhere on one of the stops. No!

I called in the Spar shop, and they had two hot bacon butties left at £1 each, and also and besides as well as that, I got a free Sun newspaper?

So I moved down to the Victoria Mall bus stop, where I could catch a number 40 that would drop me off on Winchester Street.

P1020903Didn’t have to wait long and one came along.

At least, the pigeons were glad when I slipped them some seed covertly.

I got knocked about a bit on the bus when getting on with other passengers, uncouth mob!


Walked to the flat and WC’s with urgency, made a cuppa, took medications and ate the two bacon butties.V

Got the laptop going and updated this masterpiece. Took my medications.

NCCwalk03Then onto starting some more graphicationalisationing.

Took me hours and hours to get it anything like I wanted.

In the end, I settled for this one.

Entitled it ‘Cobblers’ with just some of the bloggers whose work I admire the most.

P1020910It was a case of a fish supper more than a dinner by the time  got around to it.V

Battered cod fish cakes, beetroot, garden peas and cod pieces in crispy batter. With Irish sour bread.

Followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly. Rated this one at 9.6/10. So another good one.

Fatigue overcame me, and I put on an old DVD, of the dry comedy TV series ‘Operation The Good Guys’. I’d forgotten how funny it was. It would never be made nowadays because of the politically incorrect nature of the script.

I repeatedly fell asleep for a few minutes, and each time for some reason, I’d rewind and start viewing it again, it was like a marathon rewind session. I eventually gave up trying to watch it, well after midnight had passed by.

A final trip to the porcelain – that took about 15 minutes of effort, hemorrhoid bleeding and pain.It’s odd isn’t it?

It’s odd isn’t it? When I get the rumbling innards and diarrhea, I think it is far worse the having constipation – then, constipation then replaces diarrhea, and suddenly the constipation is worse than having diarrhea? Hey-ho!

Took a Senna tablet, had a drink of lemon tonic water and drifted off into oblivion; but kept waking up repeatedly for some reason sweating?

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