Inchcock Today Fri 19 Feb 16: Another day of beautiful skys

How many Lawyers does it take to tile the roof of a house?

That depends on how thin you slice them!


01W01aFriday 19 February 2016

Shot awake at 0225hrs, in need of the porcelain. The left foot was very sore and painful when I stood up, but the right leg seemed easier this morning. I think perhaps I’d laid with the heavier torn muscle right leg on top of the left one’s ankle?

Made a cuppa and got the medication pot ready to take later. Laptop on and finished the diary for yesterday off, and then started this one.

At this point, I’d like to mention that I didn’t drop anything in the kitchen, nor spill the milk, nor leave the tap running. Smug Mode adopted! Hehe!

Forged on with finishing the graphic I started days ago for the TFZers.

2I sincerely hope they like it enough.

I added a lot of little extras I anticipate they will find.

Flowers, cacti, at least, three pets of the outstanding members.

It took yonks to get completed. I posted asking for comments and or, a Caption for it. 

P1020975Got the laundry ready and popped down to the washing room. 

Old Lilly came down to sit in the foyer while I was getting the laundry into the machine. 

I pooped, no, popped, out to the Winwood Community Shed to ask if anyone could ring the surgery for me to book an appointment fro my INR test on Monday. No one was in.

Came back to the foyer and had a chinwag with Lilly.

After the washing was done and I transferred the clothes to the dryer, I went to the Shed again, still no one there, so I dropped their nibbles in the fridge.

Many folks were coming and going today, and I had many a good gossip. Felt right at home I did.

Made an effort at the crosswords with the help of a couple of tenants waiting to go out on the bus.

Got the drying out, and again visited the hut. I got in and realised I’d left my other bag in the laundry room, so nipped back for it, then once more to the hut.

Where Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were busy working away. I asked Deana and she called the GP for me and got an appointment for Monday at 1035hrs, bless her.

P1050024Back to the flat and made a cuppa, sorted the clobber and set-up a new laundry bag.

Spend a good while looking out of the kitchen window and watching the people with their dogs, tails a wagging (The dogs not their owners) way down 12 stories below.

P1050025Updated this tosh on the laptop, and then got me meal cooking.

Tried to do some cleaning now the leg was so much easier, but the damned Angina put at end to that plan.

When one thing eases off, usually another comes to replace it. Tsk!

Had to give up, hoping Anne Gina will give me a break in the morning.

Medications were then taken, and a passage of wind was released, that brought tears to my eyes, and drifted off to kip.

I sprang awake 0245hrs, wide awake?

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 19 Feb 16: Another day of beautiful skys

  1. I think pooping in the Winwood Community Shed would get people’s attention. I see dog owners walking around wagging their tails. Pain is such a pain — I know how you feel with one plain taking up where another pain left off, and the few times I don’t have pain of some type, some one else has to be a pain.

    • Cheers Tim. Plainly pain persists perhaps, perambulating from others painful pangs of pain. Perhaps? People as you say can permeate pain. Why do politicians and solicitors come persistently to mind? Hehe!

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