Inchcock Today Thursday April: Looks like being a hectic and worrying day to me!

Thursday 21 April 2016

SatBad night for repeatedly waking up, and in between, the dreams kept coming.

Ulcer and Anne Gyna both giving me bother when I woke around 0530hrs.

WC’d made a cuppa and got the laptop on to finish off the diary – the stomach began rumbling, and I visited the throne. The mind was torturing me as I sat there, Got to meet Steve at the solicitors for ten o’clock. Got to get the Gas bill (Red letter) sorted ASAP. Must remember to leave the flat no later than 0900hrs, can’t have a bath before 0700hrs, but must get the ablutions tended to then and ready all the things for the solicitor and all me British Gas (You know the one, that’s owned by the French) paperwork folder with me as well… on and on the mind rattled away, and the ulcer and Anne Gyna continued to hassle me.Not feeling too good at all, but hopefully if I get the solicitors and Gas bill sorted, things might feel better?

Not feeling too good at all, but hopefully, if I can get the solicitors and Gas bill sorted, things might feel better?

When things eventually moved the blood flowed from both Haem Aroid and Little Inchy. This did nothing to cheer me up or bring me out of ‘Panic Status’.

I decided around 0610hrs to take my bath and do the ablutions early, so I can concentrate on things that need doing and make notes to take with me for Steve Age UK, not that he has time to do anything for me today other than to go with me to the FraserBrown solicitors, he’s already made that plain the other day.

Sister Jane rang to wish me luck today bless her.

I got the ablutions done early so I could take my time and have a bit of a soak in the bath, I wish I could clear my mind and wash away the concerns, angst and worries.

Smelling sweetly, now. Hehe!

DSCN0001Took the three bags out to the rubbish chute and made a cuppa as I had the time before going out to walk through the park and into Sherwood to catch the bus to town at 0930hrs when the Pensioners Free Bus Pass could be utilised.

While in the bath, the radio warned of the weather going to be a lot colder today, so I made sure I’d got my usual masses of clothes gloves and hat on for the trip to see FraserBrown. Departed at 0855hrs, that should leave me adequate time to get to the bus stop.

P1070003Though Woodthorpe Grange Park, left up the hill and down it to the bus stop in Sherwood.

Arriving with plenty of time, so I nipped into the paper shop and got a TV magazine for next week.

Got into town around 0945hrs and poddled through the square and up Friar Lane to the solicitors. Steve was waiting at the top of the lane for me. I told him about the red Gas charge and he said let’s get the solicitors done first, so we did.

Good job he was with me too, I can tell yer. We went into a room and my Solicitor Karen Brammer got me to sign a form about the sale, and the buyer Kelly’s lawyer entered the room with a Bible for me to swear on and sign another form. He then departed swiftly. Karen explained about the ongoing access problem now being solved, but the buyer was now concerned about the triangular bit of land at the gable-end and the access gate at the end of it. I explained that there has never been a gate there, it is a narrow fence! She changed the wording on two bits of paper from gate to fence and I had to sign that I’d never had anyone asking or complaining about this land.

I also had to supply the door key to them or the Building Society.

Also, I had to sign for a Providence Insurance, the cost of which will be taken off the monies received along with the costs of the solicitors, assessors, and other legal fees. I think it was £69 or £169. I didn’t get a copy so can’t be sure. But she said this will solve any issues on this subject. I needed to take the utility meter readings and supply them, then hopefully next Wednesday the contract can be signed and legalised?

She will contact Steve Age UK and he will let me know for sure.

What a  palaver!

What happened next after we had left and was walking into the slab square down Friar Lane, may take some believing, but it’s true enough: Steve said he’s call to see me around 1600hrs today. I spotted the Boots Opticians shop and remembered I had to get some replacement glasses for the ones I sat on the other day. So I told him and crossed the road to get back up to Boots. As I walked up the street, two young girls stopped me, schoolgirls, both tall and spoke perfect English. They were on a trip from Belgium and wanted to ask me some questions, so I answered them. Wished them well, and walked in the opposite direction of Boots down the hill into the City Centre, forgetting all about the glasses again! I told you it was hard to believe, Tsk!

HeadThe sun nearly came out as I was taking a photograph looking up from the front of the Council House, with its British flag fluttering to celebrate Her Majesties birthday.

She owns over 84 billion pounds worth of residential premises you know.

I bet she doesn’t get as much hassle from them all put together as I have suffered selling my little place. Jealous? Me?


P1070007There were 25 minutes before the L9 bus was due, and I foolishly had a walk around the book shop next to the Council House. Oh dear!

Another few quid were spent. Huh!

The sun faded a bit and the clouds thickened as I arrived at the bus stop,

P1070005 and it arrived a few moments later.

I got on, settled and had a good read of one of the books en route.

I was enjoying and nearly missed the stop at the flats!

However, I did remember to call to try and see Deana about the more rathe worrying letter Red letter demand for payment that I’d had from the P1070001French-owned British Gas company.

She was very calm and pointed out that it should have been delivered to Nottingham Homes and not me. Despite it showing my address? I was a tad confused but so pleased that it wasn’t my bill.

She did ring them for me, to confirm this, bless her.

I nearly almost started to feel a bit better in the mind and thanked her and returned to the flat.

Where a letter arrived offering me up to 44% off if I rejoined the RAC!

I was a bit peckish, but with Steve coming around 1600hrs, I thought I’d wait until he’s gone and then get the fodder done as it will not take long today, as the plan is to do some smoked bacon in the oven and have it with a tin of beans or tomatoes perhaps, with some Irish Batch Bread.

Got the laptop on and updated this twaddle, made a cuppa and took the medications, a little early, but best do it while I thought of it.

Reflections on the day so far:

  • At last, the house sale seems to be moving, but of course, FraserBrown had told me this several times before over the ten months since I accepted the bid in the first place. No confidence yet. Can’t relax yet
  • So pleased the situation about the British Gas bill has been clarified as not mine!
  • Felt such a fool when I went to the opticians and got side tracked. Huh!
  • The health problems are still lingering, but I hope when and if the house gets sorted and sold, things will improve.
  • Lovely messages from the TFZ gals, and help from Deana and Steve is so valued.

Steve arrived to pick u the keys. We had a gossip and he said he’d get back to me when things needed signing over the old house, then he would go through the things that will be needed to be cancelled with me.

P1070008I got the nosh on, having tomatoes and pork loin with some Wieska.

Soaking up the tomatoes with the Irish Batch Bread made pork loin sarnies made this meal so good.

Rated this one as a 9.1/10

Took the medications and sat doing nothing at all or a few hours, apart from trying to get to grips with the wandering mind, before nodding off.

I failed to get to grips!

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