Anarchist planning to set up a World Government

A momentous, portentous, meeting took place in a shed in Lancashire shed early last week. We believe a Martin Shuttlecock may be the instigator as the meeting reported was believed to have been held in his shed.

After a meeting of six unknown men, they decided to form a World Government.with his choice of prospective candidates,

How, why who they are, is not clear yet.


If you can supply any details, please forward them via the comment section to the FBI, ATF, CID, Interpol, McDonald’s or any of the Secret Services below.

It is unknown which of the militants is to take over which department yet.

Caroline X of the WWE, warns people of the nefarious habits of this anarchic group of alcoholics. She told our reporter: “Take care and be very wary of approaching any of them. Some drink wine, some smoke tobacco, most of them are addicted to beetroot, one has been made redundant from work five times, one is too clever by half, one eats kangaroo for his breakfast… oh yes this mob need monitoring. Mr Obama is aware and about to take action!” As soon as he has consulted with Mr Cox, his advisor.


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