Inchcock Today Fri 13 May 2016:


Friday 13 May 2016

Had an early morning dream, I knew I was about to wake up, which presumably means I knew I was dreaming, so I should have known what I was dreaming was not real. But I did think it were true at the time? During the dream, I even wondered if the recliner chair would jump and slide or not when I woke up?

I was being pounded on by several unknown assailants wearing bus conductor uniforms and using their ticket machines to clout me around my head with, and this was taking place in a waterless swimming pool? I was trying to smoke my pipe, and them hitting me all the time prevented this and not being able to light my pipe annoyed me more than their violence toward me? (I think it must have been around 1972 or earlier, when I had to stop smoking the pipe.) There were dead fish, lying on the bottom of the pool.

0420hrs: When I woke up with a bit of a start, I was in desperate need of the WC as if it had been me who had drunken all the water from the pool in the dream. Weird even for me this one!

The need to relieve myself stayed around for hours. I did manage to relieve myself on the throne, which was welcome after waiting for relief for so long. The wee-weeing seemed like it would never end?

Risked making a cup of tea and took the medications, then got on this laptop to record the dream before I lost all of the memory of it.

Pondered on whether Steve Age UK would call to help sort out the banking things for me.

With great assiduousness, I carried out the health checks, the BP was different to normal Sys 162 Dia 81, pulse down to 70? Temperature 36.0 Maybe the bizarre dream?

Huh! Then Anne Gyna kicked off, and the trips to the WC kept coming. Feeling a  bit disorientated, I started work with CorelDraw to do a graphicalisation for later.P1070197

Got a bath and shave, wanted to take a photo of the skin cancer blotches and noticed I’d managed to nick the top off of one of them with the razor.

I am a fool!

All fresh and clean I returned to the laptop and got very engrossed in aRacheltrying (But failing) to produce a graphic I wanted, took me hours and hours to fail in my ineffectual attempt to get it right. Humph!

Did a funny post about bloggers forming a World Government instead.

Decided I fancied some soup for supper. More choices to be made. I checked the tin cupboard to see what options were in stock: Mulligatawny, Creamed Parsnip, Potatoe and P1070195Parsnip or Steak and Potato? After much confuplicating and pondering, I opted for a tin of Mulligatawny and added a tin of red beans.

Did the part-baked cobs in the oven and had them warm with the soup and beans concoction.

Very nice too. Followed them with two highly suitable kids yoghurts.

Got the TV on and watched more of the Rumpole of the Bailey DVD episodes, then tried to look at a film, but kept nodding off every time the adverts came on, so gave up.

As I lay waiting for sleep to overcome me, I realised that Steve, my Age UK Councillor had not been to see me again today! Somehow, I wasn’t too surprised at this. Just so disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 13 May 2016:

  1. My wife said she thought of you when a man on an out of control Walmart mobility scooter ran into a rack of bras and got booby trapped. You gotta watch those razors. I’ve gone to shaving only once a week.

    • “Man attacks bras in Walmart” eh? Nice of the other half her think of me, pass on me thanks please. Hehe! Not any photographs of it is there Tim?
      I can understand now how my Dad used to cut himself, he used the cut-throat bladed razors… not me though, too risky!
      TTFN take care both.

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