Inchcock: His Guide for your new Wet-Room usage for the elderly

Now a dynamic 71-year-old veteran of his new Wet-Room for over eight weeks, Inchcock offers guides, tips and advice, aimed at any Nottingham City Homes Independent Living tenants dwelling in any of their excellent flats, from his own experience. Please be aware before reading further: This article may cause concern, fretting, shock, disbelieve and an apprehensive condition to any readers of a sensitive nature or who play Bingo.


Your bathroom will be turned into a spacious looking WetRoom for you, by the wonderful Nottingham City Homes maintenance team, above are the results from Inchies.

Be aware, they will tell you, you’ll have to manage for three or four days while the work takes place, without a bath or shower. Perfectly understandable, and you will appreciate the given warning. Unfortunately, it will actually take fourteen days and two to let the floor settle before you can use your new shower from the commencement of the work.

304If you are lucky, as I was, the chap who comes to do the job will be a grand bloke, who explains everything to you, is on time and cleans up after himself persistently and meticulously.

He took pride in his work, and I was most impressed with him.

Thanks mate!

After around the twelfth day, the electricians will arrive. They will not introduce themselves, 500they’ll just turn up and start working.

You can, when you realise they are they, sneak out and take a photograph of them.

The older one will not even notice, but the young lad saw the camera and posed for me immediately.

The older one didn’t say a word to me for to days, not until it came time for him to tell me about the shower workings. He did this is about 30 seconds, and I couldn’t understand a word he said, partially due to hearing difficulties and partly due to the speed 502in which he spoke unsmilingly, as they rushed off.

You may find, as I did, that they had fitted a dirty used double light switch for you in your hallway.

But, beggars can’t be choosers, can we now?

After all, we are not being charged for it, you know! The Occupational Therapy man Joel has interviewed you and decided you needed this doing.

503 504

You’ll also find pretty soon after the electricians have gone, the place will need cleaning up after them.Just as well I’d invested in a new cordless cleaner int it?

Just as well I’d invested in a new cordless cleaner int it? Mind you, the battery only last for forty minutes, so it ran out while I was removing the electrician’s bits of wire, broken off plastics, lumps from the wall and I’m still finding bits here and there now.

EleThe power for the shower switch will be located somewhere where it will be easy for you to walk into it as you pass by.

I assume this is a standard positioning from the antisocial, superior acting, know-all, I’m better than you, snotty Nottingham Homes Maintenance electricians?

10d2I can vouch for the size, solidity and potentially hazardous positioning of this box.

However, I waffle on too much, I do apologise.

I’ve made a graphicalisation of some of the risks pertinent when using your new shower.

I hope will be of help too!


02 ready

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