Inchcock Today Wednesday 12th October 2016: Blackadder’s Speckled Jim lookalike found!


Wednesday 12th October 2016

I think that the England performance against Slovenia, who deserved to win the match really, must have got to me more than usual. Around 0130hrs, I woke to go for a WRWW and memories from a dream was fresh in my mind, then! Now, by the time I get to record them, not so. I think I had been appointed as manager of the team and was using players from the lower leagues?

0410hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD. No bleeding this morning and both Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were being kind to me. But Duo Denal was giving some bother. So I went to get some of the medicine, and could I find it? Gave up after a while, made a cuppa and took the medications.

Thought about if I could get to the Asda (Walmart) store today, to do the photographs. The M&S ladies are due this morning just before midday.

3wed2I had a look in the fridge to see what fodder I might need if I can get out.

Decided to have an apple and there to my surprise, on the counter top was the medicine I couldn’t find earlier!

Cunning little bottle that. Hiding itself away!


Took a swig or two and got the laptop going. Finished off the Tuesday diary and started this one off.

Popped on Facebook (I popped onto the scales earlier, but best not to mention this).

Oh, dear, a dizzy spell then. Not had any for a good while.

Best I get some fresh air, methinks. Sorted the bins and took them to the chute. I’ll take the jars down to the recycling bin.

Called to see Olive on the way out again. A little uptight she was this morning, but still looking beautiful.

1110hrs: Hygiene gals arrived to play at cleaning for me, so I could pay them without any guilt. Huh! We did have a laugh, though.

Soon as they had been paid and gone on to ‘do’ another flat, I readied things for my trip to Asda-Walmart in Arnold to try and get the photo’s printed once again.

A precautionary WRWW visitation, and off I went to catch the L9 bus.3wed3

Nearly there, the rain began to chuck itself down.

Went straight to the PhotoShop and got the camera card in the machine and paid for them, did some shopping and to collect them afterwards.

Bought some prawn tails, Lemon Frazzles, apples, small bananas, cobs, satsumas and a TV paper. I nearly left forgetting to pick up the photographs.

Plenty of time before the last L9 bus so foolishly I wandered over the road to the Fulton Food Store to look for bargains.3wed4

Noticed this ‘whatever it is’ in a shop window?

Something to do with Halloween perhaps?

We didn’t recognise Halloween when we were kids? Just as well, cause trying to get Dad to spend money would be tantamount to getting Nigel Farage voted in as head of the race Relations Board.

3wed7In the Fulton Store, I got some discounted fodder and items they have not had in stock for ages. Blackcurrant ice-cream lollies, Snickers Flapjacks, Large cans of garden peas and some cheese sticks that were made with cheddar cheese and were so tasty! (Just couldn’t resist nibbling a few at the bus stop later) Heavy in calories tough, I imagine. (Guilt)


Off to the bus stop, bus-pass in hand, and waited with cross fingers that the last L9 bus would not me missing.

A pigeon was lurking about picking at crumbs, some of them mine when I nibbled a few of the cheese sticks.

Amazing colouration on its head this bird.

A distant relation perhaps, to the famous Speckled Jim, from the 3wed9Blackadder episode where Edmond was Court Marshalled? Haha!

3wed5Arrived back at the flat and tended to the desperate need for another WRWW. I put away the bought fodder and got the lamb and vegetables cooking.

Found this photograph on the camera. I can’t recall taking it, never mind what I was photographing this scene for?

3wed8The meal was another success after my many failures of last week, anyway.

Crock-pot vegetables, potatoes, lamb hotpot with peppers. The banana and apple I ate afterwards along with a Lemon Frazzle. The satsuma is still awaiting my attentions.

A WRHD session without any bleeding from anywhere, and I washed the pots and readied myself to watch some TV programmes. It was not a very successful venture, the nod-offs kept coming.

TTFN all.

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