Inchcock Today Tuesday 11th October 2016: Photograph Booth at Asda-Walmart go part-time!


Tuesday 11th October 2016

0430hrs: Woke up, it was cold here this morning. No recollections of dreams beyond those I recorded in yesterday’s post. Tsk! I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner in response to a demand for a WRHH session. Haem Aroids were bleeding again, but otherwise no hiatus.

Arthur Itis was gentle and calm at this stage, even Anne Gyna had relented and was being kind to me.

Into the kitchen and cleaned the pots that I’d left soaking in the bowl in the sink.

Took the medications and made a cuppa. Onto the laptop to complete yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

I’d like to get the photographs done later at Asda (Walmart) that I took at last weeks Tenants Social Hour. Get some milk and Deofab if I remember too.

Did some graphicalisationing for later, and did Facebooking for a short while.

2tue02Had a couple… well, alright then, six chocolate biscuits.

Then got the ablutioning done.

Popped on the scales, but we needn’t go into that in any detail, do we now?


Sorted the waste bags and took them to the chute. Got the shopping bags and went down to get the L9 bus into Arnold. Handed the Tenants at the stop, some chocolate coin nibbles and today they chattered with me.

I was soon dropping off the bus in Arnold. I ambled gently along to the Saver Store where I’m glad to report; they had some of the Deobab sprays in stock, and I got a couple. They also had some more chocolate coins at half price, Listerine and some Dettol Soap Tablets on offer.

2tue03Paid the lady and out and onwards to the Asda-Walmart Store. Passing this window display en route:

The retro stuffed animals, radios and music centres looked impressive, if yer like that sort of thing.

Arrived at the Asda shop – Where again the photography booth was closed?

I investigate to find out that it is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and is opening later and closing earlier on Wednesday to Fridays from now on? Tsk!

Did some shopping, bought too much again, huh! Distilled malt vinegar, a jar of pickled eggs, baby beetroots, Vegetable gravy powder, lemon frazzles, cheese-twists, vine tomatoes, Cheesy topped rolls, Anchor butter (Smallest pack), Apples and some prepared peas and carrots.

2tue04Paid the gal at the checkout, and for some reason struggled with carrying the bags out and up the hill to the bus stop? Felt winded, and Arthur Itis was complaining about it. Hehe!

Had to stop half way up the little hill. I didn’t like that, never had to do so before.


2tue05 I had a good while to wait for the bus.

Noticed a new poster had been put in the shelter. One for KFC. ‘Weh one fillet, just won’t – Fill it. New Stacker?

I was feeling too weary to try and work out what it wanted to tell me to do or buy, or whatever.

A good while later, the bus sign informed me that the L9 was due in 9 minutes – then 13 minutes and later 12 minutes? It did arrive in 2tue06eight minutes.

A lady who got on the bus before the L9 arrived, cheered me up a bit bless her pickled walnuts – she, or someone, had sewn some teddy bear heads onto her jeans!

I had to smile, as the lady was about 55-60 years old too! Good for her!

2tue07When the bus got to the ring road island, there was no traffic whatsoever about!

There was just one Nottingham Pavement Cyclist all on his own, though.

I found out later from Pat in Canada that I’d missed the cyclist off altogether, he was too quick for me. Oh, I do feel a fool! Hehehe!

We got to the flats in no time, but there were so many buses about, we could not get to the bus stop for ages.

2tue08What had happened apparently: It was time for swap-over for the bus drivers, and one of the buses had conked out!

With not being able to get to the kerbside, the driver of the bus would not risk me getting off with the bus being so high from the ground.

Another person to be blessed for caring today!

Called at Olive’s on the way up, no answer.

2tue09Got in and tended to a WRWW, then sorted the purchases out and stored them in their appropriate places. Got the vegetables in the saucepan and simmering away, laptop on for a bash on Facebook, then updated this

Found myself inaniloquently talking to myself on and off, more on than off?

2tue10Did some CorelDraw X8 graphicalisationing, then got the  fodder ready to consummation.

Spuds dotted with Vegemite, Surimi sticks, peeled Red Winsor apple, tomato, pickled egg, beetroot and vegetables. Two buttered cheesy cobs, and it all went down very nicely with thankfulness to Duo Denal for not spoiling the taste tonight. In fact, it was another great effort, rated this one 9.44/10 for taste.

Unhappily, I got bits of sticky vegemite all over the place eating it. The dressing gown, my chin, fingers and the £300 second-hand recliner cover, etc. Had to have a cleaning up session after eating it, Tsk!

2tue11The sky from the kitchen window looked so beautiful, as the evening descended. I say descended, is that the right word?

It dawned on me that we have not had much rain lately, and like magic, demands for a WRWW arrived via the bladder if ill repute! This gave me an idea for a funny rhyme post. I’ll work on that one in the morning.

Settled down, nibbles and tomato juice to hand to watch the Englan v Slovenia match, full of hopes and expectancies of an England victory. (Humph!)


Another excruciatingly painful match to watch. Thank heavens the goalie Hart doing something right for a change. A tweet in the Guardian summed it up I think: “A clean sheet keeps England’s unbeaten run in qualifying matches going and makes sure they remain top of Group F. But Slovenia was the better team tonight and had the chances to win. They let themselves down with some shoddy finishing, however, while England was indebted to some fabulous saves from Joe Hart. After that performance, it’s safe to say that Wayne Rooney wasn’t the only problem.”

Depressed I got my head down.

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