Inchcock Today Thursday 13th October 2016: Tenants Hour today


Thursday 13th October 2016

4thu02Woke with a start at 0240hrs. Wide awake! The dreams that were so fresh in my mind had evaporated within seconds. Tsk!

Disentangled my body from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. No bleeding again, so that was good.

A look out of the kitchen window. The decision to do the laundry while I was feeling so good, was made. So, I added the jeans and towel to the other stuff in the bag already and popped down to the laundry room with them and the 4thu03coins needed.

I’d noticed a workman yesterday in there, re-drilling the window bars. Now I know what he was doing. He’d opened the window at the top and removed the key, so it now stays permanently open. Condensation problems I thought perhaps? I didn’t appreciate this at all, and the thermometer read 6°c – 42.7°f… not exactly warm this morning. But then again, it is October.

Got the washing going and checked the time on the foyer wall clock 0305hrs, so it should be done by 0335hrs, as I did them on the Quick setting (30 minutes). Up to the flat and started to update the diaries.

0335hrs: Back down with the cleaners and timed it nicely, just finishing as I got it the room. Moved the clothes into the dryer and checked the filter had been cleaned, started it at 0340hrs, so this should be done in an hour.

Up again to the laptop, via a quick WRWW session (Hehe!).

0445hrs: Back down again. Got the gear sorted and folded into the bag. Cleaned the filter out, wiped the machines, bin and sink area and returned to make a cup of tea upstairs.

Did a lot of graphicalisationing on CorelDraw X8 in readiness to use later, then started off today’s diary. A few WRWW’s followed, Tsk!

0635hrs: Took the medications, and cleaned the saucepans that I’d removed the potatoes from.

I was going to get the Crock-Pot going but realised I had not got any vegetables other than onions to use. Decided it would be the last two chicken thighs for fodder today. I can use a tin of the garden peas, already got the potatoes to eat cold, with it, beetroot in the jar ready too. And the bread rolls I bought yesterday. I might have a forage around in the cupboards later to see if I have owt else to garnish it with. But, then again, I have the fish sticks and prawn tails? Decisive is not a word to describe me at all. Tut!

Spent some hours on Facebooking. BJ rang me to get him some raffle tickets at the Tenants Social as he will be late arriving.

Spent a couple more hours WordPressing and on CorelDraw X8. Then off to the Tenants Meeting. There was a decent crowd today, but I forgot (I thought at the time) the camera! Humph!  BJ arrived. No Toni today, hope she’s alright. The ulcer started to play up.

After the raffle, of which on our table, Eddy won three, Grumpy Bill two, BJ two, Nice Bill four and me none! Nothing unusual there then. I had a good gabfest, though. Hehe!

I left early to get some Aludrox substitute down me back at the flat. Had a good guzzle and noticed the rain had eased off a lot. So I foraged about and got things ready to go to the Aldi store on Woodborough Road.

5fri01aCaught the L8 bus. The rain had stopped again, and the trees looked so wonderful.

Up to Mapperley Top and wobbled along to the Aldi store. As I dropped off, the rain came down. Spent ages wondering around the shop and ended up getting some cheese topped rolls, baby beetroot (Very nice as it turned out), Frikadellens, roasting veg and a very naughty Steak and gravy pie with puff pastry. 4thu04Missed the bus back, so limped along Woodborough Road and down Woodthorpe Road. Towards the end of the road, a youth on a four-wheeled mini-bike was belting up and down the road, doing wheelies and circle.

5fri02How such a tiny machine could make so much noise, I don’t know. The lad was having a whale of a time. A bit of jealousy crept into my thoughts. Haha!

5fri04Turned right down Sherwood Vale hill. I could see the flats in the distance, not my Woodthorpe block, but the Winchester building, mine was to the right, just out of view.

The rain stopped again.

As I hobbled down the road, the L8 bus came up the hill, and the lady 5fri03driver gave me a wave and smile.

That was fun!

To the right, the view was astounding to me. Had to take a photograph of it for us.

At the bottom of the hill, just before I turned right into the woods to go down the path that leads to the 5fri05apartments, there is a path where the greenery that has always caught my attention every time I walk by it. Nothing unusual I know, but years ago the railway line was going along here, and the way the trees and bushes had reclaimed the land had me in admiration of nature once again.

Being a City boy, I’m learning all the time.

Limped down the path and through to the flats and a WRWW.

5fri06Put the things away and got the meal going, early today.

I nibbled a beetroot from the new jar when I opened it, and the taste was perfect. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t put the lid back on correctly, and the result was another fine mess for me to clean up. Hey-ho!

The ulcer was still stinging a bit, but I’ve had it far worse. It was Anne Gyna joining in that gave me more hassle and pain, again! Huh!

Horrible night.

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