Inchcock – Sunday 14th May 2017


Sunday 14th May 2017

Hungarian: Vasárnap 14 Május 2017

Woke around 0100hrs, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – barely in time, but avoided an Accifauxpa. A longer session this time, it was at least a good half-an-hour before I could be confident enough to return to the chair. This did, however, give me time to scribble some notes about the dreams I’d been having. It is so long since I remembered such detail of any dream. Seems, from the notes: I digested later when the memories had long gone. I was on a spaceship of some sort, with Tony Blair and his entourage, a ship attempted to dock with our vessel. Blair ordered us to shoot it… we oddly had a turret on top of the craft, and that was where I was, it had cling film covered 303 rifles in it as the weapons to use? I couldn’t find any ammunition clips that fitted, though. Dozens of them were laying around that seemed to fit different weapons?

The visiting ship docked and in came John Prescott! Blair immediately denied having any WMD on board, and Prescott hit him one – then insisted we take him to Moscow?

Back and got my head down again.

7Sun010300hrs: Wide awake with a jolt. And, once more in need of the temporarily Christened ‘Diarrhoea’s Porcelain Throne’. Hehe! Twenty minutes later, I’d clean things up and was in the kitchen and sorting out this week’s medication pots.

Five more minutes, and I was back on the Porcelain Throne again! Oh heck!

0330hrs: Finished the medication pots off and started the Health Checks. Innards still rumbling away?


The weight keeps going down, mind?

0355hrs: Yes, you’ve guessed it, back on the Throne! I hope like yesterday, as the day goes on things will settle more.

Got Saturday’s diary finished and ready for posting and started this one off.

0450hrs: On the Throne, this time I read about ten pages of the book.

7Sun01aMade a cuppa and took the medications, the morning view was windy and bleak… most fitting under the circumstances I thought? Haha!

0625hrs: Unbelievably, I was back in the wetroom and seated painfully on the Throne yet again! This time, Duodenal Donald joined in giving me some grief. A long one this time. How can this be so, surely there is not that much room in the innards for all this?

0644hrs: Washed up, then creamed and medicated, generous amounts of fresh air spray and disinfectant distributed. Harold’s Haemorrhoids are bleeding more than ever now, Humph!

I’m still drinking a lot of liquids, can’t seem to stop doing so in fact. Tea, mineral water, tap water?

Took an extra Omeprazole to ease Donald a bit, with another cuppa hopefully.

Checked the Emails. Did some WordPress reading. Some good stuff out there today.

Made a Morrison order for next week, in case I’m still limited in my getting out stakes by Diahorrea Derek or Haemorrhoid Harold.

Onto Facebook, fingers crossed that Google doesn’t go unresponsive again, it has done so five times already today!


Gave up on Facebook, every time I go on, Google Chrome freezes or becomes unstable.

Found the consultation on the colour of the flats note.

Dosed often, wherever I was all day? Even on the Throne.

Spent hours nodding watching TV and nodding off for a few minutes regularly.

Dizzy Dennis visited frequently and found myself being tortured inwardly by past errors mistakes and decisions.

Sister Jane phoned to see how I was, nice that.

Much rumbling continued, but the passings stopped for hours.

Z LizzTried to do some CorelDrawing.

Recoloured an old TFZ graphic of Lyzzi, but concentration prevented me getting it anywhere near how I wanted it.So gave up on that too.

So gave up on that too.

Made a goodish meal.

The fish was very nice indeed. I also ate it all up and had an apple afterwards.

7Sun06aThe sage & onion slices were tasty too.

Fell asleep before I could get the pots to the sink for cleaning.

Woke up around 1900hrs I reckon, didn’t move though, just put the TV on, good police programme on that I had nor seen before, headphones on poured a mug of orange juice and settled to enjoy it.

Nodded off at the first commercial break, woke again around 2300hrs.

The stomach was churning like never before. Took the evening medications very late. Off to the Porcelain Throne, much bleeding so much cleaning and sorting out had to be done.

Feeling rather awake, I got the book, made a mug of tea and settled down for a good read.

Fell asleep!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sunday 14th May 2017

  1. Maybe your Google Chrome is having problems after all the ransomware attacks all over the world yesterday. A young English gentleman, a 22 year old cyber-warrior, registered a gibberish domain name he found in the ransomware code that turned out to be the kill switch for the attack. So he unwittingly saved the world by registering a domain name for $11. He’s quite a hero, but he must remain anonymous as he continues to fight malware and criminal cyber attacks like what happened yesterday. The Lyzzi graphic looks pretty good, and so does dinner.

    • Thanks. Just looked it up, Sir. Scares me a bit.
      Feeling I might be hungry today at last again.
      Diarrhoea easing off nicely now.
      Got soaked on hobble to and from the hospital, Tsk!
      Taketh care.

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