Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th May 2017: Soaking wet in the rain, shopped, visited the ducks and saw the surgeon in Derby. Shattered, when I got back! Hehe!


Wednesday 17th May 2017

Irish: Dé Céadaoin 17ú Bealtaine 2017

Bad night of waking in between dreams. War, well, in a battle in a City, schoolday bullying relived, failings and errors recalled, space travel, ghosts and being buried alive being some of the subjects. I’m certain there were so much more, not nice at all. I lay there thinking through and trying to remember more for ages.

When a demand came for the Porcelain Throne visit at 0310hrs, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, shivering despite having a bit of sweat on and off to the morning session. Took a while for a different reason to recently, the opposite of the Trots! The tummy rumbled much after the movement. Carried out the Health Checks, all seemed okay apart from the pulse being a tad high, the weight was down again!


Made a br3Wed01ew and took the medications. Making sure I did not mistakenly take any of the Diahorria capsules, now they are not needed. In fact, I moved them into another drawer so as not to do a Whoppsiedangleplop later in the week.

Saw a note I’d left myself when it came to starting the computer: ‘Bank Numbers Required’. I must nip down later and give them to them. I had a check on the local weather for today on the BBC website.


Looked like a wet day in prospect! Glad I got the umbrella yesterday in town now.

3Wed03The rain started again as I left the flats and decided to walk into Arnold, visit the ducks and pigeons and to get some pod peas.

I took the first photograph of the marathon hobble to Arnold at the end of Chestnut Walk. With the allotments below and housing in the distance and beautiful Spring greenery surrounding them. The smell was gorgeous.

Down Winchester Street hill and over the road and into the bank. Had to explain everything again to the teller lady, who was patient enough about it. Told her I was asked to bring in my NI number, but could not remember if I had or not, but here it is again anyway. She had no idea what I was talking about. Told me to pin in my card and dedicatedly perused her computer for a while, a frown spreading over her pretty brow. Said to me I had to make an appointment with the advisor to process the opening of the account. I told her the account was open, and I have a letter to that effect from the bank? Anyway, I’m going to see a surgeon in a while and might know more of when I’ll be free, and I’ll get back in touch (Call again) when I can confidently give you a date.

3Wed04Out into the drizzle, up to the top of Mansfield Road Sherwood and off down the hill towards Arno Hill Park and the duck visit.

About a mile further on and I got out the Pound Shop umbrella as the rain increased and it broke as I was opening it.

With my luck, I took this with a pinch of salt, in fact, I expected this to happen.

3Wed05Plodded onward in the wet onto Daybrook, the rain getting fiercer now.

The puddle in the car park had to be manoeuvred ti keep the tootsies and shoes dry, gave it a wide berth.

Nearly walked in front of a bus as I crossed over the traffic light junction – I indicated my apologise to the driver as he braked. I think he was questioning my parentage and possibly calling me a silly old fart or something similar. Oh dear!

Got to the park eventually and not many folks around, but there were some new breeds of ducks around. The ducks with the black coloured heads and brown and grey feathered bodies. They were very aggressive towards all the other birds there, they even chased off and bit the Canadian Geese!


The rain eased off a bit, and I spent a good while with them, nattering away to them. Like one does. Ahem!

Then out and along the road and over into the Sainsbury store. Where I found they did not have any pod peas available – Humph! I got some potato farls and cakes, Lemon mousse, a Lamb hotpot and two tiny turnips.

Outside the rain was now horrendous! I got the half openable brolly out and made for the bus stop across the road. I thought I was being rather clever by catching a bus that goes a long way around to town route but drops me off closer to the next bus stop where I can catch the Derby bus and save getting soaked so much? Cunning!

3Wed08Dropped off on King Street and down and through the Slab Square and up Friar Lane to the bus stop.

An i4 bus arrived shortly, and I was off on a ride through the villages route, into Derby.

I gave the crossword book a bashing, and even got one completely done with only having to look-up one answer! (Head swaggers slightly)

Despite the weather, I enjoyed the run-out, apart from one bloke shouting down his phone all the time. Eventually, he started using bad language, the F word crept into his conversation, and I just had to say something but resisted several times until I could no longer do so. I walked forward and tapped him on the shoulder and asked him quietly: “Could you please stop using bad language on your phone, there are elderly ladies on this bus?” I was so pleased with his reaction. He really didn’t know he was shouting put aloud. He apologised to the ladies, and I think he blushed. That result was far better than him telling to Go Forth and Multiply and head-butting me! Phew!

He got off the bus later and put his hand up in acknowledgement as he dismounted the bus. Jolly good chap.

Got into Derby bus station, the rain now wet again. Hehe! I wondered over into the Eagle Market.


What a sad place nowadays. Far more empty stalls than those in use.

Out and up to the London Road GUM clinic. Gave them the paperwork and in minutes they called me in to see Mr Redgrave, the surgeon who will be doing me in Nottingham later. Nice understanding Gentleman. About 60 years-of-age, a well-trimmed beard and patient with his patient. I could smell the pipe tobacco on his breath, and this got me missing mine. Hehe! Went to great lengths in advising me exactly what was to be done with Little Inchy’s problem. To be done under a local and he anticipated my being in and out in a day. He even explained any problems and how to deal with them following the procedure. I should hear within a week of a date, but I’m still on the Cancellation List and need to have everything ready at short notice. Gave me some leaflets. I thanked him so much, we both had a cup of tea brought in by a smiling nubile young lady. And, it was a nice strong cup of tea too!

Happy and contented I made my way back to the bus station in the rain, almost singing to myself and uncaring about getting soaked in the rain.

3Wed08aI got on another bus route to go back into Nottingham, the Y8 it was I think. As the bus went through Sandiacre, we passed a place that I had worked at in Security many years ago.

It used to be a Calor-gas supplier, now it had been cleared demolished and must have held hundreds of vehicles. This got the memory going.

3Wed10Had a bash at the Crosswords again, but not so successfully this time.

Arrived in Nottingham and dropped off on Maid Marion Way in the drizzle and walked down St James’s Street into the Slab Square.

I’ve not been down here for some years, there had been many changes with new buildings.

3Wed11Across the square as the rain got heavier again.

The Burke on the bike in this photograph all but hit the woman with white hair moments after I took this picture.


Up Queen Street and to the bus stop, turned out good timing as the last L9 bus was due in five minutes.

Tired and weary now, but happy with how the day had gone and the good news and information from Mr Redgate. Why he was a Mr and not Doctor I don’t know. But, then again, there is much I do not know. I had to fight falling asleep on the bus with all my might, but managed to, just.

Up to the flat and into the Throne Room.

Too weary to concentrate on doing any updating, so did this in the morning.

3Wed12Felt a bit more like eating tonight. Used a portioned plate and had, farls and potato cakes, Quorn eggs, sage & onion slices, pickled onions, strong cheddar, fresh pod peas, mushrooms, Mushroom Pate, an apple, one thin wholemeal and a Lemon Fool, with caramelised onion pickle.

Looked good, tasted good, but the eyes were obviously larger than the stomach again. I left a lot on the plate.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The Pulse was tremendously high at 94.

Got the goggle-box going. Swiftly fell asleep.

Dreamt something about V-rocket making, with me as a designer and demanding that garlic is added to the explosives? But it seemed I and the others were of French origin?

Woke and off to the Porcelain Throne, and spent an inordinately long time, struggled to evacuate, messy. A follow up to the ‘Trots’ I’ve just got rid of?

Had a glass of spring water and got the head down again, without any problem.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th May 2017: Soaking wet in the rain, shopped, visited the ducks and saw the surgeon in Derby. Shattered, when I got back! Hehe!

  1. Great duck photos. You got pretty wet there I see. The place you used to work that was cleared out and now has all those cars. Do you know what it is? Interesting photo of all those cars stacked up in the misty rain. Looks like a decent meal to end the day with.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      A bit confused about the car site, Only had a few seconds as the bus passed by, but I did see signs Good Value advertising cars for sale outside as we went by it?
      A scrap yard of some sort perhaps?
      I’ll just looked on Googlemaps.
      Say’s ScrapYourCar Online?
      I’ll email the clip of it Sir.

      • That makes sense. We have so much open space out here that scrap yards are acres of old, mostly wrecked cars and trucks line in in row after row, never seen them stacked. You can go and buy used parts off of the salvaged cars.

      • I did that Tim for years when I had the Skoda. The Scrap Yards saved the day many a time. Alternator/selenoids, nuts bolts, window wires and clips, exhaust and linkage, valves, bulbs… on and on it went, Tim.
        One yard in Mapperley, they called it The Ponderosa, had the cars stacked loose on top of each other and a climbing/mountaineering sessions had to be performed when the vehicle you wanted to search for a certain part was high up.
        Ah, memories. Cheers.

  2. Terrible dreams those 🙁 The rest of the day went very well though, despite the rough start & the rain (I got myself a bubble umbrella, had to order it as no local store carries them – useful given that my breaks & half my lunch time are spent outside). The evening meal looks good too <3

    • Bubble umbrella? I’ll have to look these up gal.
      The local radio station said we might get some vicious thunderstorms today, this afternoon to be precise. But being as I am having an inside day, no problem!
      Just looked up the bubble brollies. The clear ones are a good idea methinks. They sell Ladies versions in a Debenhams Store in Nottingham I noticed. I’ll have to take a peep when I’m in town again.
      I’m very taken with the mushroom pates, but not sure if they are good for me or not.
      Outside gal then? Is that to escape or cause you like it out there pet?
      Hugs. XXX

      • I like the bubble umbrella because of the way it domes, also the wind doesn’t catch it in the same way as the flatter ones that are more readily available. I am a smoker/esmoker so outdoor breaks at work are mandatory for nicotine fixes & due to the modern stigma of such activities there are no areas out of the weather provided for us. When I finally got my bubble umbrella (that was the order I waited 2 months for & had to talk to support twice about) it created a huge stir at work as all of my smoking coworkers were envious, everyone wanted to know where I found it so they could get one too, lol. Mine is just clear with very slim silver edging, I had originally wanted a more Halloween design that had some web & spider decals, as Halloween is my fave holiday & I use spider symbolism all the time (in a way I’m like Batman, LOL, I sport my greatest fear all the time, as spiders are kind of my thing).

        From my research (did not spend a huge amount of time on it) the mushroom pate should be a fairly healthy option, though of course that also depends how much salt has been used in the mix. <3

      • Oh, dear gal.
        The computer guy spent hours sorting out Chrome. It didn’t work. So he told me by email how to uninstall it and reinstall download a new one. The worked for half an hour, now that has gone unresponsive again.
        Really struggling to get anything done as it goes off on a tangent so regularly now? Especially on Facebook and email? Sent him an email telling him, but unsure if I will be able to read any that come back from him. Proper fed-up now pet.
        We see the poor old smokers outside of the offices in town at lunchtime, a crying shame, what happened to the smoke rooms we used to have?
        Can’t concentrate on owt at the moment, depression dawns. Tsk!
        Take care flower.

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