Inchcock Today – Tuesday 16th May 2017


Tuesday 16th May 2017

Indonesian: Selasa 16 Mei 2017

Kept waking all through the night, thinking of dreams and telling myself to remember and record them, even made some notes, but they were totally ineligible when I did wake properly at 0355hrs. Tsk! Not the foggiest memory!

0400hrs: Out of the fragile struggling to operate £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. The spattering did not come, (Hurrah!) but things were ‘Gooey’ and Haemorrhoid Harold’s blood added to the mess! Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald and Roger Reflux were all in a  good mood, only Anne Gyna giving any real torment. Good start I thought!

2Tue03Into the kitchen and took this photographicalisation.

Titivated around a bit and tried to move things in the freezer drawers to make room for some fodder that I hope will be arriving later via the Morrison delivery.

Kettle on and started the Health Checks and weighing session.


Again, I thought things were looking good. (I began to fret a little at this stage; Things looking good and me, don’t go together? Hehe!)

Made a mug of good strong Thompson’s tea and took the medications.Back to the Porcelain Throne, but only wind escaped. Things are a changing in this department today for sure.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, but only wind escaped. Things are a changing in this department today for sure.

2Tue05Checked on the coat that got so wet yesterday, and I’d hung above the towel dryer. Still not fully dried, so I moved the jacket along to near the storage heater and turned it on, and moved the airer along underneath the coat.

On with the computer, fingers crossed in the vain hopes that Google Chrome would have cleared itself of problems. Come think of this, there were no problems with Google before I had some Windows Updates?

No problems as yet, knock on wood.

Made a start on this diary, then finished off yesterday’s one and got it posted.

Did some WordPress reading.

Got the ablutions tended to before the arrival of the fodder. Got all the things needed, into the wetroom, cleaned the teggies and started to shave, and the intercom phone rang – it was the Morrison Man. For some reason, I thought it was due twixt 0800 > 0900hrs, but it was due 0700 > 0800hrs. Did feel a fool again!

Got the fodder put away, only just enough room in the freezer.

Back and finished the ablutions. All nice and fresh smelling now. Hehe!

Sorted some bin bags and took them to the chute. Got the nibbles ready for the flat’s Obergruppenfurheress’s to drop off at the hut on the way out.

Must remember to call at the bank with the details they are wanting. (I didn’t, I forgot about it – Fancy that?)

Updated this bit of the diary.

Off out and called at the NCH Community Shed with the nibbles. Obergruppenfurher Julie was in on her own. The big room had the ‘Pick Your Colour Scheme’ crew of five in there to greet the residents. Tenant Roy arrived, and I chose the Green Brown Scheme6Sat01a as my choice for the outside of the newly updated buildings.

Only because I felt obligated to show interest. There was a very-little real concern there over which one was opted for.

Roy chose the same colour scheme.

Back to the foyer to await the bus into town. Roy arrived and asked me my flat number and name, as the Nottingham City Homes team had forgotten to inquire this of me. He kindly took the details back to them. A chinwag with the other tenants at the bus stop and on the bus en route was enjoyed.

Glad to hear the Bill thought the keyboard letter pads I got from Amazon for him, were wonderful and he had them all on his laptop and enjoying them.

Arrived in town as the drizzle started and meant to nip into the Pound Shop to look for some Furniture Cover a lady tenant told me about earlier and to get an umbrella – found myself in the Wilko Store, felt a fool and exited and made my way next door to the Pound Shop. Huh!

Had a good nosey around and ended up getting: A packet of Bic razors, Memory Foam Insoles and Alpen bars for raffle prizes, Flash eraser, Foil oven trays, two Guaranteed to blow inside out on the first use umbrellas, and a Men’s manicure set. Having purchased more expensive brollies last time and they did the same thing… well one did, the other disappeared like magic. I took the gamble on getting these cheap ones. No one on the tills so had to use the self-serve system. Farcical that was. I’m not sure I didn’t end up overcharging myself? The obnoxious assistant wasn’t really interested, poor bloke looked right pissed-off to me. And this in the morning with him having the rest of the day to get through, yet!


Out and over Upper Parliament Street and into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Very sparse of human occupation it was this morning.

Another takeaway food unit had closed down I noticed. There’s going to be financial trouble over this situation of so many retail bankruptcies going on so much!

Hobbled without too much effort nor pain, to the other end and into Tesco and had a wander around. A box of two Fresh Cream Horns leapt into the shopping basket of their own accord. I got the last pack of pod peas, another Quorn Lasagne on offer at £2 down from £3 (I wish I’d got more now, cause they were wonderfully filling and tasty last time I got them). A packet of small potatoes, a TV magazine for next week and some Boczek belly pork.

I pondered over getting some Sourdough Farmhouse bread but remembered the freezer was chock-a-block at the moment. Wandered off, thought some more, then returned to the bakery section, after having made up my mind to get the Sourdough after all, cause I haven’t had any for ages. After I’d managed to reach up to the top shelf where they kept this bread and got a loaf, it only had one day’s life on it. I eventually managed to check each of the nine or so loaves and they were all the same. So, now in pain in the legs from stretching up a3Wed07nd stomach now aching too, I muttered to me what an idiot I am, and wandered to the checkout.

Paid the gal and out around the block and to the bus stop on Upper Parliament Street. The feet were beginning to sting a bit now.

The place had got very busy from when I arrived in town.

3Wed08The queue at the shelter was massive and cramped, the folks looked down and depressed, and I passed the wind without anyone noticing. So glad the ‘Trots’ have almost gone now!

Very glad!

I wanted to take a photo of the crowds with their depressed hang-dog expressions… but by the time I dug the camera out of the bottom of the full bag, one bus had been loaded and off, and a second one had gathered most of the other passengers.  In the distance, the green single decker electric powered L9 bus can be seen arriving. When it did, the other passengers got to the doors; first. I was shoulder charged, poked with what I think was an umbrella and had my poorly toe trod on!

The spirits lowered as I sat there, not even interested in doing the crosswords and feeling a bit sorry for myself, but not knowing why?

3Wed04A few miles on, and as the bus turned left onto Porchester Road, I had the camera ready in the hopes of getting a distance shot of the sky and scenery.

As I got ready to take the shot, a mobility scooter was driving on the road, and believe me there is one heck of a hill down there! At one point it is 1/6!

Anyway, the flipping car pulled out, and it hid the scooter from view! Tsk!

Back at the flat, and onto the Throne. A mixed session.

As I had a quick freshen up and cleansing session, I bent down to get the bleach to use on the porcelain and ‘Clunk!’ Accifauxpa, come  Whoopsiedangleplop time! Cracked the head a good one on the sink. 

This put an end to my plans for doing owt on the computer, indeed doing much at all. Boy, was it a good cloutFelt a bit groggy-dizzy for hours afterwards.

Put the fodder away, leaving a brolly in the bag.

Sat down for a few hours or so, tried reading the ‘Emotions’ book but no concentration felt dodgy. Dosed off.

Later when I woke, only a bit of a headache was there, I felt fairly good really?

Took the medications, did the Health Checks and got the fodder prepared.

3Wed09Went to turn off the heater in the hallway and the INR Anticoagulation results had been delivered. Shot up to 4.6 this time.

I wondered if I’d perhaps taken two evening doses during one night during the last week, to have caused this and not noticed?

I added the Next Test Date to the Google Calendar. Google Chrome kept becoming Unresponsive so I gave up.

3Wed08aUsed the segregation plate for the meal.

BBQ smoked mackerel, Surimi, egg, potatoes, potato farls, onions, cheddar, apple, beetroot and fresh pod peas and caramelised chutney.

I dished up too much and didn’t eat a lot of it. Ate just one of the potatoes, left some of the farls and a half of the egg.

The rain poured down outside, so I closed the kitchen window.

Felt so tired now. Tried to watch a DVD, then tried the TV, then the book again… which is when I drifted off into a dream filled horror of a sleep.

Hey-ho! TTFN.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 16th May 2017

  1. That’s a hearty looking meal. The photo with all the people looks like it could be a busy New York sidewalk.

    • Not the easiest of streets to manoeuvre through, Tim.
      But it has some shops I like on it, mind. The Jessop Camera store and the entrance to the cheapo clothing store Primark. Hehe! McDonald’s doesn’t appeal to me. I think with it always being so busy it puts me off?
      I’ve never tried one mind.
      TTFN Sir.

      • The only time I ever go to McDonalds is on road trips and I only get coffee. They do make decent coffee.

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