Inchcock Today – Wed 14th June 2017: Grenfell Flats Disaster haunts me

Grenfell disaster. So sad making

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Nepali: बुधवार 14 जुन 2017

0400hrs: Stirred from a dream filled night (Of which I can remember nowt!) throughout which I was ever waking up and trotting off for a wee-wee. I think I suffered this the last time I had to have the Enoxaparin injections?

Gave up trying to get back to sleep, and decided to get the washing done in the laundry room before the District Nurse arrived. No idea when she will come. Had a wee-wee.

Took the washing down and got it in the machine and came back up to the apartment.

Took the medications and made a brew and it was time to go down to move the clothes into the dryer. Got a phone call from Sister Jane. She told me to put the TV on to see the horrible fire in the flats in London and asked how I was feeling this morning. Nice of her. Had a wee-wee.

Down to the laundry room and got the dryer working, then back up again and got the TV on. Terrible news, and from what I listened to from the tenants who had escaped the conflagration, they had been told the same as us here about what to do in the event of a fire, those that did follow the advice must surely have perished. No fire alarms sounded they say?

3Wed02The computer on and did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee and down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filters, washer and dryer and back up again to the flat.

Worked on updating the diaries while watching the news of the disaster on the gogglebox. Couldn’t use the headphones or I would not hear if the nurse arrived and buzzed the intercom line.

Very depressed with the news. It had filtered through of how brave the emergency services were.

The nurse arrived, a cuddly little thing, asked many questions and injected the tummy. She was here about an hour or so. Said someone would call again tonight around 1700hrs, Bless her.

Had a go at doing some graphics to take my mind off of the poor souls that were living in the flats fire.




3Wed06The Morrison delivery arrived, and when I moved to go to the door, some severe pains from the innards appeared.

At least I know I have someone to tell the tale too, or will have when the District Nurse comes tonight.

Put the fodder away and cleared the waste bags out to the chute.

Not so good at all, now, even Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. Humph!

Signed off on Facebook, no way I can concentrate on that or graphicationalising how I feel now. Befuddled, Hehe!

Got the pod peas simmering in the pan. Not having anything else heated today, I might leave the meal when the peas are done until after the medicationalistical (Hehe) visitation later.

Updated this to here, and got the ablutioning tended to.

3Wed04Got the early meal sorted. Not that is was difficult with no hot fodder involved.

Took the medications and gobbled the food down.

Off for a wee-wee.

Settled to watch the TV with subtitles on, so as not to block the hearing with the headphones in case I don’t hear the District Nurse arrive. I could not read the subtitles though, they were too small, so I put the news channel on about the fire in London.

Fell asleep, woke to need a wee-wee, tended to this, made a mug of tea and as I was doing so, felt sure I could hear noises, but where from? It took me a while to realise it was coming in through the open window, I went out on the balcony and found it was some 3Wed03residents from a flat a floor above mine. Got the hearing aids in and realised they were slightly intoxicated, bless them.

They were out in the warmish sun, legs over the balcony railings, a selection of drinks to hand and shouting in ‘Gibberish’, I think it was.


Got down in the second-hand £300 recliner, and despite the twinges, stabs and unrelenting pains now suffering, I fell asleep again. It was well past my bedtime now, and still, the nurse had not arrived. The nurse earlier said they would be here at 1700hrs, but it is now 1900hrs. Had I missed her when I fell asleep?


Up for another wee-wee and noticed how beautiful the evening clouds looked with the addition of the aircraft exhausts. The almost ghost-like bit, centre left confused me? Haha!

Popped out on the balcony to take this shot, so the unique mystery addition was not reflections from any glass?

Fell asleep again, and just after 2100hrs the intercom burst into life, the nurse had arrived. Cuddly little thing she was. Soon had me sorted with the injections and I bid her farewell and got my head down. But the brain and new pains from the stomach ensured I did not nod-off for hours.

4Thur03Hey-ho, so much better off than the poor souls affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster!

This is the latest photograph of the complex. 12 dead, still unable to search for bodies 24 hours after the fire started. Dozens  injured, many critical.

So, I do not have the right, intention or inclination to moan about things.

My heart goes out to them.


14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wed 14th June 2017: Grenfell Flats Disaster haunts me

  1. The fire is very sad. Not anything you want to experience. When the two buildings on the end of our block went up in flames in 2013, we thought the whole block might go up with them. Old buildings, in our case, burn very quickly, but it looks like that tower did also. Good thing you have nurses checking on you and giving you meds. It gets some extra eyes seeing how you are doing. Meal looks decent for being all cold. Graphics and great, and the evening clouds with the contrails is a wonderful photo.

    • Living in a similar style block of flats, I feel so much for their sufferings, Tim. We have the same rules here about fire alarms. Indeed, the rapid spread of the fire, from one flat to eleven floors up in 30 minutes is very concerning, (so they say) to the authorities. Vote-catching noises from the Government opposition MP’s is rampant. Tsk!
      It’s all confusion with the blood test, injections and when and how much! The DVT, the Anticoagulation and the District Nurses have all told different timing, locations, dates and doses. I might be very muddled, but I think they are too. Hehehe!
      Mind you, having the Red Line across my page on their computer has got me seen to a lot quicker recently. So no complaints from me in that department, Sir.
      I’m having a similar nosh tonight, because knowing that the nurse will come sometime twixt 1600hrs > 2300hrs means it best to get a cold meal ready, methinks?
      So, they are call contrails eh? Cheers. (I knew that really… alright, I didn’t!) I think the square shapes of them are amazing.

      • between 1600 and 2300 hours is a pretty wide time spread, but at least they show somewhere it that time frame. Here, plumbers and Internet repair techs and other services with give a time frame of between 1000 hr and 1600 hr and then not show up until the next day a noon.

        Some people call contrails chemtrials, also, and have all kinds of conspiracy theories to go with them.

    • 1600 and 2300 hours certainly is, a wide time spread, Tim! Everything seems sad or confusing to me at the moment.
      Our, plumbers, electricians and delivery men etc. are the same as your’s over there. Humph!
      Contrails, Chemtrails, I’ll have to remember these names.
      Waiting still for the nurse to arrive.
      Cheers, Sir.
      There are still more bodies in the flats that they cannot get to.

  2. My deepest sympathies to all and I hope what I heard on the world news last night is true that there will be investigations and extreme preventative measures taken in future. Stay safe my friend!

  3. Cheers Sir.
    Already the opposition is trying to get political gain for their party out this disaster.
    The heart breaks.
    Trust in any inquiry is limited, but hopes remain for a positive fair open job to be done.
    Cheers again.

    • I’ve minutes ago found an A4 used both sides note from Nottingham City Homes, Corin.
      They are going to review their safety policies.
      They will put sprinklers in the corridors and communal areas, and look at the intercom system in out blocks so it is easier to messages to us in an emergency.
      They will review the stay-in-you-flat policy as well.
      They will be holding a meeting with us to discuss fire safety and invite the Nottingham Fire & Rescue team to the meeting.
      They have instructed us to:
      Take responsibility fro our rubbish?
      Make sure mobility scooters and bicycles are not left in corridors.
      Never leave candles burning.
      Make sure yu put out cigarettes properly.
      Make sure you (we) do not leave flammable materials in any communal area.
      So it seems that some of the residents have been complaining and are scared, naturally.
      I might go to the meeting, although whenever it is I will most likely be booked in for an INR blood test, the GUM clinic, the DVT Clinic or even the dentists. Hehehe!
      All this does not stop one from worrying about those in the fire. I donated some cash to them this morning on the web.
      I’d like to mention that I told the Obergruppenfurhers of these flats that I could not hear the fire alarm during the weekly Thursday tests. “Not to worry’ I was told, if it is your flat that activates it is louder and a red light flash. You stay where you are if the alarm is for anywhere else. (The alarm I cannot hear?) I apologised for bothering them. Tsk! Hahaha!

      • It is good to hear that they are taking updating their protocols seriously, hopefully they will also make that alarm audible to all tenants as I am certain you are not the only person with difficulty hearing living there. I was a bit worried for you when I read that your building’s protocols were the same <3

  4. That’s so nice of you gal. Thanks.
    Feeling more and more confused, irritable with myself and worried, lately. I put it down to having so much of the Enoxaparin? Hoping the Warfarin level rises on Mondays tests and I can get away from the hassle of nurses every morning and night. I wish they had let me do the injections myself.
    Fell asleep last night and woke to the phone ringing but could not get to it in time. A message left, it was the District Nursing Obergruppenfureress (It was half an hour past their time to call) apologising and assuring me they would get here. Just as well they are late I thought, or I might not have heard their arrival. (Oh dear and humph!)
    Gone midnight when she got here and the poor gal was all het-up with having so much work on and asked me why I can’t do the injections myself. I said. I could. She said well no one told me, I can’t permit you to, I’ll see if I can arrange it, but we must complete the course. I was confused before she came, and when she left, I was the same. (Touch of poetry slipped in there for you, Corin. Hehe!)
    Hope things are alright with your plates of meat?
    TTFN my caring flower. XXX

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