Inchcock Today – Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Quomodocunquizer – Someone who will use any means foul or fair to make money

Tuesday 21st August 2017

Turkish: 21 Ağustos 2017 Salı

Sleep had become impossible as my jargogled mind seemed intent (and was successful) in my not getting any rest or respite.

0235hrs: After a while of my meditating on life and roast chestnuts, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and noticed a note I’d left myself laid over the computer screen, to remember the INR Warfarin Blood Test this morning at 0905hrs. This cheered me up at the thought that I may see Nurse Nichole if she is on duty?

Cheered a little by this, I decided to get the laundry duties done straight away, well, after a visit to the Porcelain Throne, that went very well, Trotsky Terence was getting much easier to live with now.

0248hrs: The accoutrements and clothes gathered, I made my way down to the laundry room. I got the machine going after having to clean some pink gooey stuff off of the drum, left presumably from the last user.

Nipped out into the slightly foggy morning and took this photographicalisation of the block.

Going up in the other lift, one of the elevator’s lights were flashing, or rather, kept going dim occasionally?

Had a wee-wee, and went to make a brew and have a mug of Thompson’s super-tasty-strong tea and take the medications. Twas here that I realised that only Anne Gyna out of all the ailments, was giving me any grief. Oh, that’s not right, I forgot about Arthur Itis and Craig Cramps who are both currently having a go at the fingers. No complaining from me, though. The Rumbling Innards, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis, Hernia Harry, Reflux Roger, and Shaking Shaun are all acting most kindly to me. The boils had disappeared. Even Trotsky Terence has eased off massively now.

Did the health checks and got a shock from the scales at the weight I’d increased to too! If Nurse Nichole is on duty this morning, I’ll tell her and ask her advice. I am sure I’m not overeating, and am trying to get in as much exercise as I can? Sys 159, Dia 77, Pulse 88, Temp 34.8 and  Weight 14.96 – Oh dear.

0300hrs: Time to go down and move the gear from the washer to dryer.

I spotted a new notice on the wall board from Obergefrieteress Jenny.

I’m not sure about not many people turning up to the meetings, but the cabin was jam-packed on the one I went to. Mind you, most of us were guessing at what was being said, No Subtitles in real life, you see. Haha! And at least two of us old ones I noticed had nodded-off! Haha!

I know that Jenny thinks using all caps on the notices helps those with poor eyesight, but it does not read quickly or easily, to me, typed like this. Not moaning, just mentioning.

0329hrs: Moved the washing and went back up and got onto the computer. Finalised the Monday Diary and got it posted. Did a graphic for the page top.

0435hrs: Back down to the Laundry Room to collect and collate the clothes. Got them sorted.

I was puzzled and wondered what the reason was for the new looking spoon on the top of the dryer?

In one of the two lifts, the number twelve button does not light up, in fact, it broke the day I moved in.

Anyway, I went up in the one that does light up, and it started flashing on and off?

Just thought I’d mention it.

Got the gear stored away and had a wee-wee, starting sneezing now?

Began this diary.

The weather was getting a lot less misty now. A definite blue hue, too. Hehe!

Time getting on now, so I got to checking the Emails and WordPress reading, so I had time before having to get the ablutions and medicationalising, so as not be late getting to the surgery and possibly, Nurse Nichole.

Ablutions tended to, medicationalisationing done and out with the bag of nibbles, ready to go to the surgery. Well, I got as far as the foyer doors, and a lady spoke to me, and I did not hear what she said, so I went back up and collected the hearing aids. Tsk! Down again and passing the bus stop, there must have been 18 tenants waiting in the queue.

Down Winchester Street Hill and hobbled through the side streets onto Mansfield Road.

Diversions were in progress around this area.

Left and up the hill, then over the crest and down into Carrington.

The plates were soon stinging.

As I went down the incline, my mind had another wandering off on its own course period.

I walked straight passed the Sherrington Park Surgery, as far as the Tavistock Court Flats before realising.

Hobbled back to it, felt a right fool again!

Logged in with the receptionist and sat down doing the crosswords.

The joy of Joy… Nurse Nichole came to fetch me in! She took the blood, and I was in a dream at seeing her again. I gave her a box of Terry’s Orange Chocolate,  and a bag of nibbles for the others and departed.

Walked down into Carrington with the aim of visit the pharmacy to find out when the next prescriptions are due to be collected and then Lidl to get some bread. (This did not happen)

The chemist informed me the 8th September was the date for the prescriptions to be fetched. I wrote this on the cover of the crossword book so as not to forget.

Limped down to Lidl, and found the property a shell, with everything gone from inside and workmen clearing things out?

I took this photograph with the lens up against the window to show how the far end of the building had had the wall removed.

Nobody told me this was going to happen? Hehe! Nor a lady who arrived and we had a laugh about it. We both decided to go back to Sherwood to do our shopping. Huh!

Wonder if they were upgrading or had they left the site?

Spotted some more Nottingham Street Art on the corner outside the store.Got a bus back into Sherwood and called in the Polish Food Shop. Spent a lot of dosh there, got some belly pork with herbs and garlic,

Got a bus back into Sherwood and called in the Polish Food Shop. Spent a lot of dosh there, got some belly pork with herbs and garlic, Continental sliced bread and Krakowsa. Walked up the road window shopping and into the Co-op. Got some towels, vinegar and tomatoes.

To the bus stop and a nattering with some other residents waiting alongside me.

When we got back, they showed me a clean pair of heels as we all walked to the flat from the bus stop.

But they were still waiting for an elevator when I arrived, and we went up together. The lady Betty, I think, said the other block of flats has had their lifts out of action all weekend!

In and had a wee-wee. Put the food away. Sandwiches tonight I think, or even earlier, I was getting food pangs again.

The computer on to update this diary.

Medications and Health Checks were done.

Got the super-sandwiches sorted. Continental bread, sliced English tomatoes dabbled with balsamic vinegar, and belly pork with herbs and garlic.

Got the potato nuggets in the oven, and did a bit of work starting off the next TFZer Graphicalisationalistical Series, I am calling, at the moment, “TFZers in Nottingham” for the album. Only got a bit of prepping done of the first one, and it was time to retrieve the nuggets from the oven.

Incredibly tasty meal. Rated 9.2/10, the only problem is where the potato nugget I dropped went to? Huh!

Nodded off, when I woke and extracted my body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee, I discovered the escaped nugget must have fallen into the slipper I’d just put on. I had to smile to myself and query how the escapee had managed to travel so far as to enter the footwear? Hehe!

I think I can report that Trotsky Terence has all but given up annoying me – mind you if I remember rightly, this has happened in the past, and he has returned with 24hrs with even more venom? So I’d better not mention this. Too late now innit?

Evening medications were taken and I got settled to watch some TV, Amazingly staying awake for a whole one-hour programme of the Dog Rescuers! Then the brain started off with it’s everything needs pondering, fretting and evaluation mode. Tsk!

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 22nd August 2017

  1. I hope they learn to use proper case for the newsletter. All that yelling about doing a newsletter instead of meet and greets with the building gave me a headache. I like the photos. You are getting very good at photo essays. Those potato nuggets look like what we call Tater Tots. I love Tater Tots.

    • It makes me wince when I see these boldly typed notices, too. Grumph!
      I just looked up potato tots, Tim. Very similar in ingredients to those here. Cooked to be crisp on the outside, they are gorgeous, aren’t they?
      The other day, I got like twinkle stars on many of the photographs I took. Monday it was. If you have the time to take a look again at them for me, I’d appreciate it, if you could tell me if I’d done something wrong on them? This did not happen on the following ones? Cheers Sir.

      • I went back through several posts and didn’t see twinkle stars. They may be getting lost between the size of the photos in the posts and screen resolution. If you want to send me an example photo with twinkle stars, I might be able to tell what’s going on. It could be pixie’s playing games with you. Pixies can make havoc with electronics.

    • Eating them white bread sandwiches, combined wiv the increasing weight, had some bearing on it gal. And the extra weight on the plates too? Hehe! XXX

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