Inchcock Today: Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th September 2017: I hate weekends, especially those like this one!

Saturday 9th September 2017

0330hrs: Woke up with a start – Fumbled about struggling to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room for a wee-wee. The stomach bloated and rumbling again, but no call to the Porcelain Throne yet. Had a rather painful wee-wee, no idea why, but it flowed stingingly and reluctantly? As I awaited the flow, my mind went a little short independently psittaceous journey, with its rambling thoughts about myself and life, about this, that and many ponderings of unknown origin. So much so, I welcomed the pain when it came, for it returned my brain to its usual confused, befuddled state, and stopped the sudden rambling off into trying to be clever and understand things.

Did the Health Checks: Sys 160, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 33.3 and Weight (Not good at all this) 14.98, Oh dear!

Ah, time for the Trotsky Terence inspired visitation to the Throne. Messy still, perhaps a bit worse than last night. Took another Morrison’s Acute Diarrhorea Capsule. I added one to the evening medication pot as well. The stomach was still distended and rumbling a bit.

The rain started again, and the high winds continued, as soon as I had taken this photographicalisation on the left here. This was an attempt at getting a panoramic shot with the Lumix camera. For some reason, I keep failing to record all that I scanned over every time I try to do this. Shaking Shaun was making it hard not to tremble when taking photographs. So I decided to get the old Sony camera on charge and try later with that one, which had an easier grip on it.

I got the leads in and thought I recalled there being a light come on when this is in charge mode. But there was no light showing anywhere?

Eventually, my brain realised that the Nikon charging leads were attached to the power, and not the Sony one. I did feel a fool! And hoped I had not damaged anything by making this Whoopsiedangleplop. Crossed fingered I found the right charger and connected it, and the red light appeared. Phew! Left it charging up.

Made a start on updating yesterdays diary. With having taken so many pictures, this took me many hours to get sorted and done. Until 1000hrs!

Back to the Throne for another messy session.

Made another mug of tea and took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Then, I got the vegetables cooking to have with the beef pie later. Added balsamic vinegar and Polish seasoning.

Please note, there is no blood on the chopping board today. Hehe!

As I took a photograph of the vegetables, I spotted one of the quartered mushrooms and thought how much it looked like a face. But by the time I got the photo on here, I couldn’t see what I did before? Odd that!

Back on the computer and started the Emails and WordPress reading. This took me until 1230hrs.

Began this diary page, and once more, had to visit the Porcelain Throne. The WC needed a lot of cleaning again, after the session. Humph!

Turned to Facebooking.

1445hrs: Got the pie, chestnuts and tomatoes in the oven.

Health Checks etc. Porcelain Throne visit – feeling a bit weak now. Hehe!

Meal sorted and served up.

Beef pie, boiled spud, carrots, parsnips, red onions, orange peppers and mushrooms cooked with some balsamic vinegar, beef gravy, tomatoes and sliced apple.

I had a pot of lemon mousse to follow.

Struggling a bit with Craig Cramps and Shaking Steven paying me a visit. Had to be careful doing the pots.

Got the TV on and finished off the Lemon Curd ice-cream. The only thing that was not perfect in eating this was the cramps made eating it a little embarrassing.

Nodded off, I’m sure I had many dreams, but cannot recall any details, just a feeling one of them was a battlefield in deep freezing snow.

Had to get up for a Trotsy Terence inspired a visit to the Porcelain Throne. (Getting fed-up of these sessions now, Hehe!).

The camera had charged up, and as I made a mug of tea to take a Diarrhorea Donald calming capsule, the skyline was very colourful and beautiful, and I took a shot of it.

It came out nothing like the view my eyes saw. A bit disappointed with it actually. Mind you, I did struggle to keep the hands and fingers steady.

Back in the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to get to sleep – if I’d wanted to watch TV or a DVD, I’d have fallen asleep, but because I wanted and needed sleep, of course, I had to turn on the TV in the hopes of achieving my mission to at least snooze. Humph!

Sunday 10th September 2017

0340hrs: I woke and found myself in the right grumpy and pessimistic mood, without any reason particularly. Fair enough: I hate weekends when I cannot get out on the bus. I despise not being able to do the cleaning, the stomach well swollen and painful. Trotsky Terence is still with me, Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald all giving me bother at the same time... but this is not unusual, or out of the ordinary, exceptional, remarkable, extraordinary, unexpected nor, surprising. So, why have I woken with instant gloom? And with an unpleasant olfactory sense in my nose. I seemed to have B.O., smells from Trotsky Terence and the feet all around me? Very confusing.

Afer laying there for a few minutes trying to work out what has caused this recession in confidence and contentment, I had to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner to have a wee-wee. Even that was painful, maybe a touch of a urinary tract infection. Maybe this is connected to the swollen stomach I have had for a few days?

Somehow this did not bother or worry me, just annoyed me?

Got the kettle on and made a cuppa, took the Health Checks and medications, remembering to take a Diarrhorea Capsule.

Reflux Roger joined in with the other ailments. Tsk! Sys152, Dia 69, Pulse 76, Temp 35.9 and weight the highest ever in my life at 15.00. This did not help my melancholia.

I took the now almost daily photograph out of the kitchen window of the scene below, with the old camera. I struggled to keep the camera steady again, and the colours were nothing like those I saw with my eyes.

Back into the recliner room and signs of nocturnal nibbling were discovered.

I glanced around at the mess the room was in.

All the paperwork is waiting to be sorted, the windows needed cleaning, wood polishing, DVDs left scattered around, floor Hoov… I had to stop myself thinking about things I cannot do at the moment, and got the computer on to update this diary and get the photographicalisations downloaded and resized.

I could sense the building up and brewings, of Trotsky Terence’s doings, but still no movement?

I was genuinely a bit worried about how things were this morning, and my emotions and lack of confidence in my abilities to cope came to the fore. Surprisingly while stewing over this dilemma, all my failures, mistakes and wrong decisions flooding into the already I believe delicate, brain. I do not know why I am recording this, sorry. I will try not to mention the negatives in future unless there are any humorous sides to go with them.

Checked the Emails.

WordPress reading was done.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. The messy and long session left me with a feeling of lassitude.

Back onto the computer and had a Facebooking sitting.

Onto CorelDraw to try and make progress with the latest TFZ series graphics. Finally got them all finished and posted off to the TFZer site and onto Facebook. Here are some of them.

Pleased with myself for finally getting them finished, I celebrated by doing the ablutions and having a walk out through the Tree Copse and park.

Inside the Copse, it was getting a little threadbare foilage-wise compared to last weeks visit, but it was still beautiful in there to me.

As I got to the top and looked back at the flats, I was amazed to see the living room window two floors above mine, was wide open?

I zoomed in and took this picture.

Why anyone would leave their window open in the gale that was blowing, I don’t know?

I hobble through the trees and to the top and right by the varmints playground, through the trees and down to the back of the flats.

Back in, and feeling rather much better than I did earlier, I set about getting the fodder prepared. Beef slice, tinned garden peas, beetroot, chestnuts and some ‘Special’ Inchcock Potatoes.

These were boiled slowly until over cooked a tad, then mashed up, skin and all with some strong cheddar cheese and a drop of vinegar, then into the oven to brown and crisp them off, with halved tomatoes on the top. Too much perhaps, but very nice indeed, rating this effort as a 9.2/10.

Did the washing up and settled down to watch some ‘Hustle’ DVD.

Soon nodded off.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th September 2017: I hate weekends, especially those like this one!

  1. Your temperature is quite low — 91.94º F by my calculations (normal is 98.6º F — 37º C). I think the aliens are turning you into a zombie. Might account for the episodes of apocalyptic anxiety. Careful not to bang yourself in the head too hard now.

    Sunday’s food looks quite good, and apparently it was by your scoring or it. The toilet seat around your neck graphic is superbly done, and Sunday’s graphics are great! They are really fun and have a modern Monty Python feel about them. Are those Pringles in your chair of nighttime nibbling? I use to love Pringles, but haven’t had any in years. With the all the designer chips around these days, I just haven’t even thought about Pringles.

    Speaking of designer foods, I saw a statistic that just 20 years ago the average grocery store in the USA stocked 4000 items. In 2016, the average was 40,000 items, a ten fold increase. They didn’t really have more of the general categories like catsup, mustard, potato chips, Spam, etc. it’s that the varieties of mustards, catsups, potato chips and Spam increased 100 fold, including labels from a variety of countries around the world. I think I mentioned once that I was surprised to find a whole isle in the grocery store that was dedicated to Spam with what looked like 100 varieties of Spam on the shelves. Spam spam spam spam! The guys from Monty Python would go nuts over all that Spam.

    • I thought, looking at the Excel listings that the temperature had gone down a bit this month. When I showed it to Obergefreiteress Nurse Ann, she read it in ten seconds (If that), and said it was alright?

      Zombieised? I can blame them for the depression then?

      How, I want to know, did you know, I banged my head half-an-hour ago? Amazing! Haha!

      Sunday’s nosh was great Sir. Got it right for once.

      ‘Monty Python feel about them’. I am honoured, thank you.

      Pringles they are, Tim. I like them but will not buy them unless they are on offer price. I think £2 (USD $2.64) is a little too much for what they are. My favourite ones are Marmite flavour, the same with them though unless they are on offer.

      I think that Spam deserves to be linked to Monty Python. I can’t see how it is so popular? But, this product always makes me appreciative of all the help and fodder the US supplied to us during the wars. I think I saw a Facebook page for it once, I’ll have a look later.


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