Inchcock Today – Monday 6th November 2017

Monday 6th November 2017

Macedonian: Понеделник 6 ноември 2017 година

0230hrs: Woke feeling a tad unwell, but this cleared up after I noticed in the bin, the multitudinous signs of my patent nocturnal nibblings.

Empty lemon mousse pot, Marmite crisp packet, two mini-cheese nibble bags and mystery crumbs on the Ottoman!

Also, the pot of chocolate nuts looked like I might have been delving into it with a vengeance. Huh! Then I recalled last nights meal disaster and eating only a few forkfuls of the concoction.

While pondering over this, and trying to avoid feelings of guilt and blame descending on me, I had to absquatulate the £300 second-hand recliner with some haste to get to the Porcelain Throne. A terribly messy affair. Cleaned things and me up and off to the kitchen. Did the Health Checks and took an extra ADRC capsule with the morning medications.

Anne Gyna was still bothering me a little, but Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both found to be in a good mood.

Did last weeks totals on the HC’s.

0300hrs: Sorted the Firework photos out and got a blog page done and posted with them.

Started this page going up to here, then did some WordPress Reading. Facebooking, then Email checks.

As the day grew lighter, another unique looking skyline. Almost a beige/brown line-strip on the horizon, that soon changed a deeper blue?

Tended to the ablutions and got (Well I thought I had at the time) everything sorted for the trip.

Out to the lift and pressed the call button – realised I had not got the hearing aids in, so nipped back and got them in. Back down the elevators and out into the cold but sunny weather. The workmen were putting up supports ready to do the outside of the balconies on my side of the building. At least I knew where the banging and clunking was coming from. They were on the second storey.

Along Chestnut Way and the chaps were having difficulties getting a delivery lorry trying to back into the compound where the new apartments were being built.

On towards the end of the road and the bus stop, and I realised I had not put the Surgery Card in my pocket, so, back once more to the flat to fetch it.

Down yet again, and some folks were at the bus-stop chinwagging as I passed them by on my walk to my destinations. The leaves were still frozen to the ground and some on the grass was too. Brr!

Down Winchester Street Hill, left up and over the incline and down into Carrington and to the Doctors Surgery.

I spoke with the receptionist. Going into depth about the problems caused for me with them not letting me know my INR level is reading in time, and sometimes not at all, so I have no chance of getting to the dentist in time if the result is in range, to beg them to fit me in. Also, their not giving me an appointment for the next DVT Blood Test and me forgetting to book one means I have to travel to either the City Hospital or QMC to have my next DVT Blood Test done.  She was very helpful verbally about it and said she would ask if anything could be done about it for me. I then asked for some extra pain-killers to be ordered, as I am using more currently with my toothache and Hippy Hilda Hassle. She said she would put in a request for me. I asked for an appointment for the next blood test next Monday, and she gave me Monday 13th Nov 0939hrs. I thanked her.

Nurse Nichole came into the office area, and very worryingly, my smile and wave went unanswered. This put me in a depression straight away. I’m hoping she had not seen me.

I departed and wandered down the road to the chemists.

Near one of the house gates, some Nottingham Street Art was photographed. A garden BBQ I think it was.

Over the pelican lights and down to the pharmacy. Collected the bag of prescriptions.

Then along to the Lidl store, seeking some of the Italian Chestnuts. I bought the last three packs they had on the shelves and a bar of chocolate with hazelnuts. Paid up and made my way to Hucknall Road to go to the GUM clinic.

Caught the 17 bus, and en route I got out the appointment card and Whoopsiedangleplop, it was for next Monday the 13th, not today! Still, it was for 1440hrs, so I’ll have tons of time to get there after the blood test. Lucky that!

I decided to stay on the bus and go to Bulwell. Where I could feed the mallards, try B&M for the curried beans and Fulton Foods for any bargains on offer.

Dropped off the bus and made my way into Bulwell Market.

Called at the cheapo shop, but nothing of interest on offer. Hobbled to the Fulton shop and had a peruse around. Ended up getting two Cooked Polish Chicken legs, the ones that cost about £2.50 to £3 at Tesco. They were short dated, but only cost 69p each! Well pleased with the bargain. Also a packet of cooked beef slices. I left and walked across the square to get to the B&M unit, I realised I may have made a bit of a Whoopsiedangleplop had been made again. Could I eat this delicious chicken with the poorly teeth? Twit!

B&M had nothing of interest either. Walked across to the River Leen bridge and fed the Mallards and pigeons. Something below the bridge disturbed and fritted the pigeons, and I caught them taking off. They were soon back to finish off their nuts and mealworms.

The bags were seeming to get more massive now.

The weight of a dollop of medications didn’t help. Hehe!

It was not getting any warmer either, despite the Sun shining to try an fool us.

Got to the Tram Station and validated my Pensioners Free Bus Pass on the machine.

A crowd grew, and I knew I was in for a battle and physical danger when the transport arrived. It is always the same from Bulwell. The doors open and a free-for-all takes place. I know to just wait until the others have fought their way on before getting on. Wise.

The train arrived in about twelve minutes, and I got on, and there were plenty of free seats for a change.

Over the next few stops, the tram filled and many people were standing. When we arrived at Radford Road, two ticket inspectors got on, and about ten to twelve passengers got up late when they saw them and got off themselves? Highly suspicious! Most certainly some None-payers in the exodus for sure I thought.

I alighted at the Theatre Royal, and with fortunate timing too.

When I got to the bus stop on Queen Street, the L9 was due in three minutes according to the electronic sign.

Had a bash at the crossword book en route back to Woodthorpe Court. With struggling a little with the bags, I was last off of the vehicle, and many of the wonderfully social tenants wanting to get on spoke to me. Things like: “Christ I thought it’d be you making us wait!”, “Come on Gerry, Gerry move on!”,  “Tsk! You old fool!”, “Where the ‘ell ‘ave yo bin then?” and my favourite of those I  heard;  “Who let you out again?” Hehehe, True! A witty gang, bless em.

Hobbling down to the building, I saw that the workmen were now up to the floor below mine with the support fitting metal frames erections. When I got up, and in the flat, the noise was horrendous, and I had a headache within minutes. But no point in complaining, it’s got to be done.

Put the computer on to record the appointment for the INR Blood Test for Monday 13th, and guess what? I have a Dentists appointment at the same time. Krapgunglespit, another Whoopsiedangleplop! Never mind, tomorrow I’ll call on the dentist and explain the situation and cancel it until later.

While I had the machine on, I did a Morrison Order.

Got the nosh ready.

The chicken was delicious, and I managed to get around the teeth problems by breaking bits off of the leg and cutting them up. But still caught the incisors a few times making me jump. Haha!

Well shattered and worn out now, I put the washing in the bowl, sat down, put a DVD on and promptly fell asleep.

Sister Jane stirred me back to life with a phone call. She said that the Police from Pegasus had called her, they had been trying to get in touch with me to confirm whether I needed to stay on or go off the register with them. I had forgotten to tell them about my change of address. She kindly said she would thank them for me and cancel my listing tomorrow. I felt so guilty as she was informing me and rightly telling me off and saying: “People like you must annoy them, so, not answering their letters.” As she spoke, I did recall getting a letter forwarded from the old place but have no idea what I did with it now. Perhaps it was during one of my blank spots or dizzy spells I don’t know. But I felt all the self-loathing and hatred coming on again. Janet told me to wait to visit her until she had her operation and had got back home, then she might want a visit later, to cheer her up. Most sensible thought that. I hope things go well for her and she can wear what footwear she fancies afterwards. I might go with her or meet her in town so she can pick out a pair of shoes she fancys for Christmas and her Birthday?

Depressed, I tried to get back to sleep, and eventually I managed it.

Then the new Fire Alarm Shaker went off under the back cushion! The Strobe did not activate, though. As we all (Most of us anyway) know, I get confused much more lately, and this did me no good at all. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and put my hearing aids in, looked out of the window, no signs of any brigade in attendance.

Felt the door handle on the main door with the back of my hand, no heat, so I opened it, no sounds of any alarm activation sounding?

After this, I could no longer sleep at all. So I stayed up and updated this diary. The compunction and penitential thoughts combined with fretting about the alarm made sure there would be no more sleep tonight.

I must remember to let Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana know about this. If it is to give false alarms like this often, I’d sooner not have it installed.

0100hrs: A rotten ending to a bad day, and lousy start to another.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 6th November 2017

  1. I’m guessing the nurse Nicole’s seeming chill was do to her being preoccupied and she didn’t see you. I would imagine anyone not preoccupied at the surgery would be in cold storage, but those with bodies above room temperature, would easily come off as cold do to their preoccupations? Even lovely Nicole.

    You have a bit of notoriety with the bus riders do you? I can really relate to “Who let you out again?” A lot of people seem to think that about me when they ask my opinion and a give it to them. There are normal people who try to be weird, and then there are weird people who try to be normal (many years of my life spent trying to be normal), then there are those of us who finely decide it’s okay to be weird and other people can just deal with it.

    Speaking of registering for things, the village sent out a newsletter of sorts with the trash bill. Among some of the info on it was “Have you registered your private drive with the NMDOT?” I’m like what? Why does the dept. of transportation want me to register my private road? It’s not for public use, I maintain it, and, while it is how we access our property, the acreage is part of the total acreage on the plat and survey, so technically it’s not a road or drive, it’s part of our property I drive on. There was also a notice about registering animals — like hahahahah! Then the village said it launched a social media website where they will post the same kind of crap that’s in the news letter, but “we the people” can’t respond or comment. Sounds like a socialist media site.

    Too bad the fish went in the bin. At least the chicken was edible despite the bumps and jumps with the grind.

    • What a good statement of fact about Nurse Nichole mate. Well said and worded.

      Well, if they ask, they should be prepareed for an answer?

      I must say, I don’t think I try to normal, even if many folk think I am not. Hehe!

      You make common sense about the roadway, Sir. Why you should register is a mystry to me, too. Unless there is something to your benefit to do it?

      Registering animals?

      I thought the imitation socialism of Russia was supposed to be dying off?

      Why oh why, do they do this sort of thing. They ain’t gonna make friends with anyone this way, surely?

      Sad about the fish. My own fault though.

      Builders getting closer now, and I’m getting used to the noise, but glad the hearing aids can be removed to help a bit. Haha!

      TTFN Sir.

  2. I’m unclear why you don’t get results on your INR much more quickly. When I was taking care of a friend of mine & I took him for his INR, we would get results in minutes & then go home (that isn’t to say that we were seen that quickly, but the results were almost instant after the little stick). <3

    • The system is different here, Corin, I’m afraid. The only poeple allowed to take blood via a finger prick is the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic). I don’t know why this is, but Nurse Nichol did tell me this. She, and the Haemotology at the City or QMC Hospitals have to take a tube of blood out of the inner elbow vein, then the surgery, who are doing tests all day until 1530hrs, then has them collected and taken to the DVTC. They take overnight to do the test on the blood, then have to inform the surgery of the result, then they should (Although they have not been doing this) inform me of the INR level and the weeks doses to take.
      I explained all my problems tp the receptionist at the dentist, but still nothing has changed.
      Fingers crossed gal, maybe next week? Hehe!
      I see that some Carry-On films are available on Youtube. But that might cost you having to wtch on that. How does your charges for the internet work out, we are limited to what we pay for.
      Some of them will let you have unlimited access, but it ain’t cheap.
      Have a thank-You hug, please. XXX ♥

      • Net is expensive out there, our access at home is unlimited, it’s our phone service that has specific amounts of high speed (still lets you access, but is super slow after that). I have never heard of a limitation, except bandwidth which has more to do with how much we are trying to do at once than an allotment over time. If it’s not youtube red then I shouldn’t have to pay anything extra for it. About the phone thing, my provider has recently offered me unlimited internet along with my unlimited talk & text for only $5 more to upgrade my plan, will probably have to pay them a visit for that, it irritates me when my phone starts alerting me to data usages. Not sure why only the DVT place can do a finger stick, but it now makes sense why things are slipping through the cracks when no one else is doing the test at all, everyone is outsourcing to the same place. Well, I do hope it gets sorted, this is a helluva wait for your broken tooth.

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