Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th March 2018


Sunday 11th March 2018

Javanese: Minggu 11 Maret 2018

0115hrs: Stirred into an ersatz form of life. The brain once again off of its wanderings, but trying to regain some equilibrium, at least I think it was. The conversion to a state of semi-normality came suddenly, and for some unknown reason, I felt the urge, no, the need, to make a mug of tea and do the Health Checks. As if death or worse would arrive if I failed to do so. A bizarre sensation!

The overall mood was one of loneliness, isolation and self-loathing and pity. I knew nothing had changed to cause these pathetic characteristics. This made me feel worse in a way.

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was almost a piece of cake. No Arthur Itis, Crampy Craigs, Anne Gyna, Dizzy Dennis or Stubbing of toes. The back-end pustules were stinging and the Fungal Lesion I could sense without checking, needed attention to softening things, clean-up and medications.

To add fuel to the flames of my dysthymia, I noticed that Noisy Herbert in the flat above had got his front room light on. I took a photograph through the window and was pleased with how it came out. It represented how I felt at that moment I think. Darkness with a bit of light and reflections, yet confused and hard to make things out?

By the time I’d got to the kitchen, vacillations over conscience, qualms, falterings, fortitude, morality, misgivings and self-mistrust and a total lack of confidence in everything reigned. It felt terrible, and guilt joined in too. Unexpected and unwanted lugubriousness I suppose.

Off for a wee-wee. Things down below would definitely need attention later.

Back to do the Health Checks in the kitchen.

Even the picturesque early morning scenery did not cheer me up any.

Got the kettle on and stood to look around at things that needed doing to clean up in the room. No intention of doing anything though, just a feeling of guilt.

Got the Health Checks sorted and took the medications. Sys sneaking up again.

I think from Herbert above. His front room light went out, so I assumed he was off to bed. I hate weekends, especially Sundays here in the flats. No buses, don’t see anyone, noise from Herbert above.

I got the computer on, to get this post going.

Back to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. Messy! Took an extra Dia-Limit capsule.

Went to the Saturday post to get it finished and posted off.

Did some comment-replying. Then I perused the WordPress Reader.

I had to pop into the wet room to check on the sudden sodding wet warm feeling in the Protection Pants. What I found and had to tend to, was too infandous and sensitive to describe here. Suffice to say, I had a lot of medicating and cleaning up to do.

Off to the kitchen to make a brew, and take an extra pain-killer. The stomach had started rumbling assiduously, so I took a few more swigs of the syrupy, viscous antacid-medicine as well.

The view from the window was looking a lot foggier than it was earlier.

It put me in mind of the old films and long gone better times. It was a little colder when I hung out of the window that is was on the last photographicalisation I did.

Faced down to see and photograph the cars parked up outside on Chestnut Way, and felt a few drops of rain in the mist.

Made the tea, and pondered on what I might have for the meal later on. I’d had two meals of the wonderfully tasty Cumberland Pie based efforts. I still had one to eat yet.

But thought I’d give the Lamb Moussaka a try.

I read the instructions on the back of the box.

Never having tried this meal before, I perused the ingredients printed on it.

Blimey, what isn’t in it? Many of these ingredients I’d never heard of before. I spotted it had grilled aubergines in it, and they are on the list of banned foods from the hospital. Oh dear!

After studying the list again, I think that the 7.1% aubergines are part of the… no, I got mixed up, I’ve no idea if I should eat this or not. If there is only a tiny bit in it, maybe I’ll be alright to scoff it? I used to like them before the heart-op. Confusion reigned! With the INR level so high at the moment, I decided not to risk it today. I’ll have some pork pie and chips with tomatoes methinks.

The weather had changed again, and the mist lingered.

I tentatively went on Facebooking, with fingers crossed to see if it would work this time.

Started on TFZers first.

In case the computer slowed down like it did yesterday.

Fantastic, all worked okay. Had a good hour or so this time.

I sampled a tin of the Pork Knuckle, it was delicious. So I went to the Morrison order for next week and added some more cans to it. I can use the one I opened now with the meal later.

Then I got next weeks medication pots, all filled to use later.

Had a wee-wee.

I took a look outside at the beloved Copse. I could see some darkened tree trunks that I thought had fallen for some reason.

The fog and misty had eased off, but, as I found out when I opened the kitchen window to take this picture; Very light thin rain was falling.

This decided me not to go out for a walk yet. Indeed, to maybe hibernate instead of hobbling at all.

I started on doing some graphics prep for later work on CorelDraw.

But the concentration was gone. So I got the Health Checks then ablutions done instead. It took a long, painful time getting Harold’s haemorrhoids and the Fungal Lesion sorted. Teggies, teeth, Porcelain Throne session, shaved and under the shower.

I put the oven on to heat-up while I was out.

Collated the black bags and recycling bags and got them taken to the chute. Placed the two rinsed-out empty antacid bottles and put them in the bag, to bring them to the recycling bin on the way out for my visit to the Tree Copse.

Wrapped me up well, and down and out to the green bin to deposit the bottle.

Most annoyed to see that someone had dumped what looked like electric cable coverings in the Glass Recycling bin!

This defeats the whole practice of recycling because the binmen are not going to accept it with ‘Foreign’ stuff in it. They will not have the time to sort and remove it, and it will end up on a rubbish dump landfill site! I’ll have a go at trying to remove it in the morning when I go out.

I walked over Chestnut Walk and up the gravel footpath up the hill and crossed over to the bottom field towards my beloved Tree Copse.

The grass was still wet, and the danger of slipping-over made me very cautious as I picked my footings with care.

My heart warmed as I approached the thicket.

I found myself stopping and talking to the trees, I think I was about to apologise to them for not visiting lately; when I pulled myself up and looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Hehehe!

I swear I could smell some sort of Bdellium emitting from the mini-wood, along with the dog-poo.

I reached the pathway of sorts at the back, and, I slipped on the wet mud and almost went over.

Hippy Hilda was displeased with this, as was Hernia Harry. I decided sadly, to abandon my hobble there and then, for the path further up looked in an even more risky, mired condition. I felt a little disappointed in this decision, but with Hilda and Harry playing up, I thought I had no other option but to return to the flats.

I turned and picked my way back down, trying to avoid the dodgier parts of mud.

Took this shot of all three blocks of flats, the now chiropterophilous-free Woodthorpe Court on the left, the new lower level one being built in the centre, and Winchester Court on the right of this to me, surprisingly decent photo from the bottom field. This shot had a tableau vivant about it to me, but I couldn’t identify it if you know what I mean.

As I crossed back to the gravel footpath, a lady appeared walking her tiny Yorkshire Terrier dog. I was half-way across the field, and the little mite caught my eye, and he ran over to me and got some fuss, I can tell you! The most beautiful big brown eyes almost spoke to me. The lady said: “He never goes to anyone, well he never did until now, I’m amazed!” I felt honoured. This cheered me up tremendously.

The drizzling started once again, just as I was taking this snap of the front of the apartments.

I avoided the wet-weather with perfect timing.

Hippy Hilda had calmed down.

As I got in the foyer, there was good and bad news waiting. I noticed someone had left some books to give away. I selected the Ronnie Barker book and put it in my bag, this will go in the Porcelain Throne room soon.

The bad news, Duodenal Donald started giving me some bother. More than he has for a long time. When I arrived on the twelfth floor and got out of the lift, things were very uncomfortable. First actions on entering the apartment, I got the bottle of antacid and had a few good swigs and took an extra painkiller. Had a wee-wee, then sorted the fodder. Got some chips in the preheated oven.

The ulcer had calmed down very quickly. A good thing, but this did confuse me a bit, as this had never happened before.

Another great-tasting nosh tonight. The canned pork knuckle needed a bit of fat removing here and there, but the flavour was delightful!

After consuming all of the food on the plate, I placed it on the side chair and nipped off for a wee-wee. I stubbed my right hallux with a degree of venom on the small Ottoman en route. I think I said something like “Flipping heck”, or “Fancy that!” Lie-mode adopted here!

I got back and put the foot up on the Ottoman and watched some ‘Jonathan Creek’ episodes on the DVD. Well, bits of them. After waking up and rewinding several times, I gave up and turned off the TV and DVD.

I was off into the land of Nod within seconds I think.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th March 2018

  1. I did the same guilt over my desk being thrashed, for months even, finally did something about it though, felt a lot better afterward. I think the INR being high would be one of the better times to have a tiny amount of a banned food, the only banned foods I’m aware of for anticoagulant therapy decrease your INR. <3

    • Thanks Corin about the nosh. I will risk th moussaka later in the week. (Yum yum! Hehe)
      I heard yesterday that two tenants have had three fires between them this year. I had no idea. Turns out they are both alcoholics, and are to be moved to low-rise supported housing asap, but it will be a while. Sheila (I think that is her name) tells me.
      As soon as all the work is finished here, I will get it all sorted, even if I have to pay someone to do it.
      Thanks flower, hope you keep well and don’t overdo things. X ♥

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