Sometimes, I fear the approach of satanophany,
Which sounds demonic, weird and uncanny,
Sometimes, I’ll go out on a shopping spree,
This doesn’t last long, I run out of money,
Sometimes, I search for love, but I find a banshee,
I don’t understand what she sees in me?
Sometimes, I lose my hearing aids, pen or door key,
Credit card, bus-pass, I was once stung by a bumble-bee,
Sometimes, I enjoy a mug of English Breakfast tea,
Only a small one mind, or else I’ll forever wee-wee,
Sometimes, I sing, it sounds a right cacophony,
Neighbours tell me to stop my out-of-tune baloney,
Sometimes, I feel the onset of old age idiocy,
Being lonely, I tried to join a synomocy,
Sometimes, I believe in Democracy,
With its inherent bureaucracy,
Sometimes, I can’t cope with life’s importunity
I’m ready to snuff it, given the opportunity,
Sometimes, I’m fed-up with the governing kakistocracy,
Not educated, don’t what a Glurk is, or an apostrophe,
Sometimes, I want to live my life hassle free,
Or sod-off out of it, like Crocodile Dundee

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