Inchcock Today – Sunday 8th April 2018

Sunday 8th April 2018

French: Dimanche 8 Avril 2018

7Sun4b0229hrs: Came to imitation life with a jump, sure that something had woken me up, but all was silent. (I thought of Soylent Green then, don’t know why. A remake of this film is undoubtedly due soon?)

The mind was back to its TSM (Total Confusion Mode). Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen; at the cost of some considerable pain from Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis. I noticed that BBNJ (Big Bad Noisy John), was still up, his lights were on above. I wondered if he was making his steam engines and had made a noise that woke me up? Not that it mattered this morning, in fact, I appreciate who or whatever it was that disturbed my sleep, due to when I put the kettle on, I remembered the laundry room duties needed attending to.

7Sun33I hurriedly assembled the requirements and down in the shaking and shuddering elevator, to the laundry room.

The electronic information board informed that it was 0300hrs, Sunday 8th April 2018, the temperature was 5°c – 41°c, and drizzling outside. It felt a lot warmer than that, though, when I popped out of the foyer doors to take a snap of the tangled labyrinth of metal and 7Sun07plastic obstacle course.

I had a perusal of the notice boards but could find no new signs or posters.

As I began to hobble in the direction or the laundry room, it became apparent that the plasterer had been working on Saturday. He’d left his usual trade-mark splashed of plaster on the carpet in the hallway. Bless him!

7Sun06cAt this point, I thought I heard what sounded like a Honda C90 motorbike starting up? Almost a whirring noise that I remember from when I had one, around 1962. But I cannot remember where I put the Anticoagulation Form yesterday in readiness for Wednesday’s blood test? I feel sure it was somewhere in the computer room, I’m positive about this… or am I? Humph!

7Sun05As I loaded the gear into the washer, I found myself scratching at the lower right arm, just like yesterday. But today, the left arm was clear. Only the right wrist/arm was affected this time. I did notice, that it was not changed below the wrist alarm strap as well. Not the foggiest what this indicates, though.

Got the washer going and returned up to the flat.

Made another brew for the one that had gone cold, and did the Health Checks.


7Sun33bThe sphygmomanometer took five tries before it worked? The pulse continues to get slower. All else looks fine to me.

0340hrs: Down to move the laundry into the dryer.

Then up to number 72 and on the computer, started this blog off.

7Sun33c0419hrs: Down to collect the washing. As the machine stopped turning, I thought I heard a metallic clanging noise coming from within. After emptying the drum, I had a broad search around, me thinking it might have been someone’s ring that could have been making the noise.

But I didn’t find anything.

7Sun34 - CopyI got the togs out and folded up. During which, I came across an odd sock!

It was a ladies one. You see, it seems that every tellurian in the whole-wide-world, suffers from the Lost Sock Syndrome. Tsk!

The toes and feet were hurting now, and I’ve only done a little bit of hobbling around this morning. Ah, yes, Sue the foot-lady is due on Wednesday!

Cleaned the filter, drums and casings. Then back up to the apartment. The dripped plaster on the doorway entrance outside the flat is still terribly marked on the carpeting. Despite both, Doris and I had a go at cleaning it. Thank you Willmott-Dixon.

My mind, after my typing Willmott-Brown, churned-over with sarcastic thoughts. Especially after I went to the Nottingham City Homes website and found this clap-trap about the new complex being done. The upgrading of the two 1964 built blocks, Winchester and Woodthorpe Court, and the new Extra-Care block being built between the current ones. I just could not help to do a graphic, and put it under (below) the bit I clipped from the NCH page, for a laugh! I posted it off to WordPress.

That BBNJ (Big Bad Noisy John) was rattling about again upstairs. But not as bad as usually is at the weekend, mind. Fingers crossed!

Winwood-Heights Upgrading Progress – The Truth!

Went to WordPress Reading.

7Sun34Made a fresh brew.

Whoosie3W01 Then did the Health Checks and made up next weeks dosage pots. Sillily, putting the pills in the wrong tubs so had to resort them all back into the right ones. Tsk!

And the tea tasted horrible. I didn’t know what I’d done wrong. I cleaned and dried the mug and made another one. Hoping the milk had not gone off. This one tasted the same. So, I threw it away. Grumblesticks!

Did the comment reading and replying next.

Back onto Coreldraw, I must get some more page headers sorted out.

Got only one more done and saved.

7Sun39Feeling a little tired and feeble, now.

Got the food sorted and served on the tray. I nibbled some of the medications, before taking this photo and then very-carefully taking it to the £300 second-hand recliner.

I didn’t drop anything or have owt escape this time. Hehe!

This meal gets a 9.1/10 rating from me. Got the washing up done, and the last Health Checks.

My whole body and being then started to do an odd thing repeatedly. (Unless I had fallen asleep and dreamed it) I was nodding-off, for a few minutes later, waking up with a start. The next nod-off would be half-an-hour or so, and I’d jump back into life with enthusiasm. This sequence repeated for hours and hours. I sense I managed to have some fearful dreams in there somewhere; until I decided I’d had enough around 0330hrs and I got up.

Pathetically, feeling dejected and forsaken?

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