Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th April 2018: Regretfully, a bad day.


Saturday 14th April 2018

Polish: Sobota 14 Kwietnia 2018

0149hrs: I gently gleaned and gelled with my surroundings. The brain engaged, albeit in a muddled apathetic fashion. There was no fretting and worrying this morning (Not yet anyway), but an indifferent and a rare apatheticness lingered.

It seemed my exit from the £300 second-hand recliner and trip to the kitchen was done in automaton mode. I found myself getting out the sphygmomanometer and doing the Health Checks, still in part-robot-style. No recollection of getting there to do this? The inconcinnity endured, and it took a while for my usual concerns, fears and worries to return to their usual place – at the forefront of the mind. I enjoyed these few minutes of freedom from hassling thoughts and matters – it may have confused me, (It scared me too) yet I was disappointed when this lack of haranguing ideas started to wear off. (I wonder if a psychologist could help me with this? Hehe!)

As I was doing the health checks and taking the medications, all the mind-troubling hassle and worries came back and off went the grey cells, on their mission of illogicality, stewing together of my fretting, concerns, fears and the nervous chagrining had reinstalled themselves in the Inchcock brain.

6Sat001Made a brew and finished the Health Checking procedure.

Took the medications and made my way to the computer. Sys was still low compared to the usual readings, and the oscillation was down even further. I’ll have to look it up, but I think it is within range?

Started off the finalisationing of the Friday diary on WordPress. Getting it sorted and posted around 0400hrs!

Not feeling too well now. Queezy and lack of concentration, stomach started rumbling. Splitting headache came on, even a bit of a dizzy spell. Bit concerned about this.

I went to the windows to take shots of the different views.



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Read and replied to the two comments on WP. Then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader section.

5Fri17 0800hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs has started banging about.

On to CorelDraw, creating some page top graphics for future use.

5Fri17 0930hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs is still, banging about. I might have just to move, at least then I’ll be free of the upgrading hassle. But then again, this will not guarantee me any peace on the weekends, for I know not what any new neighbours will be like, do I?

I like the people, apart from that noisy Herbert up above. I’ll take a walk to the Guinness Home tomorrow and have a chat with them I think. Oh, no, Sunday tomorrow. Very disappointed in response to my the last complaint made making no difference. In fact, he is worse today than he has ever been! Possibly my feeling unwell makes it seem worse.

I did some more Graphic work, but concentration was hard with Herbert’s noises.

I put the oven on to warm up ready to use later, to do the cheesy potato.

5Fri17 Christ! It sounds like he’s dragging something metallic and heavy around the room above now. Driving me potty. None stop noise at the moment! And, I can hear them without my hearing aids in!

I’m afraid I just shouted out at the top of my voice for him to go forth and multiply, using two words! I feel ashamed of myself now.

5Fri17 1230hrs: The noise continues, and I am getting depressed with it, now. I can’t concentrate at all, turned off the computer. I’ll continue to monitor the noises on my notepad to add here later.

6Sat08The day brightened up a bit.

I got the Health Checks done and the meal prepared. Pork Knuckle, cheesy mash, tomatoes, bread, seaweed and sliced apple.

Very nice, despite the damned noise continuing from up above.

I was concerned that I could have made an error, and the noise was from the giant crane outside that was removing the Orange Mobile Communications mast from the top of the roof. I might have enjoyed looking at the works if it were not for the noise coming from above and my feeling uptight, and now, Duodenal Donald is giving some stick. I did take some photographs though, I’ve put them all here for you peruse.




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6Sat09I managed to trap my hand in the narrow gap in the windows when I was getting the camera back inside.

The ulcer was getting worse, so I did the Health Checks, and a took a few swigs of the ineffective Antacid medicine. Took an extra Omeprazole capsule too.

5Fri17 I knew things were not so good when I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and there were no signs of sleep whatsoever. I was all twisted-up inside with the noise coming from above. Duodenal Donald was terrible, and Dizzy Dennis visited me a few times. This is not good. I’m dreading tomorrow and more noise from the Git upstairs. Feeling so drained and weak. I can’t handle another noisy day like today. I pray that it will not be as bad on Sunday.

5Fri17 The noises continued on and off until around 1700hrs or so. Although, they may not have, for I had the headphones on while waiting for sleep and listened to the TV, but had the volume loud which meant I could not understand most of what was being said, and this might have drowned out any noises? Of course, there was no chance of me hearing any alarms that might have gone off. I’m in a right mixed-up depressed state at the moment.

Not sure when I managed to get to sleep, but it was hours latr than normal.

Sorry the day was dismal. If odd-knob upstairs is not noisy tomorrow, I’ll cheer up again.


11 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th April 2018: Regretfully, a bad day.

  1. Gad! With your hearing loss and you still are bothered by the noise made by “Bang Around Charlie” in the apartment above you, he must be wearing lead boots and clomping about just to be a nuisance! I’m glad my duplex is arranged so that the units are symmetrical but reverse plan so that our sleeping areas are on opposite ends of the building from each other, and the noisy business (bathrooms and laundry) are back to back. Tell “Bang Around” that he needs to be more quiet else you won’t hear when he falls down with a heart attack and will fail to call the ambulance for him. LOL!

    • I think someone told me he builds steam engines or something like that for a hobby, Doug.
      It fits with the metallic sounds that were emanating from his flat this Saturday. Sounded like he was dragging and dropping them as well. Tsk!
      I like it that your place in well thought out in the planning stage. Of course, ours was built in 1962 or 4. Now its being destroyed in the upgrading process. Haha!
      I’ve put in an Official Complaint, well, Jenny has for me.
      Taketh care, and a scritch for the kitties sent.

      • Maybe he lifts weights for exercise, though that would only be for a short time of the day, wouldn’t it? It sounds like you endure the sound most of the day.

      • Every weekend, Doug, and occasionally during the week. But last Saturday was far the worst one for persistence.
        I got some more Pork Knuckles in the fridge now Doug. Oh, I do like em! Hehe!
        TTFN Sir.

      • Oh, yes, Doug.
        Since discovering it a few months ago, I found the taste so good to me.
        I expect to lose the desire for it eventually, else I’ll have to see some addict association. Hehehe!

      • LOL! I think we all go through stages where something tastes so good we binge on it. I just found a place that makes a reuben sandwich that I actually like. I’m not fond of salty food. The reuben sandwich includes corned beef and sauerkraut, but the thousand islands dressing cancels the saltiness out, at least at the restaurant where I’ve been on a reuben sandwich binge. They give you lots of dressing, unlike other places where the two salty elements predominate. So, eat your pork knuckles, proudly!

    • Thanks, Tracey. I hate conflict, but can’t cope with another day like Saturday. Up late tonight for me, sleep not coming due to my fretting methinks.
      Cheers Mon Ami. ♥

      • Thanks, bless you, Tracey.
        Damned Duodenal Donald is giving me grief this morning (Monday). Concentrating is tough to apply.
        Hope you, he and Bertie are doing alright. TTFN. X

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