Inchcock Today – Tuesday 8th May 2018


TFZers Lynda and Andy visit Nottingham to see Gerry. Looks like veg stew for them tonight?

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Bulgarian: Вторник, 8 май 2018 г.

0315hrs: Woke up, feeling somewhat confused, but not knowing why, and went for a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks tended to. WDP001A!


2Tue02abThe readings seemed back to regular at last.

I still can’t work out why yesterday’s first checks had such a low Sys and Dia? This fritted me at first.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On to the computer to update the Bank Holiday Monday Inchcock Today.

Then, remembered about the old colleague from work, who is coming to ask me for some help to do with the SIA. So I set the timer, to remind me to get the ablutions done early. Because I don’t know what time he is to arrive at. I asked him to come in the morning. A mystery to be resolved later, I hope.

Got the updating done, and moved on to start this post off. The stomach gurgled, and off I almost ran to the Porcelain Throne. A lot of blood from the rear this morning; may well be all that sitting down at the computer and not getting out and about. I hope the chap who needs my help comes early today. Otherwise, I might not get out again!

2Tue02fBack to the computer. The comments were done, then the WordPress Reader perused.

Tended to the stand-up ablutions, no shower; too early, cause it makes a heck of a noise.

Got weeks medication pots made up.

Then took the waste bags to the refuse chute.

To the kitchen are did my best to do another panoramic shot of the scene outside. Good quality I thought, but I still cannot get a broader shot. Tsk!



A beautiful view though, no doubt about that.

No feeling sorry for myself, jealous or depresses now – all had withered away into the ether.

Back in the main room and got the foyer-area channel on the TV. This is in case Jim forgets to give me a call to tell me he is on his way and arrives without knowing the entry system to 2Tue05get in, I might be lucky enough to spot him.

Did the ablutions.

0830hrs: I went back to creating and preparing graphics for the diary page headers, while I awaited his arrival.

WDP001A I saw a bloke trying to get in the flat on the monitor, and assumed it was Jim. I kerfuffled around and went to get down before he left. Both lifts were stuck on the 9th floor. I started to hobble down the stairs, got to the 8th floor and checked the elevators, they were working again, I pressed for one. Absolutely no chance of catching Jim, if it was him now.

WDP001A Got down to the lobby, and realised I’d not taken the door fob down with me in my panic, so could not go out to look for him. Well annoyed with myself now, I went back up to the apartment.

Minutes later the phone rang, it was Jim. But it was not him that called earlier, he asked if he could come now. No problem. So I kept an eye on the monitor for him and waited.

After a while, I went down (With the swipe fob in pocket, Tsk!) to wait in the lobby for him. May was sat there, and we were chinwagging when Jim arrived.

A quick showing him of the mess the builders had left me in, and onto the computer to try and sort the things out with the SIA membership for the lad.

WDP001A I’m afraid it was getting stumped at every stage of our efforts. Security Officers now have to renew membership online. So we went to the SIA site where we had to register with them. Jim not having a computer meant the lad was struggling. We went on Yahoo to register with the email, which the SIA required, but every time we sent for a confirmation number, none arrived! Three times we tried without any luck. Did a search for help, but got none.

Ultra frustrating. I could not even get the lad on email so he could pursue his application. After several hours of trying out best, we had to give up on it. I felt terrible not being able to help out. Then the poor bloke had to catch buses home. I felt useless.

It was near to my usual kipping downtime after Jim had gone home, disappointed and frustrated.

However, in my depth of depression at my failure to help Jim, I decided to go out to town and get some photographicalisations for the TFZer Gang, and fodder.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Then I grubbled around and got things sorted, and off out to catch the bus. Called in the Obergrupenfurheresses Cabin, and Cathy and her Mother were in the hut. 

2Tue06We had a laugh and nattering session: then I caught the L9 bus to town.

IT looked a proper summer day as I took this photo through the bus window on Upper Parliament Street, at the South entrance to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Then sunshine and warmth seemed to go down well with the Nottinghamian shoplifters. There 2Tue07were many smiles on display today.

I got off the bus at the Queen Street terminus and limped down to the Old Slab Square. With an odd nagging annoyance with me all the way, about not being able to have helped out Jim, earlier.

In front of the Council House was a slow leak from underground pipes to the fountains and 2Tue08paddling pool. (I assumed).

It had spread all the way across to South Parade.

As I took this photograph, memories were induced, of many years ago. Some horrific, others beautiful, others emotionally shattering.

Things I thought I’d never recall again floated 2Tue09into the old grey cell box.

On South Parade, near Peck Lane, there was a Wedding Car parked up. They do wedding celebration do’s in the Council House, for a charge of course. I looked this up later and found this: “Did you know you can book your wedding reception or other celebratory events at the prestigious Council House in the Old Market Square?- Exclusive use of the Council 2Tue10House for a Saturday evening is £1500 (which can include a 4 pm Marriage or Civil Partnership Ceremony in the Grand Ballroom or Dining Room)” Grand Ballroom? Dining Room? I didn’t know they were inside there?

This git on a delivery bike, (and many others) was belting about all over the place, weaving at speed between the unemployed benefit seekers of Nottingham. (Hehe, only joking folks).
The swine was so close to hitting me and others as he rode so dangerously, leaving a few in his wake questioning his parentage, and suggesting he goes forth and multiplies.

2Tue11I ambled along and around for a while, then made my way to the Poundland store on Lister Gate.

WDP001A Where a giant of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as well!

I visited the shop and spent a fair bit, leaving with a reasonably well-filled bag of goodies. Vienesse Whirls, Wagon Wheels, Orange Creams, Caremalised biscuits (packs of 2) and Cheese crackers for the raffle prizes and nibble box. Mini Pork Pies, and some foil cook-in-the-oven containers. Paid at the self-serve checkout (I’m getting better at using these!) and departed.

Went to the M & S food hall. Where more fodder was purchased: Breakfast Tea bags, chunky chips, triple-cooked chips and one small Melton pork pie. Paid, gain at the self-serve tills. Twice today now, I’ve used these, and without any having to ask for help. Swank Mode Adopted. Hehe! Struggling with the weight of the bag now.

2Tue12Off back to the Slab Square, and took this picture of the Council House. A few folks in the fountains enjoying themselves.

A good count of Nottinghamians doing what they are best at; flopped down lazing while using their mobile phones and iPods. With their Niacin, trigonelline, putrescine, Acetylmethylcarbinol, dimethyl disulfide, 3.5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid, Quinic acid, 2-ethylphenol, theophylline, caffeine and water: In other words, Costa, Starbucks and Caffé Nero mugs at hand. Haha!

2Tue12aI made my way across the square and up to the top of Queen Street.

It was strange not to see any clouds in the sky in Nottingham, especially in May.

My earlier failure to help an old mate out, I found quisquose to handle and caused me anguish.

Caught the bus, and had a good bash at the crosswords en route home. Well, as far as Carlton Road; I think I fell asleep then. Well, it is late for this old-timer, you know! Haha!

I made sure I did not fall asleep again, for fear of missing the bus stop at the flats. I arrived back on Chestnut Walk.

Called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Shack, and had a laugh or two with Cathy and two others in there.

I took these photographicalisations of the upgrading stage of the complex, as I left the hut. I think they are going to name it Windwood Heights when its all finished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So late, and I was so tired when I got back in the flat. A wee-wee first and had a wash, changed into night attire.

2Tue18Got the oven heating up to cook the chips in. Then put away the other fodder and did the Health Checks. Got the chips in the kiln and prepared the plate with the rest of the food: Gerkhins, beetroot, pork pie, sugar-snap peas and tomatoes. Put some Caramelised balsamic vinegarette on the pork, vinegar on the chips and onion salt on the tomatoes.

It tasted blooming scrumptious!

3Wed03WDP001A Went to do the washing up! Found that I’d left the oven on.

Turned it off and so foolishly thought I’d give it a quick wipe over. I’ll get the knuckle skin off of the inner oven wall, later. What a schmuck!

Despite this enlivening episode, I got my head down, putting the TV on to ensure I’d drop off quickly. I had not needed the TV on, I drifted off within minutes of an episode of ‘Hustle’ starting.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 8th May 2018

  1. Quite a busy outing considering you had a late start! It was interesting seeing what all the banging about will bring to you and the other residents, and it also looked like a lovely day to be out and about!

    • Thanks, Doug.
      Too good for me, with having to cover the skin up, I get odd looks from folks. Hehe!
      Enjoyed though, so much I had another trundle today, back from the shops and through the park. Hippy Hilda wasn’t too keen on it, mind. Haha! TTFN ta.

  2. I had to come back and comment on your top graphic. I really like the effect you put on your characters! It looks terrific! I’m always trying to think of something different to do with mine and I just can’t find that balance. Excellent job Gerry, as always!👍👍

  3. Jolly decent of you say so, Sir!
    Sometimes getting balance right does not work as well as others.
    I do try to convert to either 32bit or 64bit sometimes on the background and the graphics used, but there is no definitive guarantee it will work every time. And keeping changing them to see if it is better or not, takes up so much memory, often CorelDraw will freeze on me. Tsk!
    I’ve done Trumpeth graphic top or two to use shortly, hope you like em, Sir. When they get published.
    Got the tummy ache this morning, and duodenal Donald has just joined in. Humph!
    Cheers and take care, please. TTFN

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