Inchcock Today – 7th May 2018: Bank Holiday Monday


Monday 7th May 2018

Welsh: Dydd Llun 7 Mai 201

0400hrs: Woke and spent a few moments deep in uhtceare, battling against my own fears, worries and imagination. Oh, and sulking over the discrepancy between my own sad existence and that of our privileged, unencumbered, opulent and well-heeled oligarchy. The Governments informational dominance and nihilism concerned me as well. Inequality produces jealousy!

I had to stop my gentle pandiculating, as the back was playing up this morning.

Slowly, the grey-cells regained some loose-connection with reality, and I wandered off to get the Health Checks seen too.

Whoosie3W01 And what blooming shock! The sphygmomanometer worked the first try, but look at the results on the left below!


I was startled and bewildered at the readings. I turned off the machine and gave it a few seconds and tried again! The second one looked far healthier. But getting the ridiculous readings of the first one, as I said, baffled me. How did that happen? If they were right, surely I should be feeling unwell, or be dead? A confounded, confused Inchcock writing here!

1Mon01aI made a brew and perused the wonderful view out towards Nottingham.  But, I was niggled with seeing the large window ledges outside, that block the view when tenants try to look downwards to the ground. Especially the bald-headed, hearing aids wearing ones with a mechanical ticker, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Duodenal Donald, Harold Haemorrhoids and Hernia Harry. Who want to take photographs, or look to see if any emergency vehicles have arrived, because they cannot hear the fire alarm, but can no longer do so.

The mangled balcony bases, awaiting fittings, the wall fillings foam sticking out, which in turn reminded me of the other work still to be done. The dreaded messy fitting of the sprinkler system, the new communication set-up, the thought of more carpet destroying and furniture splashing plastering to be done, The… It doesn’t matter!

By gum, where did that come from? Can I blame the low Sys and Dia? Hehe!

Off to the Porcelain Throne. A less bothersome session this time. As for the almost bloodless evacuated product, think of a large can of meatballs in gravy.

Washed-up and got the computer on to created last weeks HC results and to make this graph.


0655hrs: Herbert above dropped something heavy. Sorry, ignore that, for a moment I’d forgotten what I was ordered to do: “Live with it, he is doing nothing wrong!” (May I take this opportunity to apologise to Nottingham City Homes, [I don’t want to get evicted] Thank You)

I got the weekend post finished off and posted. Then made a start on this one up to here.

0715hrs: Onto Facebooking photographicalisation loading.

Then back onto CorelDraw to create some more Inchcock page header graphics.

After a while, I got up out of the computer chair to make a small mug of tea and have a wee-wee and got another ‘electric-shock-like’ stab from the lower back. Tsk!

Pressed on with the graphics for six-and-a-half hours. In front with them now. And I had company from Herbert banging and clanging, at 1010, 1014, 1018, 1020, 1022, 1032, 1040, 1055 and 1110hrs. But I shouldn’t mention this, naughty Inchcock! You must put up and live with these noises, he is doing nothing wrong. As I was told when I got a mouthful for my asking to live in peace.

Got the health checks were done, and the stew cooking. Beans, tomatoes, minced pork and diced potatoes, various veg, as was available on the cook.

Had a go on Facebooking while it cooked.

1358hrs: Good God, Herbert is drilling something now, well it sounds like it! But still, I have to put up with it, he is doing nothing wrong ensuing his hobby of making models. As I was commanded by the Management!

1Mon01bFelt a little, not a lot, depressed. For I so dislike these Bank Holidays. No buses, stuck indoors, other folk getting out and about going for meals, visiting friends and family, going out to shows, cinemas etc.

Of course, it’s all jealousy and self-hatred, and this emotion does not last long, then I feel guilty for having them.

Seeing these two little full-of-energy dogs taking their owner for a walk, I enjoyed watching them until they were out of view. Pulling me out of the morbid bout of the melancholy.

1Mon02Got the nosh served up.

Ate it with the accompaniment drilling and grinding noises from Herbert in the flat above.

Another good meal. Rated as a 9.45/10 on the flavour.

Suddenly felt so tired, I got the pots washed and did the Health Checks and got the TV on, feeling assured that this would help get me to sleep.

The phone light lit up, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and answered it. It was a con-artist. I hung up as the caller asked for confirmation, soon as I heard the word!

Had a wee-wee and got back in the recliner. Nothing I wanted to watch on the box, but sleep would not come, and I ended up blankly staring at the screen without the headphones on, like a robot that had little power supplied to it. Hehe!

Herbert above offering some more drilling noises occasionally. Normally, with the headphones on, I would maybe not have heard him. But with them off, at least I stood a little chance of hearing any alarms.

1Mon04The right ankle started to sting a bit, without any reason?

The camera, handily placed on the Ottoman, was used to take a photo of it. I applied some antiseptic cream, and it calmed down straight away? I wondered if all the sitting down at the computer might be the cause of the odd colours on my foot?

With sleep not arriving, I had to get up for a wee-wee, so I changed channels on the TV to the 1Mon03CCTV monitor. Which was working, a rarity recently.

Getting a bit dark now, but I could see Cyndy doing her bit as she held open the door for a chap in one of those buy-your-own mobility scooters.

I still struggled to nod-off.

It was very late by the time I did, well gone midnight.

Then woke at 0315hrs in need of a wee-wee, so stayed up.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – 7th May 2018: Bank Holiday Monday

  1. 58/40 would be a shock for anyone. I see it shocked you back to normal — well normal for you.

    Government dominance, nihilism and lawlessness is enough to drive everyone mad. Just look at the special counsel looking into Trump to understand how bad the state of government cronyism really is. Trump upset the balance of power, but has failed to drain the swamp because it’s damed up with too many establishment, career government criminals. Comey trumps up stuff on Trump, leaks classified info (a crime), which results in a special counsel investigating obstruction of justice and collusion. The problem is no one is obstructing justice or colluding other than the establishment, government career criminals who will stop at nothing to oust Trump. In the meantime, Trump is undoing so many bad policies, and continues to turn the establishment on its head. I don’t like Trump, I voted for Gary Johnson, but I love the fact that Trump is kicking the media’s and the establishment, career government criminal’s asses. All this crap makes socialism, the party of envy, appealing to many people, but we know from history that socialism and communism have their elite, which makes them no better than the oligarchs and establishment, career government criminals in the free world.

    Herbert’s making models? What happened to the glue sniffing while putting plastic model airplanes, trains and the like together? Maybe Herbert fried his brain on clue and had to go on to bigger models that require lots of noise to build. When one person’s hobby annoys the person downstairs, it’s time management suggest that Herbert go back to simple glue sniffing.

    Great intro graphic, and dinner looks delish.

    • The readings bamboozled me, Tim. Why? How? Tsk!
      After reading the political details, it makes me think all the more of similarities with the UK set-up, Tim. Career Government Criminals seem to outnumber the odd nearly honest politicians.
      Herbert, they tell me, is making working steam models. I can hear him now as I type. Tap, tap. knock… a bit of whining, bang, tap, tap…
      Thanks, I might use your ‘Go back to glue sniffing in a conversation with the ‘Management’. Hehe!
      Extra special nosh, I think I enjoyed it cause when I gobbled it up, I was so tired?
      Cheers Sir.

      • Building working steam models in an apartment? That’s ridiculous. He should rent shop space for that. I believe a lot of retirement apartment complexes out here provide shop space for tenants who have annoyingly noisy hobbies and projects.

      • That’s what they tell me, Tim. He’s untouchable and out of bounds for my critisms or complaints.
        I wondered if he is extra rich or is related to Nottingham City Council members or Nottingham City Homes Supremos, or Obergruppenfurhers? An Ex-member of the Chipppendales perhaps? Hehe!
        I don’t know if he donates them to charity or sells them, but if he is selling, then that must be ilegall?
        No discussion over the problem from the ‘Management’ at all. I was just told ‘He is doing nothing wrong, as long as the noise is during the day. He’s just doing his hobby’. Then they added that I should not mention anything talked about bewteen myself and any employee of Nottingham City Homes on my blog. (Whoops, I just did this, now I might get thrown out!)
        And, Nottingham City Homes have won an award for Landlord of the Year!
        Mind you, other than this problem I have, I agree with it, they are great!

      • Trouble causer you are? Social media and blog posts get people in a lot of trouble these days.

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