Inchcock Today – Saturday/Sunday 5th/6th May 2018; A disaffectionate couple of days, Tsk!

Saturday, 5th May 2018

Turkish: 5 Mayıs 2018, Cumartesi

0120hrs: A terrible night for not being able to get to sleep. Gave-up and got-up. Had a wee-wee. Then collated the second bag of washing and accoutrements, and down to the laundry room.

6Sat001Set the washer going and back up to the apartment.

Made a small mug of tea and started to do the Health Checks. For some unknown to me reason, the sphygmomanometer took me four attempts at starting it before it gave the readings. Kept coming up EE for error. I knew the batteries were not old?


6Sat02Blimus! The readings had changed this morning! But, thinking about it, I had been up and down a bit with doing the laundry. So this may have affected them.

Another wee-wee.

0158hrs: Down to swap the clothing from the washer to the dryer. The filter had not been cleaned.

6Sat05Up again to the flat, set the timer to remind me about the laundry drying being done and got on with sorting the photographs for the diaries.

Made a start, up to here in this diary, then I went on to finalise yesterday’s blog.

But ran out of time, as the alarm reminder chirped into life to tell me the drying clothes should be ready for collection.

So, another wee-wee and down in the lift again, and collected the laundry from the dryer.

6Sat06I pooped… Hahaha! I left this typo-error in, what a comical one!: I popped outside to see how the weather was and found it war with no wind, rain or mist. We are are going to have a spell of hot weather methinks, for the holiday weekend. I checked on the web later. It said the hottest Bank Holiday Monday for donkey’s years is on its way.

Not that I will be going far with no bus service for the flats for two days.

Got back in the apartment, and stored the cleaned togs away. Had a wee-wee and made another small mug of tea, as the last one, I let go cold. Tsk!

Then I finally got around to updating the Friday post.

Onto CorelDraw/Paint to get some urgently needed diary top graphics done.

Six hours later now, and only three done, but they are decent ones, I think.

Made a brew, had a wee-wee and went on the WordPress Reader.

Got the potatoes in the oven.

Did the Health Checks.

Feeling tired now, and a bit low, I don’t like holiday weekends and having no buses servicing the flats for two days.

I sat listening to Herbert’s clattering about, while I waited for the potatoes to be baked.

Removed the spuds from the oven, cut them in halves and took out the flesh from the husks, into a bowl and mashed them up with some extra-strong cheddar cheese and onion salt with vinegar. Flesh replaced into the skins, and forked the top of them, to help get a crispy burnt top. Mmm! Back in the oven and set the timer.

Back to the recliner and boy, did the mind ramble and fret, then. I allowed myself to get feeling pitiably sorry for myself, angry at injustices, hatred for the way the world was losing any sense of morality and my being stuck indoors for three days.

Whoopsie O1 A message came through, asking for help. No idea what with, but I knew the names and rang the number given. Luckily it was okay and not a con. The person is coming to see me on Tuesday, with hopes from him and me, that I can give some aid with his problem.

6Sat02 This delay meant the moment I rang off off the phone, I could smell the burning potatoes.

As it turned out, they were burnt spot-on how I like them. Phew! A great flavoured, 9.45/10 rated meal! With the cheesy roast spuds being relished as I gobbled them up. Ate the lot, everything. Not a crumb left on the plate.

I felt very content inside as I went off to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Whoopsie O1 As I was leaving the wet room after washing up, Dizzy Dennis paid me a violent visit. This proved to be one of worst he has ever affected me. I didn’t go over, but this was I think, due to the fact, that I sat down and stayed down and did the breathing thing.

This was the end of my active day. I remained in that chair, the mind in a muddle all night long, getting some sleep in hours later, but only about three hours worth.

Sunday, 6th May 2018

Better day of the two, by far!


Spiritualistic Dream? Hehe!

Around 0330hrs, I woke with a start, with bits of a dream apparently in my head. I immediately scribbled some notes on the pad to use later, while the recollections were obtainable before they evaporated into the ether.

The brain eventually interfaced grudgingly with the body (in a fashion), with a certain inertia.

1Mon01 As I positioned myself for escaping from the £300 second-hand recliner, I prayed that the adiaphorous Dizzy Dennis would not return again, this morning. Getting to my feet, I was temporarily gladdened to find no indications of dizziness as I carefully (Obviously not careful enough) walked into the kitchen to do the Health Checks. Unfortunately, I stubbed a toe on the shelving units on the way there. Huh!

I must try to get out today for a hobble: I might go to the Woodthorpe Grange Tropical House. This may help the blood flow and make the chances of another attack from Dizzy Dennis less likely?

Got the kettle on, and sorted the Health Check paraphernalia out. The hemadynamometer took three tries to get it to work.


7Sun01The resultant readings seemed well within range again today.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. No drama, hassle, bleeding or pain was involved in this evacuation.

Washed the pots from last nights nosh.

Got the computer on to update this diary.

I consulted the notes I’d made for last nights dream as I made the top graphic.

I started off in the old control room where I last worked, with the foyer for the flats on the monitor. The fact that it was many years after I was in the Control Room before being made superfluous before I knew of these flats, everything seemed to me to be normal. Seeing the ghost or spirit on the screen, I put my hand through the monitor to try and grab it? – Next thing, I was in my apartment looking at the TV and the old control office? – Then, this ghost appeared in the room, an old lady who spoke! She told me that embroidery (Or needlework, something like this) is very relaxing? – Next, I was back in the old control room, and it was full of ghosts milling about, but no one else could see them… Very odd!

7Sun03Went to make another small mug of tea, and off went the grey-cell holding box, fretting, fearing, worrying, anticipating and predicting.

The need for a wee-wee helped me to reign in its meanderings.

Especially when things needing cleaning up and the anti-bleed Daktacort cream applying.

0415hrs: Back to the computer and made a start on this Sunday bit of the post.

7Sun07Off for another wee-wee. Huh!

0630hrs: I took this photo with the old small Nokia from the kitchen window. It shows the Nottingham City Hospital in the background.

I loaded it into CorelDraw and saved it as 32bit instead of 24bit format, and it came out a lot clearer than usual.

The stomach, has started grumbling and rumbling a bit?

Went on to the WordPress Reader page. No comments had come in, so none to reply too (See how quick I worked that one out? Hehe!).

Off to the ablutionisationing session. All went well, no cuts shaving, Harold’s Haemorrhoids not bleeding, and Inchies lesion easier to clean and medicate this time. The shower head needs looking at, blocking up a little.

Got the waste bags sorted and took them with me and dropped them off at the chute, as I left.

The usual grubbing about to make sure I’d got everything needed before I left the flat, and checked things were not left on or off that shouldn’t be; like lights, power sockets, cooker and taps. And off I trundled.

I hobbled around the back of the apartment buildings and took two photographs of the current condition they are in. I shot the second one so you could see the new buildings progress, for the 44 Extra Care flats and the Wehrmacht Wardens offices and HQ. Oh, and the rooftop seating.


Coming along slowly, but it all looks like they know what they are doing. These workers are very skilled (Particularly in ruining the carpets in flat 72 with wet plaster), And they are to return to finish off the job on the gaps and holes in the window frames, and broken pelmets soon. But they generously told me they would come and take a look at the state of the carpets for me. That was three weeks ago, but I am still hopeful they will get around to me. Should I have mentioned this? Or is it ‘Not Done or acceptable?’

The weather was sunshine with little wind. But of course I could not take advantage of the sun, and wisely I kept the skin covered up. Still enjoyed the walk, though. My neighbour was playing football with one of his grandkids at the dead end of Chestnut Walk, near the cut-through onto Woodthorpe Grange Park. We exchanged greetings, and I made my way up the beaten path and into the field.

7Sun10I found myself treading with care to avoid standing on the most glorious to me, new Spring flowers in the sunshine.

As I made the way up the hill, I decided to walk there and back under the trees and through to the topiary growth area, via the paths available. To afford me some little protection from the full blare of the sunshine.

7Sun11It really was a most pleasant limp-along. I could just hear some shouting, and it took me a while to locate where it was coming from.

I was surprised that I could hear it, for it was emanating from way-away at the top over the footpath on the football pitch. A ladies football team train and play on this ground, and whoever the bloke with the voluminous voice, he was giving some vocals. Hehe!

I pressed on savouring the peace, enjoying seeing the others enjoying themselves and I felt a little elated for some reason?

As I walked through the last bit of tended garden area before the entrance to the Garden Shop and Tropical Garden, I thought I could smell Bdellium in the air? Now there is something! I could remember the smell, but not the name, I had to look that up. Many years ago when I was at night school, training for my Grocers Institute Award, some Bdellium was brought into the meeting hall as part of the course, and I have never it seems, forgotten the beautiful aroma from it. I think it used to be used in making soap products and fresheners? Again, as I recall, the tutor said it came from Myyrh trees. I didn’t know these grew in this country, do they? Whatever it was, it reminded me strongly of smell, then, 7Sun12anyway. I don’t know why I bothered saying all that – it’s not earth-shattering, essential or imperative news, is it? Hahaha!

I went around the flower oval, up the hill and into the Garden Centre. There were many thousands of seedlings if that is the word?) all over, in any free space they had, including the front of the Tropical House, as well as the many large glasshouses all being in use for this job.


7Sun16I notice some delicate white flowered little plants and fell in love with them straight away. They were Commelinaceae, of course. The proper name of Tradescantia  Fluminensis, from South America, everyone knows this. Even I did as soon as I read the card stuck in the soil. Hehehe! No idea why I took a shine to these in particular?

Two ladies and a young boy were the only 7Sun15other visitors with me in there.

The lad nearly fell into the goldfish pond! Bless him! He was not in the least fazed by this, but his Mother was!

I tried to take a photo of the fish that included a brown carp, but it didn’t come out too well I’m afraid.

7Sun17Then I saw these red-flowered plants that were growing alongside the edge of the pond. Unfortunately, there was no interpretive sign near them to identify them with. Rare but beautiful!

The heat in there forced me to leave before I’d had a proper look around. Not that I minded, for it leaves me with the option of a return visit when there are no buses available again later 7Sun13in the month.

After I left the centre and started to walk back the way I came, I got myself underneath a blossom tree of some sort (I think) and took this picturesque shot of leaves and old warped branches. At times, I can understand people talking to trees. In fact, I had a one-sided gossip with this one. (Haha!)

7Sun18As I hobbled through the unkempt park of the layout, which incidentally is my favourite bit of the park, I could hear the barking voice again.

It came from the football pitch in the distance. Off course, I couldn’t make out what the chap was shouting, but was amazed I could hear the man’s voice from so far away.

A few yards further down the hill, and,  got that 7Sun19smell of the Bdellium in my nostrils again.

I got underneath an ancient warped, deformed tree, thinking this was where the scent came from, but no, it wasn’t. I never smelt it again anywhere on the walk home. I took out the hearing aids, and the stroll seemed more peaceful than ever.

I took a belated zoomed-in shot of the old 7Sun20Manor House, now Nottingham City Council’s offices.

About 2/3rds of the way back when and Sister Jane rang on the mobile. Amazingly it was clear to listen to, and I only had to asked her what she said about four times.

We had an excellent nattering session all the way back, down the hill into the building and into the lift…

1Mon01 I got in the lift and was listening to Jane telling me off about something or other, oh, no, I tell a fib, she was saying how she and Pete went out the other night into town, wining and dining I think. Anyway, I stood there in the elevator harkening to her, and it dawned on me, this lift is taking a long time… then the door opened, and a lady got in. I realised then, it was still on the ground floor and I had not pressed the button for the 12th floor! What a shlemiel. Hehe!

Said our cheerios, and got in the flat, straight to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Got the oven warming to use later for the chips. I’d decided on oven chips, canned pork knuckle and tomatoes for the nosh.

Computer turned on and spent three hours updating this diary up to here.

Went to make another small mug of tea, and noticed a young couple taking advantage of the excellent weather, just below the bottom of the tree copse. Right on the mowed footway. Ah, memories!


I used the Lumix and tried a really zoomed-in shot after taking the normal one. I think there is a way of setting it up to use the macro, (Not sure what this means, but I believe it is for close-up shots) which may or not, have produced a better zoomed shot? But, this fact is irrelevant, cause I can’t work out how to find the option to use it anyway. What a sad Schlump I be!

6Sat25Had a go on the WordPress Reader section.

I was feeling well stonkered and exhausted suddenly. So sorted the nosh and tucked into it, an excellent one it was, too.

Bit of clanging about from Herbert up above, but it was only for a short time.

Again sleep was reluctant to come, so I put on the Heartbeat DVD. Got a few minutes into the episode, and had to get off to the wet room to tend to the fungal lesion that had started to leak blood. I got it stopped with surprising ease this time.

Back to get the head down again. Eventually achieving the blissful state of sleep mode!

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  1. Ghost, sunshine and love making under blue skies. You must have slipped off into another dimension. Nicely arranged plates of food,

    • Hi, Tim, hope all well out their in New Mexico?
      I’ve been wondering if I was existing in a different dimension for a while now, Sir. Hehehe!
      The canned pork knuckle tastes great! Looks horrible mind.
      Herbert (BBJ) just dropped something heavy on his floor, nice to know he is still alive, though. (Humph!)
      Cheers, all the bested for Laurie, the furries and yourself. Take care.

  2. That was such a lovely walk, thank you for sharing it. I love hot houses as some of the plants remind me of those that grow in NZ. Like you I can’t stay in there for long though. They have a special smell I think.

    • Thanks, Tracey.
      Talking of New Zealand, my favourite butter is Anchor. I tried a pot of the spreadable variety, and found the contents were made in England? Just a thought. I suppose they brought over New Zealand lambs? IT didn’t taste anywhere near as rich as the NZ ones do.
      Hope all and Bertie are okay. TTFN ♥

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