Inchcock Today – Sat 15 Sept 2018: Not one of my betterer days! Humph!


Saturday 15th September 2018

  Hebrew: יום שבת 15 בספטמבר 2018

WDPBL Sometime before I woke up proper-like: The flats Fire Alarm activated, and the Pillow Shaker Fire Alarm joined in? Hello, hello, I thought, have they mended the none working alarm and are testing it?

I went through the usual procedure.

  • Out of the £300 second-hand recliner.
  • WDPBL Stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.
  • Went to the door and tested the handle for any heat with the back of my hand None!
  • Opened the door, by which time the alarm had stopped.
  • Went to look out of the window to see if any Fire Brigade vehicles had arrived on site. But couldn’t see below now we have the new unwanted view and light blocking windows and pod balcony have been partially fitted.
  • Tutted, and got back in the recliner.

0205hrs: I stirred with the mind once again not bothering with going off on its usual mangled medley of thoughts. I was out of the rickety recliner and in the kitchen within minutes, with no real memory of how I got there? Perhaps a case of the delayed reaction from my spark plugs? Hehehe!

I mechanically carried out the Health Checks.


6Sat02The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.

I noticed when doing the updating of the HC results on Excel that the Sys and Dia have both seemed to be a bit high this week? Not to mention, the increasing again weight!

I must try to get out for a little hobble today. Even, if it is only to Sherwood and back.

I did an intruder patrol to assess the Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles invasion locations and numbers. Pleased to report, that there was only a five of the live weevils and about twenty that were dead, discovered. I went round with the ‘Raid’ spray in the corners and cracks in the window frames and sprayed.

The Porcelain Throne beckoned and became a tad urgent. So, off to the wet room. Once again, the evacuation was effortless and quick. So no reading of the book this morning. I had considered staying on the throne and having a read of it, but I was not sure if I had left the hot tap running from when I disposed of the weevils. Back to the kitchen to check. I’d hadn’t left the faucet running.

6Sat06WDPBL I put the milk in the tea, only to find it had Gone-Off!

I go the new bottle of ‘A2’ milk I ordered in error from Morrisons. (Yes, I know, I am always doing this and feeling a fool for doing it so often, Tsk!)

I read the label, and apparently, not all cows milk is the same. Seems it is Free from the A1 Protein found in regular cows?

It all confused me. But it tasted fine in the mug of tea. The second brew I made, as the first one was not drinkable with the bits of milk floating on top and changing its colour to a sort of pale purple as it did so, had to be ditched.

6Sat05Took the medications and had extra swigs of the Peptac, as Duodenal Donald was showing signs of his about to take an interest in making life uncomfortable for me. Hehe!

I also took an extra Omeprazole capsule. Because all the signs were there, that Duodenal Donald was building up for a right session of pain giving. Bless him.

6Sat04WDPBL I was concerned a little over this morning’s weight. So I nipped back into the spare room to see if it had changed any.

It had, it’d gone up from two-hours or so ago!

I face fiascos, debacles, catastrophes, disasters, Whoopsiedangleplops, failures and faux pas almost every day. I almost expect them. Just thought I’d mention it, like!

While in the spare room, I thought I’d get a photograph of the ground outside. I found a white car parked, where we have been asked nicely, on the poster on the lift foyer noticeboard, not to park today. But they may well be moving the vehicle before then, after all, it is only 0425hrs as I write this down.


It looks like it’s been raining?

I hope the tenants going on the outing on a tour of Derbyshire will have a great time. I’d have loved to have joined them. But with Little Inchies lesion bleeding, and the bladder playing up, I can’t risk it. I’d be too embarrassed if any Faux Pas were to happen. Not so bad if I am out on my own.

Went on to the TFZer Facebook page.

Ablutions completed and rubbish bags taken to the chute at 0800hrs.

6Sat10I set off out on the hobble to Asda (Walmart) Arnold. Taking some cleaned empty jars down with me and deposited them with the bag of recyclables at the caretaker doorway.

As I began to cross the road to the gravel path on the hill up to Woodthorpe Court Grange Park.

I heard my name being called out.

It was Jenny, who had come down to prepare for the bus to arrive to take the tenants on a tour of Derbyshire.

WDPBL02a Jenny asked me if I was ready for the trip? I was embarrassed to find my name was on the list to go. I must have got it wrong somewhere along the line when she was asking if I wanted to go, many weeks ago. After all the work she puts on on other tenants behalf, I had to get it wrong, and mislead her.

Sorry, Jenny ♥. Times like this, I hate myself. I explained that I never did envisage my going, as I knew I had a slight chance of getting the Stapled 6Sat11Heaemorrhoidopexy being done, as I am on the Cancellation List. I don’t know how this confusion arose, but feel certain it must have been me that messed-up. What a Nebbisher!

Feeling conscience-stricken and contrite, I made my way up the gravel hill.

The Tree Copse. Looked very sad and thinned 6Sat12out.

WDPBL02a As I walked along the footpath to the main road exit, this uncaring swine of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, flew closely by me, giving me a bit of a shock and making my jump. Leaving me feeling a tad fermisht!

Not a goos start to my little hobble, I thought to myself. My cocking-up Jenny’s plans, the Tree Copse suffering and now a pavement cyclist nearly hit me and makes me nervous! Worra start!

6Sat13I plodded along Mansfield Road towards Daybrook.

WDPBL02a I then suffered a full frontal attack from another Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist. But, to be fair, she was not going too fast or close to me as she went by me.

Not many people out this early in the Saturday morning and the mind did some of its wandering off of its own accord. Remembering things I would sooner not have recalled from the past.

Half an hour later, I was in the Arnot Hill Park. I made my way to the pond, to feed and have a little chinwag with the various varieties of ducks and pigeons. The Anas platyrhynchos Anatidae Anseriformes Aves and Columbidae Columbiformes Columbimorphae Aves.

I must have caught the mode selector as I took the camera from my pocket and I didn’t notice until I’d taken three shots. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am still amazed at how all these different types of ducks and pigeons seem to get along together.

6Sat19Feeling a little cheerier having enjoyed my time and natter with the birds, I carried on into Arnold.

I did some window shopping as I made my way along to Front Street and got into the Asda (Walmart) store.

Went to get my shopping list out, but soon realised that I had left it in the flat. Klutz!

6Sat20I bought, some cheese curls, sliced pickled gherkins, sliced seasoned potatoes, tomatoes and a packet of Irish Potato Farls.

I paid at the self-serve tills, and think I may have overcharged myself somehow! In the morning when I checked my receipt, and an article read just, Potatoes £1.25. I can’t find anything like this in the fridge or cupboards?

I paid and popped over the road to the Fulton Foods Store. I bought two packets of smoked bacon for £2. Thick slices and very little fat on them, but I anticipate the usual masses of water will be in with them.

I got the timing wrong, and got to the bus stop for the L9 bus back to the flats, but had a twenty-five minute wait at the bus stop. Ah-well!

6Sat21Arrived back on Chestnut Walk, the only person to get off off the bus, no people to get on, and not a soul sighted on my walk to the far off Woodthorpe Court flats, nor inside of them.

Then I realised that thirty or so residents would be out on the Derbyshire Bus Tour. Glad to see that the weather looked fine for them, anyway.

WDPBL02a Got in to have a wee-wee and discovered that Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding badly. Had a cleaning and medicating session that was lengthy, messy and painful. But felt a lot better when it was all semi-sorted.

I was suddenly so tired and weary. No chance of me doing any concentration needing computer work, now. I’ll have to catch-up in the morning.

I got the nosh cooking and scribbled some notes of the hobble to use when I update this blog.

6Sat22WDPBL02a I got the dinner served up on the plate and tray, making sure the cooker plug was turned off, I knocked over a jar of tomato passata!

What a mess. I got down on my knees with a kitchen towel and bit of cardboard and collected as much of the contents and bits of glass that I could, placing them well wrapped 6Sat23up, into a bin. Getting my ageing flabby body back up off of the floor, was a painful exercise. Tsk!

WDPBL02a Foolishly and unthinkingly, I felt proud of my swift response to the Accifauxpa, and pressed down the bin contents. Whoops! Hehehe!

Thus, more time lost stopping the flow of blood 6Sat24from my digit, meant that by the time I got to eating the rather delightful (to me) looking plate of fodder, it was well not warm! Ay-Yay-Yay, what a Schlemiel!

Good job there was a lot of cold nosh on the TFZer Lyzzi, plate. Tomatoes, sliced pickled gherking, apples and wholemeal bread thins. (And the highlight of course, two soft pastry lemon cream filled square cakes. Hehehe!) The lukewarm mushrooms, green beans, cheesy potatoes and the pork were affected most by my Accifauxpa.

I did eat all of the extra-strong cheesy potatoes, though.

I watched some New Tricks episodes on the DVD. But got tired of and bored with all my nodding-offs and rewinding to see the missed bits. So I put the TV on. The nod-offing continued and soon I was off into a deep yet dream-filled sleep.

Not one of my betterer days! Humph!

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  1. I think the Aliens are messing with you setting off your fire alarm and vibrating pillow. Too bad you couldn’t go to Derbyshire. You got a decent amble about town anyway, plus you got it from both ends by pavement cyclists — they were even properly oriented with a man from the back and a woman from the front. Then you got to see and feed all your feathery friends after being sandwiched by the pavement cyclists. I hate it when tomato passada commits suicide. It makes a bloody, dangerous mess to clean up that can end up in another bloody mess. I believe tomatoes, being considered “night shades” tend to get depressed easily. That’s a very good looking meal if you were able to enjoy it after a ten whoopsiedangleplop day.

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