Inchcock Today – Sun 16 Sept 2018: Anticlimaxical, bubble-bursting sort of day.


Sunday 16th September 2018

 Japanese: 2018年9月16日日曜日

00210hrs: I stirred into a poor imitation of life. The brain was entirely concentrating on what bits it could recall from the irrationally incongruous, and ever-so-slightly disturbing dream I’d had earlier. I also found some written scribble on the £300 second-hand past-its-best Recliner Ottoman about my nocturnal phantasma.

This affected me so much, I later made a graphic to picture the image I had in my brain loosely. In the dream, I threw myself off of a roof, down onto the brick paved road below. There seemed to be no emotions lurking in my brain, just a determination. Every time I nearly hit the tiles below, I found myself back up on the same roof again? This happened several times, and two blokes even came up and threw themselves off to show me how to do it? (No idea who they were) I kept trying without success. I can’t recall how the dream ended. I do have a vague, cryptic vision lingering, of me in a tent in a field, and frying eggs, though. Oh, and I was younger and thinner in the Nocturnal reverie than I am now? 


Quite suddenly, it dawned on me that I had got a cracking headache. This prompted me to remove my bulbously flabby torso, with its now skinny legs and arms, due to the water retentions seemingly no longer interested from the recliner and go into the kitchen and the medicine drawer to add a painkiller to the mornings’ medications doses.


Carried out the Health Checks. The Sys and Dia were both higher again today! In the event that I should explode anytime now. I’d appreciate it if someone could ask the funeral parlour if they would run-over any Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists they see on the way to the crematorium for me. Consideration for their efforts is to be found stuffed up the chimney in the flat. Be nice that. I could go happily then. Hahaha!

Off to the Porcelain Throne. A half-and-half evacuation session this time. So, I got some reading done.

I spotted some baby Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles on the wet room floor and collected them, again about 50% of them were dead. I carried on with the attack and checked out the spare room and the kitchen.

Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles Prisoners Taken.

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Whoopsies I got the computer on to update yesterdays post, a big job with all the hobbling photographicalisaitons needing to be sorted out first. Oh, Boy was the internet slow or what!

W Court

Took me hours and hours to get it finished and posted off. Grumph!

7Sun07aI went on the WordPress Reader, some good stuff on there this morning.

I did the midday Health Checks a little early, to see if the Sys and Dia had come down a bit.

They had gone down, but not by much. Still, not a bad sign.

Then I did the weeks medication pots.

I went back on the computer and got carried away adding some words to the Personal Dictionary. More time lost.

I went onto Facebook to top up the photo albums! For a moment I thought that Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet was going a bit faster… but no, just figment of my imagination.

I did an Iceland food order for delivery next Thursday.

Been up a long time now, I decided to get the nosh done early, and just watch some New Tricks episodes on the DVD, then the telly for some exciting looking programmes that should suit me down to the ground.

On BBC 2: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I’ve seen this one yet. Followed by the Dragons Den, and then on channel 14, a programme revealing the air-tapes during the 9/11 attack. Not sure how long I’ll stay awake though. Hehe!

7Sun38Got the nosh served up.

Cumberland pie with a lot of extra-strong cheese on top, tomatoes, gherkins, beef pastie, mushrooms, rice sticks, apple and potato farls.

Two soft pastry lemon cream square cakes to follow.

Whoopsies I had just got settled and had taken a mouthfull of the fodder, and the landline rang!

It was Brother-in-law Pete. When I told him I had just got down to eat my meal; He laughed… a little like Vincent Price used to do in his ‘Theatre of Blood’ horror film. Hehehe! We chatted a bit while my meal got cold for the second day in a row. He told me to buy a microwave so I can rewarm meals gone cold. I told him I had no room for a microwave in my tiny kitchen, and he agreed, then suggested I was a bit of an idiot who couldn’t cope with anything practical. He was right, of course! Hehe!

Whoopsies As for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I still haven’t seen this one yet. I nodded off. With the film being on the BBC, I can’t blame the adverts this time.


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