Inchcock Today – Sat 22nd 2018:


Saturday 22nd September 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 22 Medi 2018

6Sat02WD 1.1.43 0048hrs: I woke and laid there, as the mind autonomously started (or maybe continued from a dream?) pondering on life, and its incomprehensibilities, surprises, and the Snollygosters we voted into Parliament, rife cruelty, the lack of decency, compassion, honesty and care in hodiernal Britain.

The brain moved on to considering more extramundane matters and issues. Was the Universe a mistake? An error, committed by someone or thing, foolishly thinking they were making the idyl, Arcadia or Shangri-La for future life-forms to dwell on?

Listening to my own thoughts reveal themselves, I felt like I was listening to a ‘Beyond Our Ken’ or Monte Python sketch at times.

Why does anthropocentrism exist on Earth? Why do the world leaders not see they are ending the existence of the planet at a faster rate all the time. The so-called better-off proletariat common tellurians concentrate on mobile phones, take-away meals, shoplifting and murdering fellow inhabitants of this foul dying terraqueous earth?

Why are the most cossetted and cherished things Financial Profit/gain? Evidently, without money wealth and greed, there would have been far fewer wars, suffering, and loss of life.

When the brain got to this stage, it realised two things. One: Without the wars, the earth would have produced billions of more babies, how would it have coped? Two: That it could not deal with its own convoluted, labyrinthine, nebulous thoughts anymore, became confused and drifted back into its routinely submissive, passive and gobemouche mode.

I shook off the wild deliberations and began the job of extricating my overweight body-mass from the £300 beyond its sell-by-date, second-hand recliner, to get to the Porcelain Throne.

6Sat03WD 1.1.43 I managed to knock off some things on the Ottoman, and sent stuff from the nocturnal-nibbling tray sprawling onto the carpet! Klutz!

The camera went with them, but I had to pick it up to take this photo. Tsk!

I was lucky I suppose because the bottles both had their caps on them.

WD 1.1.43 Into the wet room. Oh, ‘ecky thump! The fungal lesion had been bleeding again overnight. I had a painful cleaning and medicating session. Changed PPs had a wash and eventually got onto the Porcelain Throne. Four pages of the book later, the evacuation was done. Not too messy this time.

WD 1.1.43 Went into the room opposite as I left the wet room, into the spare room and used the scales. I noted many dead weevils on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge. No lives ones at all.

To the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks and take my medications.


6Sat04The Sys was going back up again after a couple of days of near normality. (I like that word for some reason?)

I was able to leave off one of the painkillers this morning. Things were not in their usual detrimental mode for me this morning. Well, apart from the tender lesion condition.

WD 1.1.43 A few of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were found together near the window. Possibly a recon’ Patrol. They were about twelve in number. Three alive, who shot off and evaded my attack, The Mohammed Farah of the Weevil-World? Humph! The others were all croaked-out! I sprayed some ‘Raid’ in all three rooms.

I felt that warm-wet sensation I fear so from the PP area. Back to the wet room.  I’ve lost more blood than I would have liked. Why do things like this always happen to me at the weekends?

I considered pressing the wristlet Health Alarm button. I mused over if I should or not as I cleaned things up again. But, my aboulia and rather yonderly nature, along with my dippydro problem, meant I decided to see how it goes and check back in an hour or so. On the bright side, I’ll never hang myself. Hehe!

I think looking back at it, my fear of great discomfiture at having to display the problem area and explain things all over again to a new medic, also put me off pressing the alarm. I’ll see how it goes. After all, this lesion is the only one of many afflictions giving me any real hassle today.

Opened WordPress (With no go-slow from my ever increasing in-cost Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet), and set-to updating the Friday Diary and got it posted.

Made a start on this blog page.

Popped to the wet room for an examination of the Fungal Lesion situation. Phew! The phlebotomising had reduced barely to a trickle. Applying the cortisone cream was traumatic as the area had now swollen and looking raw, red-raw! Hehe! So, no need to bother anyone.

On to Facebook to update the photo albums and visit the TFZer site.

I went for a wee-wee and took a fresh pot to collect any dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles corpses from the spare room, wet room and the kitchen.

6Sat05Cor Blimey!

A good few were about, even after my clearing them and spraying earlier.

Made a fresh brew of tea then I went on CorelDraw to make up some more diary header graphics. But I got carried away doing different graphics and after three hours or so, had only done two for the page top headers. Huh!

Did the Health Checks and went for a wee-wee.

The fatigue and weariness arrived. Closed the computer down and didn’t even bother making a meal, I felt so drained suddenly. I gathered three tomatoes, two mini-pork pies and three potatoes from those I’d cooked in the crock-pot expecting to make a nosh with, and ate them while I fell asleep watching some film on the TV.

TTFN each.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sat 22nd 2018:

  1. That is completely understandable not want to do a show and tell with a new medic. Every time I see a new doctor, there’s too much too explain. And while you would think medical records could be shared among doctors they are not, plus every year I have to fill out the same stupid medical history forms I’ve done every year for what seems like a million years. I think it’s a plot to keep medical transcriptionists employed. A meager dinner is better than no dinner.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      We both it seems, have to go through all the rigmarole every time almost at the quacks. Ah, I wonder how they started nicknaming Doctors as Quacks? I’ll try to remember to look that up later.
      With my lesion being in er..erm… on a delicate part of my torso – each doctor gets loads of students to come in and do an examination through this gigantic microscope-ring – that I do find embarrassing and don’t look forward to, Tim.
      I read this yesterday from the Washington Post: a small solar observatory tucked away in the woods of a national forest here, scientists and other personnel were commanded last week to leave at once. A week later, the facility remains vacant, and no one is willing to say why. The mysterious and lengthy evacuation, in a state known for secretive military testing and a suspected UFO crash, has spawned a wealth of speculation.
      Did the researchers spot something extraterrestrial? Was the solar telescope hacked by a foreign power and deployed to spy on, say, the state’s missile testing range? Or is there an innocuous explanation, suppressed only because of corporate and government resistance to transparency?
      Anywhere near you, Sir?
      [An alien cyberattack? As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.]

      • They are blaming the shutdown of the observatory at Sunspot, NM on a janitor downloading child porn on the observatory’s WiFi. I that’s a bunch of poppycock. You don’t shut down an observatory for a week and evacuate towns around it because of some janitor downloading child porn. I suspect the Chinese or Russians were doing a bit of hacking trying to snoop on White Sand Missile range. Could be the janitor is a Chinese or Russian spy, he wasn’t identified other than a janitor. The janitor in question has not been arrested or charged, so he might just be as fictitious as the cover story. Could well be aliens, but I suspect foreign hacking.

    • When I see them using a computer to do the records, I ask if they can communicate with other hospitals, and the answer has always been no. They each have different systems for the records! The only positive: When I check in at places I’ve been before, I don’t have to fill in one of those endless forms again, just sit in a chair while the recordist asks me for updates on the record or verification the old data are correct.

      As for medications, I take my medicines in once a month to the dialysis unit, they make a new record of the medications plus some I get there that I don’t actually see or am aware of since they are added through the dialysis process). The list, a copy of which I get monthly, makes that p[art of the records up date at other facilities a snap.

      All that said, it still is stupefying that this late in the use of computers there isn’t some universal data bank of medical records, if not for America, for the hospitals and clinics in the same network of medical facilities. And, if not a universal data bank, a way for one medical facility’s computers to communicate with all others.

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