Inchcock Today – Wed 26th Sept 2018: The mind wandering off of its own accord again – can Neuroscience help me? Hehe!


Wednesday 26th September 2018

Uzbek: 26-Sentyabr, Chorshanba

0100hrs: WD3.97.97 The brain had an argle-bargle with me on waking up. It took its own course and topics to confuse me over. Why it bothered beats me, by the time the voice had moved to another subject, or theoretical problem or fear, I’d forgotten the previous one anyway!

There was definitely a berserkishness, and concerning neurasthenia lingering within these semi-hysteria ridden thoughts.

  • Was the mind declaring a unilateral declaration of independence from me?
  • Was I going paranoidal, schizoid or plain loony?
  • Does it matter?

The need for a wee-wee stopped me worrying about the brain, as I extracted my overly abundant body from the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the toilet. Where the urinalisational movement was very reluctant to flow this morning. I got myself seated and read the ‘Catastrophy’ book, a magisterial chronicle of the calamity that crippled Europe in 1914. I’m on page 80 now, and the war has not started for France or Britain yet. Although the Russians, Croats, and Germans had begun full mobilisation. Fascinating reading of the diplomatic failures that could have stopped the war with France and Britain anyway, the Russia v Germany war was not stoppable it seems.

At long last, the liquid reluctantly flowed. I must mention this to the nurse at today’s Warfarin blood test.

3Wed01I carried out an evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol. Fewer bodies were found than previously. Kitchen 9, spare room 12, wet room 8 and front room around the new ill-fitting window sealant mostly, 18 carcasses. Only 3 live weevils, they were in the spare room. Just the one adult was found alive in the kitchen.

Back to the kitchen and got the Health Checks sorted. Shame about the weight still going up.


Back to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. A messy session, but no worse than yesterday’s evacuation.

Got the computer on to update and finish off the Tuesday post.

It took me three and a half hours.

Then I made a start on this one.

3Wed03Ablutions sorted out, bags to the waste chute and all ready to depart off fro the flu-jab and search for some soft pastry lemon cream slices.

As you can see, I was down on the ground floor by 0843hrs, by the Nottingham City Homes electronic signboard.

Outside and dropped the yoghourt glass in the recycling bin.

I bade good morning to a few of the Willmott-Dixon lads as I walked along Chestnut Way.

The weather was so lovely today. The sunshine was infinitely variable and this boded well for my getting some decent photographicalisationing done, I thought.

3Wed04aI turned to take a photo pointing out the busy site with lorries, cars, delivery vans and plant machinery everywhere one looked.

But, a piece of plant machinery arrived and blocked the view.

Oddly, I did not see any other tenants of either Winchester or Woodthorpe Court whatsoever.

3Wed05WD3.97.97 A delivery lorry was parked on the corner of Chestnut Way and Winchester Street (The driver had no other option but to park there), left me with the choice of walking into the road or over the grass verge.

I took the verge, and was glad I did, too! A small black car came belting up the road at great speed as I hobbled over the grass.

I spotted a private plane and got the camera out, but it was long gone by the time I was ready with it. I still took this shop, and it set the old mind wandering instantly as I viewed 3Wed05ait through the view-finder.

A vague, nothingness, innocuous sort of picture, but it set-off the memories and thoughts:

  • I was so glad I no longer had fencing to upkeep and creosote!
  • The TV ariel on the chimney brought back bad memories and gladness that they were over now, of an incident years ago.
  • The clouds and skies were so beautiful.
  • Ah, no more roof tile patching-up for me nowadays!
  • And, where did that plane get to? Hehe!

I pressed on down the hill and onto Mansfield Road and called in the Continental Food Store in search of some lemon cream cake squares. But they had none in again. I could have got, cranberry, banana or other unwanted or liked flavours, though. Tsk!

3Wed06Out on to the main road again, and up the hill towards Carrington.

The traffic was building up. Not surprising of course, it was rush-hour time.

The Rat-Runners can be seen sneaking out into the line of vehicles.

There was an absence of Anne Gyna this morning, which confused me a bit. She nearly always gives me grief on the inclines, but not today?

3Wed07Further up the hill, a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist had stopped to answer or make a call on his mobile phone.

I arrived at the Sherrington Park Medical Practise, to find some tension in the air.

It was the pensioners’ flu-jab day, and this is always a panicky one for the nurses and staff, very busy. With problems being caused by we old ones, who come on a wrong day, at the wrong time or do not turn up at all.

Nurse Ann came for me later, and the pressure on her was evident to me EQ. She asked how I was, I said fine, thank you, and the needle went in, with a warning I may feel dizzy or tired for a few hours… Which tickled me, because without the injection I was already bound to feel dizzy and tired, I always am. Hehehe!

WD3.97.97 I thanked her and left, and foolishly went to the Lidl store to get the much-needed milk. I came out with the milk… and orange juice, more nibbles for the box, orange & lemon spring water, German Rye bread, cooking spray, cheese twists, cheese thins, tomatoes, two Scottish cobs and a lemon cheesecake! And I have an order coming from Morrisons in the morning. What a Klutz!

With two heavy bags full unneeded fodder apart from the milk, I made my way to the bus stop and caught a lift into Sherwood. I had 40 minutes to kill before a bus back up the hill was due. So, I had a wander around the shops. Not buying anything, luckily the bags were both full and too heavy to take anything else. Haha!

3Wed08As I limped wearily up towards the hill to the bus shelter, a doggie-altercation was watched.

A street beggar, who had cunningly positioned himself between the Wilko store and the Mind Charity shop with his black dog with the red coat on, was as usual on his mobile phone with the animal between his legs. As a black dog and the white one passed by, the street beggars dog launched himself at the other two. He was in a super aggressive mode alright. The other two barked back but were wise enough not to get too close as they did so. The man restrained his nasty dog. It was all over apart from the barking in a minute or so.

The white dog, I have often given a bit of fuss to as I passed him by. A lady, who I thought might have been associated with the street scrounger, cause she calmed down their dog.

3Wed09Up to the bus stop and got the bags on the floor and I sat down, something I do not usually do, in case it irritates the haemorrhoids, but today I was super tired after carrying the bags full of unwanted fodder.

I took a photograph down the hill. It shows on the left, the alcoholic resident’s favourite shop in Sherwood, the Bargain Booze outlet. Hehe!

Doreen from the flat arrived, I got up to give her my seat, and we had a little natter.

The bus arrived, and we were soon back at our newly named Winwood Heights Village.

AS we got off, I had a quick few words with the residents who were at the stop. Cindy, Mae, Bill (William on Sundays), and Brenda amongst them.

I wearily made my way back to the flat. So tired-out, poor old thing!

Got the Health Checks done.4Thu001 Took the medications, and went for a rinse and change into the jammy bottoms.

WD3.97.97 I spotted, what at first, I thought was a sizeable evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle that had buried itself in my leg!

No idea what it is?

I did a ‘Raid’ spraying tour of the flat. All I found were dozens of smaller weevils, most of the dead. Only two larger ones found alive, but I got them captured and executed.

3Wed29aGot the nosh prepared. Buttered Scottish cobs, apple, chip sticks, cheese twist, tomatoes, roast belly pork slices and a clotted cream and raspberry swiss roll.

I’d served up far too much of course. However, I demolished the belly pork, cheese twist, Scottish cobs, and apples. The naughty clotted cream swiss roll, I ate only a third off and enjoyed it so much. Flavour rating of 9.45/10 given.

Last Health Checks and medication taking done.

I took a look at the Freeview options for tonight on the box… and fell asleep while doing so… Tsk!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wed 26th Sept 2018: The mind wandering off of its own accord again – can Neuroscience help me? Hehe!

  1. I often have to wonder about my wandering thoughts. Nurse Ann didn’t seem to cranky from your brief description. An embedded EBWIBBB in your leg? They stop at nothing I tell you. While you only have memories of house maintenance, I’m still living the dream. I had to repair the pump on the well, the roof and a window last weekend. We had a downpour yesterday (1/4 inch of rain in about 1/4 hour), and the roof and window still leak. Grrrr! That street guy’s street dog was quite obnoxious, but dogs do tend to be that way. Dogs seem to be best behaved when they are sniffing each others butts — kind of like politicians, come to think of it. That meal looks like it provided some food for thought to help keep your mind in line.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Nurse Ann was under pressure, I could tell. The place was filled with us oldies. Hehe!
      The imagined EBWIBBB in the leg, baffles me, gone and changed to reds and blacks this morning, now. Haha!
      I know it doesn’t help am iota, but I feel great sympathy for your House Maintenance Malaise, mate. At least you don’t have thousands of EBWIBBB’s to hunt three times a day. (I’m not helping you am I?)
      Love your reference to he dogs and politicians.
      The recliner is still working, by the way. Hehehe!
      TTFN, all the best with your darn leaks!

      • We get lots of pesky sugar ants that get into anything not double or triple bagged and sealed. I have to store cat and bird food in ant proof containers. Since it’s impossible to keep bits of food that we may drop, the cats leave and especially food the birds throw around cleaned up all the time, we often have ant feasts with thousands of little black ants swarming whatever piece of food got dropped on the floor or left on a countertop.

        The cats bring in all kinds of critters so it seems I’m always chasing birds, lizards, snakes, baby bunnies, gophers, moths, wasps, and bumblebees around the house, catching them and putting them back outside.

        The problem with roof and window sealants out here is it doesn’t rain very often so between the hot sun and ozone, the sealants dry out, deteriorate, shrink and crack so when we do get rain they leak. The other problem is the cracks that let the water in may not be anywhere near where it leaks inside. I have a lot of the same issues tracking down leaks in our office buildings as well.

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