Inchcock Today – Fri 28th Sept 2018: Stuck indoors all day again – Plastic sheeting removed from the kitchen window. By gum, I lead an exciting life! Hehe!


Friday 28th September 2018

Maori: Rāmere 28 o Hepetema 2018

0025hrs: The mind was in no mood for its independent ramblings this morning. In fact, it wasn’t interested in anything much at all. The time lapse twixt my body informing the brain that activation of the limbs was required, to avoid any delay and accifauxpas, and to enable a safe passage to the WC for a wee-wee, was an extraordinarily lengthy one.

Then it was a lack-lustre response. The extraction of the flabby, yet bulky body-mass from the £300 second-hand, now-working-again rickety recliner, was carried-out in almost slow-motion. I found myself hobbling in no hurry to the closet. Another short-sharp wee-wee washed my dandies and strolled (with a limp) into the kitchen to do the Health Checks, etc. I’d just taken the medications, and had to return to the wetroom with a little more haste on this occasion to make use of the Porcelain Throne.

WD173.2.2 Some distemperature from the evacuation this morning, despite being a fluidish one, the steam rose from the bowl and made me jump! I wondered for a moment what the heck I’d passed, and would it set the fire alarm off? Hehe! A touch of otalgia in both earholes as well? At least these unusual happening had brought the mind back into operation. Note, I didn’t say successfully or efficiently, though.

Back to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. Some results were still a little high for my liking.


I had a sudden brainwave. I’ll get the laundry done, being as I forgot to do it yesterday. This could happen to anyone, Huh!

As I collected the laundry bag and necessary accoutrements together in the spare room… Argh! Some of the larger Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were up on the wall! I sidetracked the laundry duties for a while and set about covering the place with the Flea-Killer and Raid ant and cockroach killer sprays.

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Plenty of live ones today as well! All of the adult ones were lively.

5Fri006I got myself down with the laundry things.

Started the washer and went back up to the apartment.

Where I made a start on updating the Thursday post. I only made a start on the photograph sorting, and it was time to go back down to move the washing to the dryer.

By gum, the dryer needed a bit of defluffing doing before I could use it. Got it going and back up to the flat. One of the elevators had gone off while I was in the laundry room?

5Fri09Upstairs, I continued with the updating on WordPress.

Got Thursdays finalised and posted off, and time to go down again.

I cleaned the dryer after folding and getting the items into the green laundry bag.

I noticed a new poster on the board as I went back.

I’d like to thank the team leaving for their help and support for all of the tenants. Especially Jenny.

Back up to the dwelling, and got the clobber put away.

5Fri11As I began working on this mornings blog, I nipped on to Facebook to put the sorted photographs from yesterday onto the TFZ site.

WD173.2.2 I don’t know if it was Facebook or Virgin Media that slowed me down, but it was very frustrating. This lasted for an hour or so.

5Fri10I must say, it is nice to have a watch to check on without searching out the clock or using the computer. The watch is ultra light and is transparent to read.

We’ll how long it lasts. Even if it isn’t for long, at this ridiculously low price of £2, I can’t moan.

I had a peep at the ‘Whateveritis’ thingamabob on my lower left leg that had appeared on Wednesday.

I must say it has been coming along nicely over the past three days. Hehehe!

It does not hurt at all, nor itch? Even the odd time I catch it against something or other, there is barely any stinging or hurting at all.

I remain curious about this, er, erm, a growth I suppose you could call it?.

As I sat here typing away, an extremely pungent resinous-like acrid chemical smell permeated the flat.

Off I went to investigate the source or cause of this sudden stink.

I poddled into the kitchen, and all became clear, well, clearish to me.

There outside were two workers, both wearing balaclavas, due to the cold wind they said told me later on.

5Fri019aThe lads had removed the plastic covering against the window outside.

They were in the process of removing all of the gunk and bird poo, and paint at the same time, from the ridiculously broad sticking out window ledge.

The unwanted view and light-blocking windows looked like they were finished now. The ledge looks a little tatty now; it still blocks my taking any photographs, or viewing straight down any more. So, no being able to view down and check for any signs of a fire in the event of a Fire Alarm Activation anymore.

The lock cables no hang down and interfere with anything I keep on the sill. Not my favourite part of the upgrade work, these windows, and the horrible balconies. 

The smell must have come whatever they were using to rid the unwanted and hated ledge of the build-up of crap that had accrued.

Well, spirited lads, they were. I slipped them a nibble to help warm them up in their high-rise cage.

I got some potatoes into the crock-pot on medium heat. And mushrooms sliced and in a saucepan with balsamic vinegar and water on a low light.


Then I got the camera out to take some shots out of the window.

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It was nice to be able to take some scenic shots gain, even with the new unwanted view and light blocking new windows in place.

Time to get some page (Diary) top graphics done in advance. A slow job, but I do enjoy doing them. When, Liberty-Global Virgin Media is not playing up, anyway.

The Health Checks were done.

Well gone nosh time before I got them very nearly done. Just two to finish off in the morning. Then to get the drafts started.5Fri34

Got the nosh sorted out. Mild chilli-con-carne, roast spuds with trimmings.

A worthy 8.9/10 in the taste-flavour ratings.

Very late for me now, the weariness dawned and I got a Steven Seagal film, ‘Today you Die’ DVD on to watch. I’d forgotten how bad it was. Hehe!

Sweet Morphius arrived.

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