Inchcock – Friday 31st July 2020: Ahh! A Natterless, but betterer day, at last! Yee-Ha!

Thursday evening’s end tale:

The events of the day had worn me to a frazzle, I was tuckered out, wearied and zonked! When I went into the kitchenette, the fantastic night sky demanded of me to photograph it! So I did! 

I took three snaps in different modes. Of course, I can’t remember which was which now (Tsk!) but do recall using Auto, Night landscape, and Aperture Priority.

I got the 12-hours in a crock-pot, home-made stew served up. It looked a little unappealing when it was in the bowl on the tray. After starting the meal 14hrs earlier, this was disappointing. But it turned out fine, tastewise! A Taste Rating of 7/10 seemed about right.

I got the things washed up and despite my fatigued condition, noticed that I’d spilt a lot of gravy on the oven glove. So I set about washing it in the bowl, as I scrubbed away at it, I began to realise that something was amiss. Why was I doing this at this ungodly hour? My EQ told me I might as well, for sleep is not going to come yet!

I made a bottle of spring water & orange cordial, and took it with me to the recliner, and hop[ed Sweet Morpheus would oblige me. But no!

I watched two one-hour long documentaries on the box, without a single nodding-off, even during the commercial breaks! I even had time for a few Thought-Storms before I got off into the bliss of sleep!

I can do without another brain-challenging day like that again! (But of course, they will be back!) Grobognangles!

TFZer, Model?

Friday 31st July 2020

Haitian: Vendredi 31 Jiyè 2020

05:40hrs: So, I must have finally got about four-hours with Sweet Morpheus, and much-needed this was, too!

I stirred again, in an amazingly semi-perky frame of mind! I think the brain had tried overnight to blank out the hellishness of yesterday’s horrible, tormenting trials?

The extraction of my ever-growing, flabbier, bouncing, bulging-bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, none-operational, uncomfortable, rickety, rusting recliner was not such an easy task this morning. My balance was a smidge out of synchronisation with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters on the right side of the body. No Accifauxpas or tumbles during the trip, but I had to move slower and more cautiously than usual, as I hobbled to the kitchen. And en route, Dizzy Dennis started with short sharp spells, and even more care and wariness had to be taken.

I got the soaking oven glove from the sink bowl and got as much water from it as I could. A bit of a severe and painful job, with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters not being compliant!

Then I hung and wrapped the long oven gloves around the heating bars of the stand-up clothes airer in the hallway.

Put the kettle on and decided to try again, taking three photographs of the morning view, in different camera modes, this time writing down which, to record here. Cunning! The first one was in Auto, the second in Shutter-Priority, and the last one, Aperture-Priority. The third one looked nearest to what the eye saw.

I got the BP sphygmomanometerisationing done. The SYS was back up high again. I imagine yesterdays turmoil and emotional stress, might have been the cause?

I got an insecure feeling that I had forgotten something, that I should remember about today? Most uncomfortable about this! As I was going to the computer, I noticed that the ‘Hum’, was nowhere near as loud today? I’m not complaining, like! I checked on the Google calendar to see if I’d put anything on it for today, zilch, nowt on it? Tsk!

Back to the kitchen, and made a brew, while the kettle was boiling, I needed two wee-wees. Made the tea, and wanted another one! Blimus! Every one of them (I’ll try not to mention any of those that followed; unless there was a change in style, too many to mention them all! Huh!), were of the WOPT (Weak-Orange-Painful-Trickling) mode, with lots of annoying, time-consuming PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribbling)!

Then took the medications, after sorting out the three lookalike small tablets, to identify the Furesomide to remove. Thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, letting me down again. Grangleclogs! To be fair, they are consistent at pissing me off, and have excellent customer ignoring skills! Credit where it’s due!

Back to Computer Cameron. Still not free of this nagging fear that I’ve forgotten something important today, Grrr!

I took this photo through the balcony windows, showing the spreading shadow of the flats.

That’ll be the balcony that has bits of cement or concrete falling from the top inside, that disappear through the wooden floor slats to join the dead insects. Closed windows that let the rain in. End window openings that are cleverly designed. So that you need to push and pull at the same time to open the razor shard-edged metal spring clips at the same time, to open them. Thus, assuring lumps of a finger or two will be removed when operating them.

Incidentally, there have been three people up to now, who have tried to open my balcony end windows since fitted.

  • One, an NCH fitter, he got a bruised and blackened finger for his efforts. Made him jump, and told me, that he is going to report the matter. That was well over two years ago.
  • The second was a Phlebotomy Blood nurse. She got a nasty bruise that tuned black before she’d left the flat. She also said this needs reporting, and I will when get back!  That was about two years ago!
  • The third is me: cuts, bruises, and black spots of varying degrees over the years.

Perfectly well-designed, anyone who is elderly, with Peripheral Neuropathy, Arthritis, Cramps, on Warfarin, Diabetic, poor eye-sight, or senile, these problems have been ignored, not taken on board. I fall into each of the above categories. Luckily, we are all here on a short term basis, age dictates this, so they don’t have to be worried about it. When one resident put in a complaint, he told me the answer given him, was, “Well, don’t open them then!” Fair enough, it’s a solution. But, I don’t complain, I daren’t. Hehehe!

Then, I made a start doing this blog. Dizzy Dennis has decided to attack frequently, but not for any long sessions (up to now, anyway). I made some progress blogging, and then realised I had no page header graphics in hand! And had not caught up om Facebooking either. (The idea that I’d forgot something still wrangled me!) So, I went on Facebooking first, then CorelDraw to create some graphics. It’s hard work, again!

Well, Goodness Gracious me! I’ve been at CorelDrawing now, for nearly four hours, and head-down time approaches, and nothing to eat yet. The worst bit is that I have only got three page-header graphics completed, in all that time! I got carried away, doing much more complicated designs, cause I was enjoying it so much! Now there’s something you really hear me say. Hahaha!

My newly made plans for my nosh are now changed to beef sarnies, Dagwood style, well-buttered, beef, with tomatoes and gherkins. Oh, I’ve got some eggs, it’s been that long since I bought some, I’d forgot I had them. Yes, some boiled egg as well, then!

I’ll make a start now, and return to computerisationing later. Now I have made myself hungry. I hope I get it right. Back sooner or later, folks!

The imitation Dagwood (lathered in Britanny butter) roast beef and tomato rolls, egg mayonnaise, beetroot & onion salad, and pork pie meat, backed up my apples, grapes and imitation cream dessert, was slowly and wallowingly digested, and enjoyed. TR 7/10.

I pondered over the day, a much betterer one than yesterday, although still a talkless to anyone one, (other than to myself – I did a lot of that, barely stopped). And no call to the Porcelain Throne either, yet! I got the pots washed.

I got down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rickety recliner, to watch the TV. Fell asleep, and woke up, in a semi-panic, needing to utilise the Porcelain Throne. I say semi-panic, cause I feared I might not get here in time, the gurgling was almost continuous.

But I did it and was most amazed when I sat there for ages, doing the crossword puzzled for yonks. I think I may have broken my record for passing wind, without a break! The movement had to be encouraged, but it was far less painful this time, and of tinned meatballs in texture.

As I’m was about to medicate certain no-longer-used parts of my grossly overweight body, I spontaneously (is that the right word?), thought I might as well do the ablutions while I as there.

I was doing the teeth and realised it was a little late in the day for using the noisy shower tonight, so I opted for a good stand-up bath. No problems with the teggie-cleaning. And shaving, wait for it… did not produce a single cut or nick! Plenty of dropsies, mind.

My plates and legs were the most anaemic looking for years? But, no problems or pains with them. Even Arthur Itis has been in a good mood all day. I fear something unexpected, and discommodious is going to end all this good fortune!

The medicating was painless and accident-free! I’m not used to this?

Freshening up spray, deodorant, that’s the word, created a bit of interest. I must have dropped the ‘Sure’ can repeatedly at one time, five times in a row! It’s a good job there are no microphones in the wet room! I was laughing at myself and passing criticisms every time I dropped it. On the final dropping, the Sure spray can hit my foot and it bounced against the floor cabinet, and the plastic sprayer-top shattered. Hahaha! 

I got the computer back on and updated, then sent off this blog.

TTFNski each, and haveth a super-duper day!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock – Friday 31st July 2020: Ahh! A Natterless, but betterer day, at last! Yee-Ha!

  1. No one has managed to fix the killer window? If you lived in the USA you would have probably had two lawsuits against for your window making attempts on the NCH fitter and vampire’s lives. That’s nice you had a better day. Decent looking meals beggining and end.

    • Thanks, Timothy.

      I don’t want to rush them over the windows at the Nottingham City Homes. I think I’m unpopular at the moment. Deana the Warden has not got in touch with me for six days? Mmm? Hehehe! Hope she’s alright. On holidays (vacation) perhaps.

      I can see the headlines, Sir; “Overweight, bald, Octegenarian injures two council fitters and a vampire – Read all about it!”

      Hope the furries are doing well, great photos!

      TTFNski, Sir.

      • How can such a fun loving, positive, jubulant person such as yourself be unpopular. Doesn’t seem possible.

      • Hahaha! Being as you point-out, a Jovial, contented, cock-a-hoop, carefree, fun loving, positive, jubulant personage, comes natural to me, you know, Tim. I’ve so much to be grateful for. And luckier than most old folk. (Did I say that?)

        I’m going to try and improve on my jollificationing, or not.

        I’ve just two minutes ago, ad the first toe-stubbing of the day, and I did not curse! Hehe!
        Cheers, Sir.

  2. I got an insecure feeling that I had forgotten something, that I should remember about today?

    I am quite adept at failing to remember what I was supposed to remember without fail, have you remembered the forgotten something? Writing reminders on the back of old envelopes is my usual tried and false method. Another adept skill — making a pile of things to file, watching the pile slide onto a neighboring pile, then onto the floor, where they shuffle. Would you believe that I am also quite the one to lose things? 🙂 Hehehe and Harumph!

    • More similarities appear, Billum.
      I spotted a red sports car on Chestnut road from the window, a posh one. Fetched the camera, and it had gone when I got back. Tsk!


      • I like your views.

        Ah, Q. My favourite character from the ‘proper’ Bond movies, Billum.

        Apart from him being clever, having hair, is not fat and short, I sort of ‘bonded’ to his persona. Hahaha!

        The red sports car is back this morning, I’ve phoptographicalised it, and will present a full report on my suspicions and analysis of available data for you, in todays blog!

        Hope Lisa, yourself and the keyboard Catski are doing well!

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