Inchcock Today – Sunday 30th August 2020: Losing it, methinks. Tsk!

Sunday 30th August 2020

Turkey: 30 Ağustos 2020 Pazar

02:25hrs: Woke up wanting a wee-wee.  wrenched my mass from the wickedly uncomfortable recliner, and wearily walked wobblingly to the wet-room and wee’d. (Another day of repeated PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), and AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble, wee-weeing).

Waddled to the kitchen. When I turned the light on, Saccades Sandra was so annoyed at the flashing and blinking marathon that followed, until the tube actually lit up properly. This brought on Dizzy Dennis as well! Grumblecronkackers! 

I a sort of slow motion, I got the Health-Checks carried out. The SYS had shot up again. Took the morning medications and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. By the time this was all done, Saccades-Sandra and Dizzy Dennis had both calmed down. Earhole temperature, 33.4°c.

I dropped the wooden stirrer, got the long picker-upperer to retrieve it, and noticed that the legs looked exactly (to me, anyway) like they did yesterday morning.

As I stood upright, the innards gurgled and spouted-forth with some rumbling, churning, and short stabs of mild pain? I anticipated that a rush to the Porcelain Throne would soon be needed. But, no! Not yet.

I found this mystery photo on the card?

Ah, blooming heck, I think I can feel a new boil on my bum! Just thought I’d mention it, like!

Computer Cameron booted up, and a template made. I updated the Saturday Inchcock and got the link sent off. Pinterested some snaps, and then replied to a comment or two. Went on the WordPress Reader section. Facebooking next. The ailments were in a good mood with me now, although Dizzy Dennis shows signs of being interested or planning to attack. Hehehe!

Ablutions next, fingers crossed.

  • Porcelain Throne usage was required, another agonistical session.
  • Teeth brushing went okay.
  • Shaving excellent, only one nick!
  • Overall, only four dropsies!
  • Dizzy Dennis attacked, but not too bad at all!
  • Overbalanced getting the PPs on, elbow clouted.
  • Not knocking anything off of the shelves. (Smug-Moded-Engaged!)

The pins and plates looked like they are going to burst out with some Clopidogrel allergy blotches, lumps, and welts again soon. The  Deep vein Arterial Thrombosis, Spider veins, Thrombophlebitis swelling, and the maculations could be returning as well.

I checked the availability of the ingredients for making Josie’s meal. Made up a couple of small black waste bags. Then made a brew and took a photo of the late morning view. No sunshine, but it did show through occasionally. 

Here is a photo of my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-law Pete, who searched my flat while I was in the hospital with the Stroke, and took all my cash and valuables. He could not resist the playing about with the recliner controls either! Now the chair longer works! Hehehe! True! Now the lads having to have Radiology Treatment for his Cancer, and he sent me this photo of his lost hair each time he has a shower! He’s keeping his sense of humour, I’m proud of him for that. Keep your chin up. Pete! It’ll be easier than it is for me, I’ve got three-chins to keep up! Hahaha!

I got Josies’ mushrooms and peas heating slowly in the pan.

Bit of a memory blank here. I recall delivering the meal to Josie. The next thing was sitting down, feeling a little queasy. Then I sort of came around and was serving up my plate?

I had a photo of this on the SD card.

Then, waking up a few hours later. TV on, nocturnal nibbling signs around, and a nearly full OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), and with a fissiparousness of mind storming.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 30th August 2020: Losing it, methinks. Tsk!

  1. That’s awfully, maybe more like awful, of Pete to send you photos of his hair clogging up the drain. Been there on the no hair thing. Your legs have a bit of color and you temp is almost normal. Now if they can get you balanced out on your SYS. Queasy, serving up your plate with blank spots? Now I would that’s a whole lot better than Queasy, puking on your plate without blank spots.

    • I’m hoping the picture will cheer Pete up a bit, although he’s doing a grand job of coping with it all.
      Sorry if it brought back bad memories for you, Sir.
      Yea, the SYS is uo and down so regularly. If I can reember the way to the surgery, I’ve got it on my list of qestions for Dr Vindla, Hehe!
      The blanks are the onlt thing that really get to me, Timothy. No cause nor reason for them can be found. I’ll ask the Falls team caller when he calls on me. I’ll check on the calendar… Monday next, but not time of day given.
      Hope the new gals are not causing to much mayhem? I imagine the others will not be too bothered by them?
      TTFNski, thanks.

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