Inchcockski – Tuesday 8th September 2020: It was a zoochotic sort of day!

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Tuesday 8th September 2020

Shona: China China 10 Gunyana 2020

(South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique, & Zimbabwe)

04:00hrs: I woke up, to the well-established, wee-wee wanting, and wrestled my whale-like body from the not working, uncomfortable, second-hand, £300, c1968, rickety, rusting, sickenly beige-coloured, recliner. I caught my balance and made for the wet room. For some reason, I’d not got the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) in situ?

The pathetic wee-wee of sorts was back to an RSHH (Reluctant-Sprinkling-Half-Hearted) effort, with an extraordinarily long AMD (After-Micturition-Dribbling) that took far too long, to my thinking. No early call to the Porcelain Throne, though just like yesterday?

I wandered limpingly to the kitchen. As I was about to take this morning view, from the letting rain in, thick-framed, light & view-blocking new windows, which came out decent enough considering the gloomy weather, I involuntarily started to breaking almost musical, lengthy winds from the rear end! I even broke into a smile wit the length of time they kept coming! Hehehe! But no call to the Porcelain Throne, there were none of the usual tummy pains that I get just before any evacuation. So I felt confident enough to carry on with the Health Checks, but not overly so. With virtual crossed-fingers!

Using the stick thermometer, the temperature sowed up as 34.°7c. Which is a fair one, methinks? Not so the Health Checks on the BP sphygmomanometer, see the SYS? Crikey, that’s high! I wondered maybe the excitement of yesterdays escape from the lock-down to town had some effect on it? I was undoubtedly in a more comfortable frame of mind this morning. Mmm?

I washed and got some potatoes in the crock-pot, with a drop of the Squid brand fine fish sauce vinegar added. No need for salt, because the sauce has Anchovies in it. Bootiful!

I went to get the ablutions done. A standing up at the sink session today, the Iceland order was coming soon. Still, it went fairly well for once! A few dropsies, one tiny-weeny nick shaving, nowt knocked over, and even the medicationing went well! Superb!

I had another look out of the window, and down to Chestnut Walk. Aha, a red car parking naughtily! Or maybe not, he or she might just be turning around. Did you see that? I’m not jumping to conclusions! Temporary- Smug-Mode-Adopted! 

I made brew of Glengettie, and took it with me to the computer, to make a start on this blog.

But before I began, the weather turned a little dark again, I pictured it with the Nikon and then dug into the updating.

Huh! The moment I started, guess what happened? SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) kicked-off with some venom! This caused, curwhibbles, misspellings, Nicodemus’s occasional letdowns, constant correction making, frustrations, and a peed-offedness like never before! Gangleboggleisations!  I gave up, well, had a break, and decided to get the washing done. A long job and SSS made me spill a fair drop of water as I wrang out the clothes after washing. Granglespithowlations! I eventually got the clothes, done, wrung and hung above the sink. No socks to do, cause I chickened of wearing any yesterday.

Not that this has anything at all whatsoever to do with my fear of using the harrowing, Accifauxpa guaranteed, blood-producing, metal, sock-glide of course! Ahem!

The Iceland chap arrived with the food order. Friendly bloke he was, dropped the stuff through the door for me. Thanked him and slipped him a can of G & T, and got the things through to the kitchenette. They had substituted mini apple pies with apple and blackberry ones. (Not for me, I don’t like blackberries). And had not got any muffins in stock.

But it doesn’t matter, cause I’d already got some bits for Jenny, and added the pies and a facemask, and took them down to Jenny’s flat, rang the bell and left the carrier on her doorstep. Back up, and got some more updating on this blog done. Nicodemus and SSS had both calmed down, so progress was reasonable now.

When I got back, I’d had a letter put through the door, so I investigated. It was Nottingham City Homes, Regarding the bad parking at the flats. Pointing out that the bus had to be cancelled last week, due to cars parking on the yellow lines around the turning island, and the bus had to be cancelled for the rest of the day.

One passage read: If you see an NCH vehicle parked on a double-yellow line, please make a note of the vehicle registration, and pass it on to your Independent Living Coordinator, so we can follow this up.

And: We will shortly be installing new bollards around the roundabout to prevent cars parking.  They asked residents not to park in restricted areas.

‘Our aim is to keep these areas free from vehicles, to allow bus and emergency services access’.

We all know that there are problems for nurses and residents to park, but the Nottingham City Homes are aware of this, and they are planning to make more spaces available soon. So it’s nice to know they are active in sorting the problems out. Merit point to the NCH!

Jenny rang later, baryphonics from Stuttering Stephany, made me feel a right fool. Talk about having difficulty speaking, finding and spitting out the words didn’t come easily. Humph! I was so well pleased she appreciated the nibbles. Even happier when we got a little chinwag and laugh together in. She was patient with Stuttering Stephanie as well. Bless her! ♥

I got the oven warming, checked the potatoes in the slow-cooker, and got a tin of baked beans in the saucepan, back to the computer.

A landline call came in, it was my beloved Vampire nurse Hristina. ♫ She’ll be coming round the mountain… ♫ losing it here, sorry! Be calling in the morning to take the blood for the INR Warfarin test. ♥

Got the nosh prepared and served up. Horrible is the best word to describe this culinary catastrophe!

The potatoes were alright, that’s about it really. Eurgh! 3/10 for flavour & taste!

I left most of it, apart from the spuds, that is. A wise move, I think.

Took the things through to the kitchenette to soak in the washing up bowl, checked on the jacket still hanging to dry, and moved it on the coathanger to the window, when I took this decentish photo, the evening view looked impressive.

To the main room, and took another picture with the Nikon, through the balcony windows. Pretty natty cloud display!

So, there was no Porcelain Throne visit today. Hmm?

Evening medications were taken, and I got down in the c1968 recliner in search of Sweet Morpheus. Which was nothing short of brilliantly successful! I was in the land-of-nod within an hour. Sleeping and dreaming (I was back to 1950, and a youngster again in this nightmare)… which was rudely disturbed by repeated chiming on the front doors bells!

I had to struggle out of the recliner, fumble about getting some clothes on, hobbling and stubbing my damned toe en route to the door. To discover that it was Josie who’d woke me for the third time in seven days, bringing me a cake, bless her intentions. ♥ I thanked her, couldn’t hear anything she said, no hearing aids in.

I wish the gal would and could remember about my going to sleep early, but there you are, not her fault, we’re both the same memory-wise it seems. Hahaha!

But that was the end of any sleep; when I got back down again, I just could not nod back to sleep! Humph!

12 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Tuesday 8th September 2020: It was a zoochotic sort of day!

  1. Parking always seems to be a problem. So you know what planners think will solve the problem? Make streets narrower or close them off to traffic, and make fewer parking places so people will be more inclined to take public transit. I kid you not. All their planning does is piss people off and create more congestion and traffic problems. But they never learn. A “culinary catastrophe”? It’s a great description of a disastrous meal.

    • Parking and the council’s reactions are the same over here, Tim. Bus lanes, cyclists lanes, and one for the PBM (Poor bloody motorist).

      I think this morning two visits in an hour up to now, and the stomach ache, might be theresult of what bit I did eat of CC.

      Taking a photo from the window yesterday, hand in the camera strap of course, and I saw something fall off of the Nikon, and flutter down. Found it was the rad for the thumb to go on had come off. I thought I’d try to go down to retrieve it, but the floorers had the lobby filled and there was no way through! Still, I don’t expect I’d have found it. Tsk!
      TTFNski, Sir.

  2. One thing about the part of the “astounding”, if that is true it seems just weird really. Like a communist country that if your neighbour did this or that that the government doesn´t agree with you, then we have a confrontation and you end in a civil war. It´s 6 a.m in Spain and I forgot if it was one hour more in the Kingdom, or one less, point being is that you don´t go to war…..specially having the Queen you have. She has been there for a little bit so my guess is that she is quite tough, quite tough and I should end that you said Notting Hill….. like the movie! I did cruise there so that brought good memories.

    • I tired the Google Translater for this, Charly; Hope I got it right, mate.
      La Reina no se involucra en las decisiones del Gobierno, aunque legalmente podría hacerlo. Viene en la radio y la televisión con mensajes, todos tienen sentido para mí, bendita sea.
      Me alegro de que tenga buenos recuerdos, señor.


  3. Menudo Google Translate que tiene usted, yo creo que en España tendriamos que resucitar a Franco durante un par de dias, luego volver a meterlo en la tumba pero un par de dias que ponga las cosas en su sitio.
    Common Inch, you can translate that one. Just a bit of effort.

    • Now that’s a good idea. Charly. I ask the medium lady if she can contact him for you. She’s a nice… oh, I forgot she’s moved back in with her family.
      ‘What a Google Translate you have, I think that in Spain we would have to resuscitate Franco for a couple of days, then put him back in the grave but a couple of days to put things in their place.’
      Still a good idea!

      • I do think is semi nice idea, he did say, Franco that is, we have to keep the people controlled…..something to that effect yet he was a dictator so is normal in his little twisted view. But he did a lot for Spain also, brought tourism in the 60. s, and why do I have light in this room I live in? Because of the swamps he build also around those years. He did do some good things for Spain, including the transition fo be a so called democracy yet now it seems that the left it´s goal is to bring down democracy, so might as well get him out of his grave let him build another army kick these communist-socialist (the two parties and more that joined forces to overthrough the so called conservative party are exactly that, socialist and the communist), so just let Mr. Frank out, unleash the war dogs, and then quickly after all the mayhem put him to sleep again, once the balance is set.
        Muy buena traducción la de usted.

      • Franco was for Spain first and foremost, and thast was right.
        Shame we can’t find someone like him… but the commies would block anyone getting into power. Like here, I fear them winning an election.
        Thanks cocker, taketh care.

      • I´m just saying it is not all black and white, that´s it. What if the communist rule, communist have kille hundreds of millions of people in the last century, that´s a fact. Now we, in Spain, do live under these type of “programs” and nothing is going good, neither with Franco if you where not on his side yet if your produced economically things that benefited our country well you are mostly good to go, my father being a young journalist was censored for certian things he wrote and at the same time that weird sistem did provide him slowly but surely to give him the chance the walk up the ladder. I just call Franco a “cool dictator”, he did build the foundations for the today of today everything life we know today here in Spain, the communist benefited from it also. Bunch of things from one side and then the communist, which they too were killing left and right, people being pinned down against each other because that person had conservative values… you wante the communist to win that war? You want them to rule Spain? Not you just talking in general, when now we do have a communist-socialist government and they gave me until this month 400Euros, now I got a cool little card saying I nor millions can apply for the help until…. they will give you some shit. Point being overall if I can reduce it to one sentence: I´m freaking screwed with this communist ruling us and the reason they can do it is because Franco laid the foundations since the communist do have quite a lot of polices that mirror the foundations he laid but to their own personal 2 or more people in power hence these communist fucking up our country should actually give thank´s to Franco.
        (That was a weird last point, no?)

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