Invert Inchie – Monday 22nd February 2021, Diary

Dang, keys!


Monday 22nd February 2021

Greek: Δευτέρα 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2021

Forever waking up, at times with memories of a dream or nightmare, and repeating the process for hours and hours… it was a horrible experience. The worse bit now is I cannot recall the happenings with any clarity at all. The old standard on a boat or barge was in there somewhere, but nowt concrete memory-wise.

02:40hrs: I lay there, having woken up for the twentieth time, and the innards indicated it would be a good idea to pay the Porcelain Throne a visit. So, I did!

Gathering the equilibrium and ability to do so safely was a little harrowing. The catching of my balance didn’t work as well as usual, and I had to really take care not to go over en route to the wet room and when I opened the door…

I’d left the light on and the wall-heater on full blast! I turned it off and continued getting my rear-end down on the raised plastic seat – and only just in time, too! A puke-making aroma came with the evacuation. Again a red and black mixture of mini meatballs, seemingly linked together? Painful, stinky, and messy! One of the most unpleasant evacuations I’ve ever had. The tremendous heat in there didn’t help any.

I was muddle-headed when I came out, and entering the cold flat, made me shiver. Brrr! I got the Thermal Hat on posthaste. And did the Health Checks. Al looked fair to me.

I made a start of the updating of the Sunday blog. I pressed on and got it finished. Posted it off, emailed the link, and had a go at the WordPress Reader section. Coughing and sneezing throughout!

I went to make a brew of Glengettie, and doing this, I had a sneezing bout again. I felt a little escape from the rear-end and rushed back to the Porcelain Throne! The evacuation was almost entirely liquid, this time an olive coloured small dollop. It left me feeling weak for some reason? The feeling that I would be back shortly was with me. Humph!

I did the Post-Dump Health Checks. The coughing and sneezing are getting annoying now! Phlegm from the chest was flowing a little freer.

Made a start on this post and then went of Facebooking catch-up. Not for long… I had to rush back to the Throne again! This one was worse in one way; it was 90% water and yellow water at that. It took me ages to clean the place up after the evacuation, and I was beginning to feel a bit bilious now? I keep shivering, coughing, sneezing and nervous of puking up; this is not going to be a good day; I don’t need the EQ to tell me this. A smidge of self-pity sneaking in, here?

Back to the Facebooking. The stomach giving off little rumbles, and on tenter-hooks that I will soon be off in a hurry again to the Throne.

I am not doing too well today. I wonder what time the Warfarin vampire will come? I’d better try to get the ablutions done early, in case she does arrive at a reasonable time.

The tummy seems to be settling a bit at last. I’ll risk a cuppa and some biscuits, methinks.

I had a few involuntary Thought Storms, which did me no good at all. The shivering moments continue!

I took off the quilt I was wearing around my stomach, and I set to giving it a good washing. It took a good while, but eventually, I got it hung above the sink, smelling much fresher than it did before.

Next, I got the ablutions tackled, the body shivering while I did the teeth and shaving. The tummy beginning to rumble again!

I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would during the ablutionalisationing.

No calls for the Throne. The legs looked in fine form, the blotches and lumps seem to have gone on holiday?

The showering was something else altogether, only three dropsies, no bangs or knocks, and Dizzy Dennis didn’t visit me at all! In fact, the total dropsies added up to perhaps six at most!

I got dressed, hoping I smell a bit better than I did when I woke up, and I updated this blog. Expecting the Warfarin Vampire nurse will arrive early rather than late.

I risked making another mug of Glengettie Gold! Got the kettle on and wrung out the quilt hanging, and the intercom burst forth. It was the Warfarin nurse, one of my favourites. Cuddly and pleasant.

We spoke of the reactions I was having to the Covid Vaccine.

  • I mentioned my sleeping for fifteen hours, and she said her mother did the same, but for twenty-four hours! Blimey!
  • The dizzies and stomach rumblings. Almost every one of Angel’s patients having the vaccination suffered the same.
  • Told her of the repeated watery Throne visits and what they were like. Angel said several of her patients had the same thing for up to four or five days! Oh, dearie me!
  • Said I was losing track of the days. Several of Angel’s other patients had the same thing…
  • In fact, she had the same reactions herself! And knew how worried I must be. Bless her!
  • She recommended that I do as little as possible and just rest. That sounded good advice to me!
  • She told me to try and eat something today, but not to force it,
  • if I get any reactions from the innards.

She took the blood painlessly. Helped me back into the zip-up jacket and had to go to her next patient. I convinced her to try a packet of the Lemon Wafers as a thank you.

I got back to making the tea after the angel had gone. I pondered what she told me about eating and made up a saucepan of Chillie-Con-Carni, adding some garden peas, rost paprika, Oxo, and gravy salts. Gave it a good mix-up and will leave it to marinate, stirring again now and then, to try eating further along the day.

I am feeling drained again already today. I’m going to take a rest, I think.

This was the worst period since the vaccination. All I could do for many hours was just sit there, unmoving apart from a few painful Throne trips, resulting in stomach ache each time as the terrible black stinking wet bits flowed. Many times I considered pressing the alarm button. I felt that bad. I dreamt, woke, did nothing but feel sorry for myself; I did find this photo on the camera the next day. Obviously taken from where I was lounging for so many uncomfortable, head-spinning hours in the recliner.

I was getting more and more fed-up and out of control mind-wise. I think I was blurring thoughts from the nightmares and reality, and this went on for hours.

On one of the many visits to the Throne, I recalled what the nurse said and could smell the Chilli-Con-Carni mix coming from the kitchen. I struggled with it, but I got some served up,

I was determined to eat something, as the nurse said. I slowly got through most of it, went to through the rest away, and promptly spewed-up what I’d eaten.

I think it was the last visit to the Throne, and I just settled again. Sweaty, unhealthy, depressed, and sorry for myself. The Vaccine has made me properly poorly, and many others, according to the nurse. The effects of it go on and on relentlessly. I get worse and worse, coughing and sneezing again now; the phlegm from the chest feels almost solid at times, destroying any chance of sleep every bout.

Eventually, another visit to the throne was needed. This was so terrible, the pearl-like strings of contents were bloody and black, but at least they flowed free enough this time. Sheer depression and self-loathing reigned.

As I sat there in pain and a fed-up state like never before, bits of a repeated dream, I’d been having came to mind. By the time I got to write a bit down, most thoughts had gone off to the ether. I know for sure that I was in a model train shop, and everything started to so so small I could not see or buy what I wanted? Why this, above all the other crap I’d dreamt of, some of them while awake,

I’m not sure why this should be so special, I don’t know, I just felt it was?

I dare not risk a cup of tea yet, with the innards so delicate.

I am my lowest ebb for years. The thought of the second-follow-up vaccination coming, and going through all these mind-boggling, body and mind-tormenting times again, scares me to death!

That’s how bad I feel. Horrible!

16 thoughts on “Invert Inchie – Monday 22nd February 2021, Diary

  1. That’s a terrible waste of CCC, but you at least tried. Of course the reason you get artificial lemon in lemonade is because they used all the real lemons for dish soap. “Like Duh!” as the teenagers used to say. I don’t know if they still say that or if they are onto to something new.

    If you can’t wake up thinking, the next best thing is to wake up stinking. So all your reactions to the vaccine are the same as it ever was? So much for trying to be different! The good things are your BP, temp and legs are all looking good.

    • The innards ain’t right yet, Tim.
      Ah, the famous Duh! No idea what the new upgraded term would be.
      I started today of shitty as I have since Saturday’s voccine intake. But think things might be on the trun at last, cause I’ve only been to the Throne once in three hours! Fingers crossed. I sent the email to the doctors.
      You’re spot on about the BP and legs, mayhaps the Covid vaccine has helped and hindered at the same time? Hehehe!
      I’m looking forward to the baby owlets pictures, Tim.
      Cheers mate.

  2. Well heck. I go my second jab yesterday and I feel fine. Also good news on the Crohn’s front, I have been approved for Humira with no deductible. Good news indeed.
    Wishing you betterer health results real soon now, kind Sir!
    Cheers, cocker!

    • By Jimminee, that’s cheered me up, Sir!
      Which vaccination did you have, Sir? I imagine not the AstroSeneca vaccine. Thr onlt folks having bother in out three flats all had that one along with me. Not good! I am usually casual about the ailments, but the though of the second one coming from the same crap, dangerous, side-effected AstroSeneca vaccine, actually scare me, the thought of going through it all again. (I am a chicken!)
      I am delighted the Humira has been granted – Grrreat!
      That distant noise you just heard, was me cheering for you, Billum.

      • I received 2 jabs of Pfizer and did not suffer a single side-effect, 2 days and counting is wot.
        We don’t have AstroSeneca over here. I hope that the illness caused is short-lived and that yer protection from Covid is long-lived. Hey, I would be a chicken too!
        The Humira is $13,000 for a starter’s dose. Fortunately, my paltry income qualified me for cost-free status. They also granted me an entire year of coverage. It sometimes helps to be a poor codger. Which reminds me of one of my father’s favorite adages:
        “I would rather be rich and healthy than sick and poor.” Perhaps I’ve already mentioned this adage. I feel the same way about such preferences. 🙂
        I fank you for the cheer, kind Sir! It resounded resoundedly!

      • I was hoping to get that one, Billum, having read about the AstroSeneca shit! Oh, sorry!
        Yes you mentioned the Humira (TNF blocker), good fortune, for which I was tickled pink! Having looked it up, I see it is very effective – Yee-Haa!
        Gawd, back to the Porcelain Throne again now…

      • Well, I shall now call that brand of vaccine “Astral Seance” — it makes yer feel like yer already dead.
        My dermatologist informs me that Humira is also used to treat what she calls “opportunistic” infections, such as the one on my back that Lisa is treating twice per day. It is called Guttate Psoriasis — it originates in the gut, looks like something on display at the Tate, and gives you a sore eye when you look at it. 🙂
        Hey, it’s also good for reducing runs to the Porcelain Throne. The gut is where Crohn’s establishes residence.

      • That sums up how it affected me, Billum! I’m nervous of having the second jab, I have to admit!
        I had a peep at the NHS site to what they use to treat Guttate Psoriasis:
        Cortisone cream for itching and swelling.
        Dandruff shampoo for your scalp.
        Lotions with coal tar to soothe your skin.
        Prescription medicines with vitamin A.
        If your case is more serious, your doctor may give you a prescription to take by mouth. These include: Corticosteroids.
        I reckon this Humira is going to help you mate, I pray so.
        Shame you can’t get the Bailiffs to throw Crohn’s out. Hahaha!
        Keep safe both of you, and the furries of course.

      • Astrologic Senecas hit you with quite a fervor, I hope they hit any encounters with Covid over the horizon.
        The steroidal cream is doing a good job at ridding me of Guttate, ’twas quite the fulsome outbreat it were.
        I think they will schedule the delivery of injector pens next week, Humira gets good ratings for treating the feisty Crohn’s. A shame that the bailiffs can’t be summoned to toss the Crohn’s into the medical-waste bin.
        The furries are glad to be safe and secure and away from vast piles of snow. They do enjoy their fluffy pillows. 🙂

      • Clear, consice communicalisationing there, Billumski – with an inbuilt bit of humour, too. And I thank you. A bit of medicationalistical good luck, you are overdue, tis true!
        Glad the furries fluffy pillow utilistationing.

      • Thank you for enjoying my clear, concise communicalisationing, kind Sir! Fank you, fank you!
        Methinks, I think, that it’s quite the achievement that vaccines could be discovered, manufactured, and injected in less than one (1) year.
        The furries love choosing their favorite pillows. Nibbles’ two (2)favorite pillows:
        1. lap
        2. leg
        We hope that your side effects stop kicking you real soon now.

      • Ah, the furries know bestest, Billum. They be a source of central heating, cuddleability and clawing awake, as I recall.

        Hehehe! Wel, Cycril and Lady were.

  3. I lucked out after Nr. 1 – my arm was sore to the touch (so, of course, I kept touching it!), but no other symptoms. I get Nr. 2 on the 26th. I hope I don’t have much more than the first one for symptoms.

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