INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 15th March 2023

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I woke after what I believed was a six-hour dream, and the memory of the ‘Gone-Missing-Laundry’ came to mind; as I was getting depressed and morbid at the prospects of having no dressing gowns, spending a fortune to replace them and the throws that may turn up, or likely will never will, and the email from the bank asking for confirmation and why I have bought the same things that I~~ did three months ago…

Then the real worry came to me. Wearing trousers for the Brain Scan at the hospital which is going to produce at least agony to poor Little Inchy as the catheter tube pulls and tugs again his fungal lesion. Next, the thought of having no dressing gown to change into and get out of the pain-giving trews when I get home to relieve the pain hit me… Argh!

A Mild Depression Dawned!
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When I forced my tormented body and mind to rise from the depths of the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner, I found that the Catheter punch contents were…

At the highest level of colouration on the chart.

I think there may be a slight chance, remote possibility, hundred-to-one shot, that today may not be a good one. Then again, when was my last good day?
was not too hopeful of finding my ‘taken-away-to-be-laundered clothing’. The chances, must be slim, but she did say she’d have another look around for me.

Found my laundry.
But no throws in there.

CorelDraw not letting me add any photos.
Trouble getting into WP.
Mousee taking me left & right, not up and down?
Fearing the worse here…

6 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 15th March 2023

  1. Good grief! An out-of-control mouse! Sounds like one of those tedious technology problems that defy understanding! Best wishes for finding out what’s wrong. In the mean time, reboot. Sometimes that takes care of it.

    • Thanks, mate.
      Tried that (Rebooting) twice, Doug, No luck. Then I tried a change of mouse, to a new one, that was worse than ever, when I used that it kept moving to past and new pages?
      Back to the old mouse, rebooted again… and things were better. But, CorelDraw will still not oet me use the pictires taken.., yet, I’m not giving up. Have try rebooting again and hope CorelDraw responds.
      There isd hope yet…

      • Depriving you of CorelDraw is the worst of it. I especially enjoy your efforts on that program! I hope you work it out, Gerry. Damn things – computers – are good entertainment for us old folks until they act up. Keeps us off the streets, where we form gangs.

      • It’s alll a mess, mate.
        GoWrongableness is my new nickname. Hehehe!
        Love the idea of us forming gangs, made larf out loud, Doug.

  2. The BP is inching back up. The bloody bag wasn’t looking good either. Nice looking meal, however.

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