Inchie: Wednesday 14th June 2023

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Not the worst of days, by a long chalk,
Although the stubbed made me squark,
Stuttering Stephanie, it was hard to talk,
I couldn’t get out for a walk…
Food delivery, but no borscht!
Had sausage late, vegan, not pork,
Got nothing done, and a cold I caught…
More groceries I very nearly bought…
Carer Kara stopped me; she’s a good sort,
As is Carer Richard, I have to report…
He returned my laundry; nothing short!

05:25hrs: The awakening: As I waited for the brain to kick-start, I fumbled about painfully; bending does me no good nowadays, attempting to get the night pouch off of . It took a while. Then it was off to the . Why I can’t understand but the water tank, after the ultra-messy evacuation, did nothing when ~I pressed the handle. It was empty? So, I used the buckets of water I’d left handy, filled it, and flushed it. Then I had to fetch buckets of water to refill it, and then even more in readiness for the next visit. was not happy about this. I must remember to thank Nottingham City Homes maintenance for the 15 weeks of agony I’ve waited for it to be repaired and the physical agony I’ve gone through. Oh, and of course, oligarch Fries and Liberty-Global Virgin Media for the mental agony it serves up every single day with outages. I’m fed up with recording them, but I assure you today I’ve had 14 of them, albeit short ones, but enough for me to lose work that could not be saved and have to repeat them. No wonder it is now 23:55hrs, and I am only just starting on this blog.
I’d like to ask them if they can help me… Haha!

I made the one mug of tea now allowed, and a text message came in. It was from Asda, and my delivery is on its way; We’ve had to make changes… one day; if I live long enough, and the country doesn’t go bankrupt, or a revolution takes place, I hope to get a delivery with nothing missing from Asda. Or Iceland, or Morrisons even.

I washed the containers and refilled them with biscuits and marshmallows.
Then realised I’d let the tea go cold. Not that I could have got it, cause the food arrived.
As I was about to put the things away, the Carer arrived; it was Kara. She listened to me telling her about the new eye drops and, got the medications served up, attached a new day pouch onto . Then put the eye drops in for me. She was in a rush but took the waste bag with her, bless her. Oh, she told me the Doctor had called her, and I am to continue taking the Finasteride tablets. She looks after me, & keeps me informed. ♥ But she still won’t adopt me as a grandfather. Hehehe!
I got on with storing the foodstuffs away. The chocolate biscuits with Galaxy chocolate on them were on offer again; they had gone up to £2.25 but were on sale at £1.59. This is half my first week’s wages when I started work in 1806, Hehe! 1960 it was, I think.
Opened a can of peas, and had to take the welt growths off of the small potatoes, and put them in the slow cooker. This was 13hrs ago, and they are still in there. It’s Busy here!
Domestic Denise arrived and moved some stuff into boxes into the spare room. Moped the wetroom, and then had a go at the kitchenette
I sneaked a photo of her moping the floor, but it didn’t come out well now the sunshine was blasting in through the window.

I dished the cold mug of tea and made another one. Very nice too. I don’t know how I’ve been so resilient in resisting drinking more… Ah, I might! It could be the bladder problem and having to drink three litres as a minimum of water every day. I had a few biscuits dunked and eaten.
By the belated time that I got onto the computer for the blog, within an hour oligarch Herr Fries, Liberty-Global Virgin Media had been down four times!
A record even for them. Mr Fries strikes again!

The urine began to flow proliferously. The fullest that this bag has ever been, and the best, healthiest-bladder rating too on the NHS grading card! Well pleased with this!
The landline flashed and came to life. It was the EENT department from the Queens Medical Centre. The lady explained that the agreed decision taken yesterday to post the new eye drops to me had been cancelled. The Doctor thought the need to use them urgently, and they are sending them by NHS transport to the flat. That’s kind!
They should be delivered tomorrow morning sometime. I thanked her, and as I stood to put the handset down, I gave myself the aforementioned . Getting down to stop the bleeding from the nail, three of my loveable ailments kicked off, , , and
. Then when I started sneezing and wheezing, the darned ankle ulcers and legs started jetting water out! For a few moments, the right ankle ulcer was bleeding, but that turned to water.
To say how much blood then, water escaped. They both stopped and dried up within a couple of minutes. What the heck was that for and about?

I did think the right ulcer was going to set off again half an hour later. I grabbed a tissue, and just this drop of liquid came out and no more?
Such are the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare, worry and confuse me! problems, . also. Nicolas Neurotransmitters, , and are ever-present too. There are others, of course! etc.

Took this shot from the kitchenette window when the evening Carer called. Medications and eye drops were issued. Had a little chin-wag of sorts. I forgot to mention the night bag.
Blow me, 10 minutes later Carer Richard arrived. He’s bought the laundry up for me as well.
He offered to put the night pouch on, IK thanked him but said that I’d put it on. As I am likely to be on the computer until the early hours of the morning, computering catching up on the blog that keeps going down, and the meal had been waiting for hours and hours will need serving up. Cooking while carrying a bag of urine on a long tube can be dangerous, I’ll see to it. 
Then I got back on the ever-going down internet.

At long last I go around to get myself a meal at around 02:40hrs.
I took this photo
As I was getting the meal ready. Gone 02:49 hours now!

Nipped back to find that was back online, and caught up as far as the item above. Saved things, then turned it all off.

Then back to serve up the nosh.
And very nice it was too!
Flavour rating; 8.6/10.

I’m about due a decent day…
That’s all I can say!


2 thoughts on “Inchie: Wednesday 14th June 2023

  1. I do say I love those shades. Do you know ZZ Top’s “Cheap Sunglasses” song? Not another toe stubbing? My first thought about continuing on the Finasteride tablets is that you are going to be bursting St Catherine Catheter. I see my thoughts were correct. Nice sun shot and great looking meal.

    • I’m afraid I don’t know ZZ Top’s or their “Cheap Sunglasses” song. But will try to find time to have listen later, Tim.
      Sopt on with the finasteride, Tim!
      I’m just gone to empty the day bag, and the plastic link where the night bags gets attached, is not there! I assume that this morning I tore it off when taking the pouch off? I t had to be today, cause ~I remembered to tell Carer Chris to take the waste bags with him – I think it just have been in one of them. Tsk!
      Like the ‘St Catherine Catheter’, I’ll change the tabs to that today!
      Cheers, Sir.

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