Inchcock Today: Thursday 16th October 2010

0310hrs: Sprang awake, WC, and tried to get back to sleep – no chance. Tried reading my Brian Clough book.

0415hrs: Descended down to the fridge to get the Daktacort cream, returned upstairs tended a very inflamed and painful ‘Inch’ – by gum that stings yer know. Hehe!

Back down returned the torture cream to the fridge, started laptop, kettle on and tool medications.

The laptop took ages to load and then wouldn’t let me open any programmes like Word. Oh dear…

Pressed restart and it began downloading updates:

Made another cuppa and read a bit of a book while I waited.

0550hrs: Updates finally downloaded and installed!

Laptop running but oh so slowly!

Managed to get me Diary posted on Inchcock for yesterday.

Got the things ready to go to the launderette.

Went up and beautified missen and set off fer launderette.

Mandy was on duty and we managed a few natters and laughs.

The ‘Inch’ felt a bit odd, but no blood. (Yahooo!)

I got the washing done and dried and hobbled back to the dump with it.

Set out on a walk into town.

The rain stopped as I was reaching the cemetery.

Poddled on into town and walked through Vic Centre and out the other end and called into the Pound shop.

Got a microwave dish, cheapo DVD and a bag of bird seed. (By gum I know how to live!)

Took a photo from the walk-over.

Avoided a mobility scooter and then nearly walked into one parked up – Tsk!

Caught the bus back to the flea-pit.

Tiredness and weariness came over me again so I took me medications a little earlier than usual and tended to the ‘Inch’ – boy did he bleed this time! But the cold cream from the fridge applied is making me jump less now I’m getting used to it.

Head down, usual dreams/nightmares and apart from waking up a few times to use the WC, I slept for ages more than usual.

One thought on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 16th October 2010

  1. SoZ Satire – London – Freelance satirist, humorist and time-served pain in the arseist. London born and bred - a twist of fate brought about by the vile cavortings of my lust-fuelled parents

    The old clincher for me was: “I tried to read me Brian Clough book”
    Wonderful stuff as ever old friend 🙂

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