Inchcock Today: Tues 21st October 2014

02 01

Phoaw… he’s not kidding either! Windy wet weather as well!

Last night I had a supper of great proportions – the night was sprinkled with wind of great proportions!


I sprang awake again, but this time at 0130hrs and laid there until 0430hrs trying to nod off again, listening to the howling winds outside and those from within too.

 I raised myself up and poddled down to put the kettle on, take my medications with a cuppa, WC and tended to the ’Inch’… with no bleeding at all! Nice that, and not so tender either! Things are looking up in that department then.


Laptop on to start this diary and listening still to the wind outside and inside.

I’d done a post for Inchcock blog – not a good one, indeed probably one of me worst. But I persevered and did some graphics to go with it and posted it, the then did a bit of Facebooking.


Of upstairs an got the laundry togs ready in bag and went off to the launderette in the wind and drizzle. (There’s stopping me yer know…)

02 02Mandy on duty, Big John already there doing three machines worth of cleaning.

After I’d got the drier going, I nipped up to the GP surgery and asked to book an appointment with the GP.

The receptionist said if I waited she’d (the GP) got a free space in a while.

When I got on to see her about me ribs sticking out and me losing weight, she weighed me and told me I was the same weight as last time they weighed me. I did feel a fool!

Back to the launderette and had a natter with BJ and Mandy… well more BJ and Mandy with me listening in really.

Hobbled back to the dump-site and got the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on a walk into Sherwood with them: I got about quarter of the way there and the heavens opened and the rain lashed down in the high winds and I was soaked within seconds. Tsk!

Turned round back to the flea-pit and took all me togs off and changed into dry ones.


02 03Started the laptop made a cuppa did this update. 

I peeped out if the door to take photo of the horrendous rain – realising afterwards that I didn’t have the memory card in the phone!

So I took a photo of when the rain had stopped.

Notice no signs of yobs about – I like that!

Waited an hour and the sun has come out now. I’ll risk trying to go to the Nottingham Hospice shop aga… what am I thinking. I’ll stay in.

Did a bit more graphicalisationing to use later.

02 06Feeling guilty now and it’s brightened up a bit so I’ll attempt to go to the Hospice shop again.


Took a walk into Sherwood to the Hospice Shop with me donations.

I hobbled through a different route to Mansfield Road, taking a picture of an 02 07old Bedford CA van (I think it was the CA model) parked in its usual spot. It looked handsome to me with the leaves scattered all around it, very picturesque I thought.

Traffic in Sherwood was bit heavy. Not that it bothers me so much nowadays since they took away my driving licence. Mind you, the number of times I fall asleep in the most unexpected 02 08times and places, I can’t blame em, safety first eh? The OAP bus-pass is most welcomed used and appreciated by me!

On the walk back the wind was blowing leaves and detritus all over the place and I began to regret going out after all when I got something in me eye that I can still feel now.

02 05I noticed that the boozing mobility scooter drivers at the pub was down to one instead of three today… the weather must be bad to keep those dangerous alcoholics away from the pub.

When I got back to the bomb-site I noticed there were no birds about, another indication of the rotten weather? There were none of the many cats around either.

Well tired when I got in, WC made me nosh and off to kip.

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