Inchcock Today: Wed 22nd Oct 2014

02 04

But got a lot happier – Then he sadly and unfortunately became quiet a lot sadder as the day and his Coreldraw programme came to a bitter end!

Warning: Descriptive revelations of medical problems and applications follow in the diary. I Thank you.

Sprang awake at about 0240hrs – this time I realised why from the pain from rear-end haemorrhoids – I think I blew myself awake with a violent emission of wind from me anus and the pain woke me up – the aroma wasn’t very relaxing either?

I was down drinking a cuppa and on the laptop by 0250hrs. Then AVG decided it had to update – at 0400hrs it had finished updating!

Still, it gave me time to concentrate on me ‘Inch’ medicationalising. Hehe! Only the tinniest amount of blood this morning and the swelling has gone down – a pity in some ways I suppose I enjoyed that bit of extra girth while it lasted even if it was so painful.


0430hrs: Got yesterdays diary finished and posted, took me morning medications, passed wind (I haven’t stopped since I got up – but this was a serious contender for being classifiedas volcanic!) painfully and felt the warm wet sensation within seconds form me rear end. Went up and cleaned myself, applied extra cream.

The doctor did try me on the capsule thingies a while back, but I just could not get em to stay in, so I manage with the PKs and cream.

Blooming cold today.

Waiting in for me food delivery then going to go to town and see if I can get Blood Red Snow from the library or book shop if necessary. I’ll take me camera just in case owt interesting occurs. Mind you, they are pulling down the old BBC building over the next three days, the Vic Centre bus station is closed, might get a photo of that if I can get to see it when I hobble passed. Bet that causing a few frayed tempers and mucho congestion.

Morrison’s van driver just rang – he’s going to be late. Trees blown down on the A453 and an accident. Ah well, not his fault but annoying. I hope I can still get into town cause I need me little walks to encourage the ticket to keep going a bit longer and I really would like to find and read that book.


The Mail man commeth.

0303Letter from bank about me insurance – Letter from Inland Revenue with a little cheque returned from me tax overpayment and five leaflets for nothing I’m interested in.

Set off for a walk into town and took some nibbles for Mandy at the launderette and the staff at the chemists, dropping them off as I passed them. Mandy liked her lollies.

0304I noticed how the Nottingham In Bloom display was getting better. Hehehe!

Tiny bit of drizzle and the wind had died down a touch.

When I got to where they are demolishing the old BBC building I remembered to take a couple of photo’s.

0304aI plodded on through a busy city centre in places and seemingly abandoned in others?

Got to the bank where the queues were horrendous. Being late thanks to Morrison’s (Not their fault really though) meant it was lunch time when I arrived.

A very nice lady told me to take a seat and she would be with me shortly as i was at the end of the queue?

I suppose it was me dynamic masculine looks and young body that made her help me. (Cough cough!)

She banked me tax cheque and told me about the insurance and to come back to see them when it was due again.

I like this being been nice to lark I can tell yer!

Then when I mentioned I had a Penny Bank account from 1963 that I could not access, she told she had been trying for her own customers without luck. When I mentioned the thought of appealing to the European Human Rights people – she only went on the interneat and got me the address, then printed out out a complaint form for me to use, then gave me an addressed stamped envelope to use, and then thanked me! Blimey!

Mind you she wasn’t a Nottingham gal, she wus from Manchester and commuted each day to Nottingham as she was relieving someone on holiday! Nice girl too.

Cheered up, I poddled through the town centre and went to the library and limped up to the third floor to ask if they had the Blood Red Snow book in. Another very nice lady had a look on her computer and told me they could get it from another branch for only a 45p charge and they would send me an email when it arrived!

By jimminee what a good day I was having.

I wobbled back through the town, traffic busy mind.

As I was walking down to the town, a youth banged into me as he joined his mates. Never said a word he didn’t, I don’t think he knew what he’s done actually.

And then as I crossed the slab square just in time to take a photo of it: There was a British Gas van parked with signs ‘Can We Help You’ and some tables and chairs at the side of the van, the chap there hiding in the van cause it was sprinkling with rain. I got there just as the traffic warden was giving him a ticket! Made my day British Gas being got at I assure you!


I plodded up to catch a bus, but unfortunately it started to belt down, so I dived into the Waitrose shop – fatal spending-wise that for me! But I only got some Greek style lemon mousse, so it wasn’t too bad.

Rain stopped as I left and caught the bus back to the demolition area.

Saw a couple of youths idling along looking at each car they passed suspiciously. Both wearing black hoodies.

Got in and started the laptop and made a cuppa, went to the WC put me bags away and returned to the laptop which still hand not loaded, so I waited.

Tried to download me pictures to Coreldraw9 but it froze. So I closed it and tried to open it again – all sorts of warning messages were coming on screen again when it froze again. Oh dear… I knew this was coming, the end of my graphicalistioning!

Luckily I think I can get to picture taken today before Coreldraw9 packed up.

I turned off the laptop and tried again – No!

So I turned it off and restarted again and uninstalled all Coreldraw things. And it told me to complete the uninstall I had to restart the laptop – Again! So I did.

Reinstalled Coreldraw9 again – then it told me it needed a computer restart to complete the DAB whatever that is.

So I restarted it once again.

All this must ahve taken two hours.

When I tried, Coreldraw9 stopped working again.

I tried again to run Coreldraw…

I can no longer do any graphics at all.

I am trying not to swear here.

I am so down now. At least I can get photo’s from me camera onto me blog, of course I can’t create any noe or doctor them… Huh!

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  1. You sir, you are currently in possession of wordpress’ most remarkable moustache.
    It is quite simply un-improvable.
    “She produced a cunning stunt!”
    Hargh hargh!!
    “He fell for a cupid stunt”
    Go with the wind and rain, but never forget where you’re coming from!
    And don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got
    I’m still
    I’m still
    Henry from the block, whos livin la vida loca, gah la la la la vida loca- gallallallalla-vi!!!!

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