Inchcock Today: Tuesday 18th November 2014

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Awoke around 0500hrs, feeling no warmth or wetness from the lower regions, just tenderness?

Only a few dribbles of blood when I washed and Cortisone creamed him.


New Street-Furniture in Carrington

Made a cuppa, and sorted out the laundry things ready for my mammoth washing trip.

Read a bit of me book with a cuppa and took me medications.

Set off for the launderette got as far as the new street furniture (See photo) and realised I had not got me hearing aids in as soon I nearly walked in front of a car, so returned to get them – but where were they?

I searched all over but could not find them getting annoyed with myself now.

I decided to have another look for them after I’d finished the washing.


Commuters on their way to the City this morning

Set off again to the launderette.

The traffic into town had seemed to come to a stop outside the launderette as I arrived to ogle and desire the launderette lady… I mean do the washing.

I got the two machines going and had a walk back to the flea-pit and had another search for the hearing aids. After much frustration I found them on top of the radio? Immediately I spotted them I remembered putting them there… oh dear, the mind doing its own thing again?

I returned to the launderette.

The missing hearing-aids on my mind I forgot to put the freshener into the machine, then forgot to put me balls in the drier.

02T04Sad innit?

Big John arrived at the launderette – he’s got a stinking cold and warned everyone to keep their distance. Poor old John.

Took a photo of him as he did his washing, I’ll send it to him later to cheer him up.

Poddled back to the prison, and got things ready to go out shopping to Bulwell for some bread. I’m still on cold food until I can get some help fetching a new microwave.

02T05I put some stale bread and bird-seed in me bag and had a bit of a walk to the tram stop on the Forest and caught the Tram into Bulwell.

I spotted two squirrels on the top of some dirty bins and scrambled to get me camera to take a shot of them – but they were off too quickly for me.

When I got off and walked over the 02T07bridge, there was a large count of 02T06mallards I (my favourite ducks) in the river Lean underneath.

So I fed them the bread, and the pigeons arrived on the bank who I also fed. As I gave the bird seed to the pigeons some mallards climbed out and actually ate the seed?

I walked to Iceland and got some bread.

Then to Fulton’s foods and got some lollies.

Then to Herons and got more lollies.

Hobbled to the bus and I caught one back to the hoppit.

As I got back and put me bits away – fatigue overcame me and all I could do was get me head down, and the sleep came easily… perhaps too easily?

I slept through until 2300hrs – missing my evening medications. Some, like the Warfarin must not be taken if over 2 hours late. So I just took the statins, trental and painkillers late.

Not having washed earlier or tended to the ‘Inch’ I did so.

02T08Bleeding not too bad with little ‘Inch’.

Laptop on and updated this tosh.

Angina started playing up again. Tsk!

WC – and oh boy did ‘Inch’ come alive – blood in abundance!

Double Tsk!

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