Inchcock Today: Mon 17th November 2014

Monday 17th November

Slept for hours and hours, then didn’t want to get up when I awoke? Not me that.

The laptop started okay. (Not tried coreldraw9 yet)

Made a cuppa.

Did some posts for LOMM then checked Facebook and emails.

Went down and made another cuppa and took me medications.

A little blood from the ‘Inch’ but not so much as usual. Still I applied the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream though.

Beautified myself and got things ready for me trip to the Queens Medical Centre. I remembered to take me Blood Red Snow book for me to rebook it out at the library.

Bloomin’ windy first thing on me walk into town.

Caught bus out to the QMC for my INR Warfarin blood level tests.

01M02I arrived and saw the poor devils queuing for the car park. The queue trailed back all around the compound.

When I was being done in the haematology dept, I nodded off while they were taking the blood. That tickled them somewhat.

But these incidents do make me appreciate why the DVLA took away 01M03my driving licence though.

Afterwards I caught a bus back into town and called in the library to renew me book. (Not sure how I remembered that but still).

Walked up through the Arcade (shopping mall) opposite the library when I came out. I still cannot figure out how the businesses in it make it pay. Only about 50% of the units are occupied.

It didn’t help them when last year a bloke got his sandals caught in the escalator and tore off a toe. Then it was closed for ages for the inquiry. Eventually they replaced it with some stairs. Which if I’d remembered before I poddled up through, I would not have poddled up through. Oh me knees!

I had a bit of limp around town and got some bits to add to the stuff for the Hospice shop.

Then I caught the bus to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop in Sherwood.

01M04I called in the delicatessen shop and got some meat and bread.

Where an interesting short conversation took place between me and the chap who owned the place:

Me: “Good mornin’”

Him: “Grunt”

Me: “What kind of meat is that one please?” Said I pointing at the meat.

Him: “Half passed eleven!”

Me: “Er… can I have four thick slices please?”

Him: “Six… thick slices?”

Me: “No no, four thick slices please”


When I got home there were five slices, so he wasn’t far off bless him.

Then dropped off me stuff at the shop and had a hobble back into Carrington.

As I was passing the Sherwood Arms public house I noticed for the first time a new sign above the frontage of the premises and thought how amusing it was.

01M05Husband Day Care

Need time to relax?

Want to go shopping?

Just need some time to yourself?


We promise to take good care of him… just leave plenty of Beer Tokens!

01M06Tickled me that did.

On the other side of the road another retail shop abandoned.

As I drew near to Carrington, the sky became daunting and dark.

And yet it was beautiful at the same time.

Got in the hovel.

WC, then made me sandwiches ready for later.

Watched a Torchwood DVD repeatedly. By repeatedly I mean I kept falling asleep and having to rewind it every time I woke.

Took me medications and had me nosh.

Again tried to complete the viewing of the Torchwood DVD. This time determined to get to see it all.

Gave up and got me head down.

Woke up with ‘Inchy’ calling for kitchen towel usage!


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