Inchcock Today: Wednesday 10th December 2014


What an odd night!

Last night I collapsed into tiredness and kip really early – about 1830hrs. Woke up at 1225… no 0005hrs and made a cuppa and started work on me blog and posted one, checked emails, did no-end of graphics, Facebooked and read some blogs over the next seven hours… amazing but I expect to collapse early again tonight.

1020hrs: I am now going to struggle get my socks off and ‘ave a scrub down, do me teggies, shave, shampoo and a sh… Then struggle to get me clean socks on. Then put me pile cream on, then rub in me Painphor cream on me knees, then search fer me bus-pass, midday medications, hearing aids, glasses and get ready to go out and take some piccies fer me blog – well wrapped up of course (that’ll be me not the blog well wrapped up).

Do yer know I’m losing interest at the thought of all the bother now… Tsk!

Forced missen out of the house wandering if I’d forgotten summat like…


CPO’s Investigate – I know not what

Noticed two CPO’s across the road at the Nottingham Natural Health Centre, that would be the one where my neighbour went last year, forget what he went for now, but the treatment cost him £900.

Flipping biting cold wind again.

Caught bus into town, and attempted to walk down Clinton Street to get to Primark – blimey the mass of people. Bit of a struggle getting out of the way in time of more aggressive ones.


Clinton Street crowds scared me a bit…

As I turned the corner a youth belted passed on a bicycle nearly hitting a lady nearby. I did my usual and shouted “If yer too scared to go on the road yer shouldn’t be on a bike… I added a rather colourful word at the end descriptive of what we all have n out breasts.

Still to be expected this time of year I suppose.


The queue wot I joined before me injuries…

Got to Primark and boy was it busy, and dangerous too? Yes!

I hobbled around and bought some really thick long sleeve t-shirts, another pair of long johns and joined the queue.

See photo. Good job I had plenty of time.

As I exited the pay area a woman knocked her pram into me left arthritic knee, stopped talking on her mobile to say “Sorry duck” then continued on her phone as she walk away. Bless her I thought.

Then, as I approached the escalator to go down, a bloke rushed in front of me treading on me left foot! Bless him I thought.

I still managed some slow but nifty footwork to avoid (Just) the store detectives as they chased after one of Nottingham’s multitudinous shoplifters out of the store.

Came out £39 pounds worse off, and limping a little more than usual and walked into town wandering if there was an Iceland shop in the City Centre where I could get those egg and sausage muffins on offer at 89p… I bravely approached a CPO and cheekily ask if she knew of one. The look that said “What the #uck are you asking me for” came over her face as she said “No”.


Bulwell Market looking a bit sad I thought

So I decided to go to Bulwell again to the Iceland there – of course I could also feed me mallard ducks and pigeons at the same time.

The market in Bulwell looked rather sad today. (See picture)

I hobbled to Farm Foods and got two loaves for a quid to feed the sucks with, I’d already got the birdseed with me from home.

Then into Iceland and got the muffins and very nice they are too!


Another dumped shopping trolley today

Out and down to the rivers… to be greeted by the horrible sight of another shopping basket dumped in the water!

Suddenly I remembered I wanted some of the smoked cooked ham from Fulton’s Foods.

So I walked back up the main street to the shop and searched but they didn’t have any smoked ham in, so I struggled (The bags were weighing me down by now with all the stuff wot I’d bought like) around looking for any bargains but found none.

As I started out to feed the mallards, a woman on the disabled scooter came out of shop and was on her mobile phone – only the alertness and agility of those nearby prevented her from hitting them.

I wonder if it should be an offence to use a mobile phone when driving a mobility scooter? They can’t dock driving licence points because the idiots who drive them without concern for others do not need a driving licence, or tax, or even insurance by law.

Just a thought – perhaps I can interest Lynton Cox in starting a campaign? He’s good at that sort of thing… maybe not.


Me friends, the Mallards and Pigeons welcomed me with open beaks

So I waddled back down to the river… I think they are beginning to recognise me now cause I was greeted with much honking and quacking by the mallards, and the pigeons amassed in my vicinity – one of them must have liked me cause it anointed me hat with his pooh!

Bless him I thought.

New hat needed now… Tsk!

Pound shop after Christmas methinks.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and dropped off on Hucknall Road.

As I turned the corner the local pigeons spotted me and came down to be fed – but only the few seeds left after feeding the Bulwell ones – I bet they thought “Tight sod!”

Got in and put me togs and food away.

Made a cuppa and had couple of biscuits and set about finishing this diary off.

Faccebooked a while – finding a message from Mike Steeden that some shop is selling thick vests at £3.99 until Friday! Just my luck I’ve just bought 3 for £6 each from Primark today!

Tsk, Huh and blabboozlekins!

Did a bit of blog reading, checked emails and began to fade…

I’ll try to do some graphics but me eye-lids are gerrin’ heavy now.

Hope I can stay awake long enough to eat me Sausage and egg muffin later.

Poor old devil hehehe.

15 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 10th December 2014

    • A moral question arises mate.
      It was them wot stopped women breast feeding their babies and threw em out? Won’t it?
      Anyroad I’ll take a look tomorrow mate.
      If me shopping injuries have healed. hehehe…

  1. Good grief! 🙁 1) you need one of those lanyards to keep around your neck with your bus pass inside. You’re always losing that thing! 🙁 2) For goodness sakes, stay out of the bad side of town! That sounds awful! 3) If you ignore #2, buy a Taser! Stay safe tomorrow! <3

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