Inchcock Today: Friday 12th December 2014

05F03thermFriday 12th December 2014

I stirred into imitation life at around 0400hrs and laid there thinking about all sorts of things in a disguised effort not to get up I think.

Raining this morning, but quiet decently warm, just hope the wind lessens a touch in case I have to go out later.

After a while I had to use the WC and that spurred into activity of a sort.

I started the laptop then went down and made a good tasty cuppa.

While doing so, I noticed the sleeve from last night’s Meal-for-two cottage pie that I had devoured with great greed and pleasure.

Foolishly I read the details on that sleeve written in traffic lights warning colours:


Fat 20.4g Saturates 48g Sugars 2.0g Salt 1.7g

Not the healthiest of choices was it? But I did enjoy it, but not the guilt now. Took the photo of the sleeve as a warning to any blogger who wants to eat healthily to recognise and avoid.

Still feeling a tad annoyed about the lack of listening and help from Asda yesterday.

Internet and Coreldraw9 going alright this morning – up to now.

Updated this diary to here… hello the stomach’s rumbling… not surprised really because last night when I demolished the Cottage Pie meal for two, I then ate a packet of Marmite bread sticks then the gigantic fresh cream horn. Naughty…Tsk!

I’m scared of belching or passing wind now. Hehe.

Whoops… WC’d

Made up a lot of graphics and facebooked… then the BT Internet connections was lost.

So much for the lying turds at BT getting me to upgrade to Fibre Infinity with their hogwash about “Up to three times faster, more reliable and at the same cost”… Huh!

Two weeks later the cost went up, it ain’t no faster and has let me down more than the old one landline one ever did!

When it comes back on, I feel the need to do a graphic about them…

Some time later, after many rests, closures an opening, and resting of the laptop it came back on.


I set about me daily preparing for me little walk:

I stripped off (Sorry about that… it must be an horrendous thought to you all, it is to me!) and stood in a bowl of hot washing up liquided and antiseptic disinfectanted water to wash me tooties while I had a shave at the same time. Then did me teggies and oiled me ear-holes.

Dried me feet and set about putting me clean socks on – not an easy task with me arthritis, accompanied by me usual verbal’s “Oooh, argh… acht… shit… Ohohohooo, Christus! Ohh!… ha,ha,ha,  ohahooahoo, acht, hoohoo, ernyagamunnn owww, oh ah gorrit!

Then similar when I put the other sock on.

05F001bI cut me toe nails, but do not want to repeat what I voiced while endeavouring to do this as it did involve some rather crude and offensive words being uttered I’m afraid.

Then I rubbed in the newly prescribed Capsalcin cream I’m trying in place of the Phorpain Iboprufain cream, although the GP told me I can go back onto using the Phorpain 05F001Gel if this is has no better pain relief.

I’ll see how it goes for a few day methinks.

Face-towelled all over with warm water and Dettol.

05F001aThen I rubbed the Cetraben emollient cream well in all over decaying flabby body apart from the head and face.

Then took me midday medications, Trental pentoxifyllines, Paracetamol, Nicorandil tablets and Codeine Phosphates a little earlier so I would not have to worry about taking them while out and about.

05F05skyYou what I have to endure just to go out? Hehehe, you get used to it yer know. (Fib mode adopted)

Adorned myself and wrapped up well, nice thick thermal long sleeve t-shirt, hat etc and set off on me walk to take some bits to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop in Sherwood. (Not far to go)

As I turned the corner at the end of the road, the sky looked beautiful. I took a picture of it.

It was not as cold as I thought it would be either, although the wind still blew up me trouser legs.

05F04carI chose a scenic route to walk on me trip, and noticed two very old carsmin a very bad state of repair. An old Robin Reliant three wheeler, that ooked like it hadn’t been moved for yonks and yonks. And I think what was a Triumph sports car that looked like it hadn’t been moved for even longer than the Reliant! I took a photograph of ‘em to post here. 

05F06shopI plodded on and into Sherwood and called at the second hand computer shop again and asked how much and what spec could he do me a laptop running on Vista for, sufficiently powerful enough to cope with Coreldraw9.

He’s going to call me later. (He didn’t say what name he was going to call me though. Hehehe)

I pressed on and up to the Nottingham Hospice shop and gave em me donations.

05F07aNHCSI had a look see if they had any good books in while I was there. I observed a bloke examining the ornaments in a close scrutinising manner while I was perusing the books and my EQ told me he was an antique shop owner looking for a bargain. My EQ is very rarely wrong about these things yer know.

I took a photo of him. I haven’t the slightest idea why I did… but I did? Weird is it not? Or is it just me that’s weird? Who knows?

Said me farewells to the staff and limped out (Knees getting a tad painful now) to walk down the hill back toward Carrington.

05F08skyBy the time I’d hobbled half a mile the sky started to look decidedly threatening, and yet even more beautiful to me.

Then the rain started spitting.

I called in the Polish delicatessen shop and got two slices of their tasty belly pork, and a small sliced continental loaf of bread and a jar of pickled beetroot.

Even had a nice natter with the chap who owns it.

05F09leakI came out and continued on me hobble home.

As I passed on of the pubs, there was a leak coming up through the pavement slabs at the corner of the building and slowly filling up the recess on the pavement – I assumed it was water because I couldn’t smell any hops! Hehe.

05F07skyBy the time I’d gone a few hundred yards further on up the hill, the sky began to brighten a tad and the sun blazed through the dark dank clouds.

Accident weather this yer know, some driver will get blinded with the sun and run up someone’s backside.

When  say that… I mean run his vehicle into the back of another! Not… well never mind…

Me feet were aching too by now, so I pressed on again back to the hovel.

A letter had been delivered informing me my house insurance was due for payment again – has it really been a year since last time I paid? I’ll have to nip into town tomorrow and pay it then…  risk injury amid the Big Issue sellers, mobility scooter crazies, Christmas shoppers and shoplifters I suppose. Hey-ho!

Of course, when I tried to get to update this Diary of Woe BT internet was not letting me in – well fancy that!

After a few tries it decided to allow me access – Tsk! Tsk! and double Tsk!

Got me nosh ready and took me evening medications.

It’s a good life innit?

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    • I could have been me saying those words gal!
      Owt technical or electrical seems to give me hassle:The DVD player, the cooker, the microwave, the laptop, the central heating, the TV and the washing machine have each packed up on me recently.

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